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  1. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Ofcourse I checked. Thats how I found out I banned to begin with. I opened up Eternal Lands and it said I was banned. I deleted it after you said there was nothing you can change to allow me to play (in essence that's what you said). But a few days later(a couple days ago) from being banned I decided to try again and see if I could play. And for some strange reason I can play it. That is what I meant when I said I was confused. Now I dont wished to be banned or not allowed to play and I am happy that I can play but i still must ask. How if SBC is banned can I play then?
  2. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Well that bites cause the only other place I can get internet at is hooked up to SBC too. May I ask what exactly they did that was so wrong. Some Specifics not something like...they did bad things (doesn't help me). I apologize for my whining. Well if you tell me what they did perhaps I will understand why you banned them. Edit: I just looked through the list and it said Bell South Canada....I do not live in Canada though. I live in the United States. Or is the Bell South Headquarters in Canada and is that what you mean? Edit(again) That's wierd I just downloaded Eternal Lands because I deleted when I heard I got banned and there really was little I could do about it. But anyway I was able to log on...I am confused now.
  3. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Oh well. I don't think that my ISP is even one of the ones you mentioned. Seeing as I am not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to computers. No I am not an idiot I just don't look into and learn about computers as that is not what I wish to do in life. Let me know of SBC Yahoo DSL is one of the ISPs you mentioned.
  4. I was banned and I have no clue why

    I dont think I want to play a game that I can not be allowed to play because of others' mistakes. And as I said in another post. I have another game I can play that bans people on their actions not on someone elses or on a company's actions!
  5. I was banned and I have no clue why

    O well. Atleast I play another and a more fair game than this.
  6. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Sirdan. If that's the case then I am sorry but that flat out bull. It's not fair to us who didn't do anything. Why can't they just pick out the inidividual IP adresses and ban the true cheaters.
  7. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Not really fair considering I live no where near what you said you banned. And I also dont see it fair because I went back through my chat history and I didn't abuse anything there. And I also didn't try to hack or abuse the game for my own personal gain. I still don't see why I was banned. I'd like a better and something specific to me that sparked you to ban me.
  8. I was banned and I have no clue why

    I did but i dont believe I broke any of those rules.
  9. I was banned and I have no clue why

    I havent been on in a long time. I go to get on and it says my ip is banned. Seeing as I havent been on in awhile I have no clue why or how I got banned. And if I remember correctly when I was on a long time ago I did not do anything that would violate the rules. If I can get a good reason as to why I was banned it would be appreciated. Once I know I can better understand what is allowed and what isnt to be a better player.