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  1. Well for times i check-up and see there only the knowns medalions, there's no changes or increases for then. So a got some ideas. - Medallion of Power - +4 of physique, +4 of coordination,+ 1 or 2 of attack - Medallion of Speed - +4 of reasoaning, +4 of vitality, +2 of harvest - Medallion of Smart - +4 of will, +4 of reasoaning -6 of coordination - Medallion of Mind - +4 of instinct, +4 of will, -10 of coordination - Medallion of Mage - +50 of mana - Medallion of Life Regeneration - + 10 of HP regeneration per minute. - Medallion of Luck - Increase your rare drop rate. Well this is only exemples but can be easely done and all players can get some benefect with his attributes changed. More meddalions can be done changing skills or #arm effects like missile accurancy. On good medallions can be good for one thing and bad to other, like getting a expensive penalty in some skill or other thing... Well this is the start steep. Lets see the comments
  2. RC2 Windows binary and Linux/OSX data

    try to no use UVP, at my pç on works fine
  3. Iron ore Auction

    Auctions canceled
  4. Iron ore Auction

    Starting at 70k Starting now, finishing 02:00 (GMT -3:00) (2 hours of auction)
  5. Harvest effect

    The harvest effect of smoke on hand dissapear when u recieve the mensage of resync with server, harvest still running, but can confuse iff u are with more them one windown open.
  6. Resource shortages idea

    I no think this will work because going to raise the prices and newbies will must work more to get basic itens causing stress (think.. i logged on and recieve the notive "via gossip" "theres all food stocks runned out! the starvation is on all Draia!" Damm ... How i going to finish my fire essences now? I going out them back letter... ) How much will cost 1 festing potions? theres no other kind of food "harvestble" avable... so... who want to "work" must pay. This will cause too speculations on all game due incerteses about what will be the next "problem" I guess we already got too much troubles on this RL World Economy Crisis... Let's just leave this running as well.
  7. Harvest effect fail

    The eye candy Enable Harvest effect dissapear if you get resync with server mensage. harvest continues normaly
  8. New Crafter Item

    maybe no half food consume.. but icreasing our food level on 55 (to be 100 total) can be a good thing...
  9. Itens durability

    Ok its clear. There's a percentage to hit any kind of hits. Exemple: Normal hit (25% or less) Critical Hit (20% or less) Degradation hit (5% or less) and Theres a percentage to any kind of evasions. Exemple: Normal hit Evasion (20% or less or more) Critical hit Evasion (30% or less or more) "Degradation Hit Evasion" (50% or less or more) You are missing the point... there is no such thing as percentages of degradation. Every hit you take has a chance of damaging or destroying your items. If they are not damaged/destroyed... then they are as good as new. An item is as new, degraded/damaged, or destroyed... OK? It is a binary, Yes/No type of thing for each hit, only some items have the intermediate "Damaged" state, which gives you a chance to repair These percentages are indicators to this "activation binary hit" be "yes" Its clear now there are only 2 levels of some itens and 1 level on others itens... Item type with 2 levels: Lv0=Normal Lv1=Degraded (if binary hit=yes) Lv2=Destroyed (if binary hit=yes) At this case this item can be repaired= yes/not (if yes active lv0 then u "regenerate" your item) (if not active lv2 then u lose your item) Item type with 1 level: Lv0=Normal Lv1=destroyed (if binary hit=yes). At this case you lost your item. So some itens can existing for years... or seconds. Its all luck right?.
  10. Itens durability

    Ok its clear. "We, players/AI, got on our hits" "Mormal Hit." "Critical Hit." "Degradation Hit" and evasions "Normal / critical hit evasion" "Degradation hit evasion" There's a percentage to hit any kind of hits. Exemple: Normal hit (25% or less) Critical Hit (20% or less) Degradation hit (5% or less) and Theres a percentage to any kind of evasions. Exemple: Normal hit Evasion (20% or less or more) Critical hit Evasion (30% or less or more) "Degradation Hit Evasion" (50% or less or more) and No more Tears not reduce to 1/4 the change to break /degrade one iten... just raise the "degradation hit evasion" to XX%) and the Degradation Hit evasion is suffer astrology variations "harvest / degrade indicator" the Degradation Hit evasion is showed on "harvest / degrade indicator" Is that i understand.. on all battles / events we suffer all those hits and we evade then, there a "randon" chance to this hit, hit us, and "degrade" turning ours itens. but its all mathematics! I'll ask again... Its hard to create a data base of itens and control the measurement of degradation level for "players" control? You like database menager can have a full control of itens date creation, fix, quantity, current durability level ... or just for monitoring I guess not. You already have a item quantity database... Just compatibilizations must be done, turning the itens on individal and controling they...
  11. Itens durability

    The measurement of durability dont need to be "real time" like current xp system its can be a calculation between monster power - armor defense / battle time (exemple) when the figth finish u got your degradation level. I just think this can let the players control your itens.
  12. Itens durability

    Well, guys. I'd like to suggest the implantation of durability indication on equiped/stored itens. this case can help the players to monitor your itens and change/repair on right time. One exemple... (Using view cursor on new Titaniun Cuisses) Titaniun Cuisses Armor 6-6 Durability 70/70 +1 heat, cold, magic protection +1 radiation protection (Using view cursor on used titaniun cuisses) Used Titaniun Cuisses Armor 6-6 Durability 30/70 +1 heat, cold, magic protection +1 radiation protection It's very nice to help the players and control your itens. and the economy can be estructured to prices folowing the durability level of determined iten. Can be created mainantence kits to determined itens of they of can be repaired at mocraven / zirankibar any time to keep then always good. Think about it...
  13. Essence seller

    2000 air essences
  14. Bug Report

    i made some tests on el_pre_rc_24_02_07 and find some problems: 1º he just worked when i put my video settings on poor man 2º th rivers on portland map the water is black (no color) 3º the walk clicks fails some times and the movement is more slow then 1.5.0 4º the frame rate decrease very, very fast! i hope help with usefull informations cya
  15. Post your video card info here

    Junior~BR~ - video card info Video card: GeForce FX 5200/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1