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  1. RS

    I admit it- I love RS. It's phenominal. And I can only cheer Andrew onward- he's built his castle with a sturdy foundation.
  2. Which mortal kombat character are you?

    You are Jade, You are a more tranquil and easy going person. You father taught you all there is to know about life and that has led you to your destiny. You believe in Kharma and are a very Spiritual person, however you have a dark side and only time will tell which side you will be on. meh, Jade's ok. I like playing with Scorpion- "GET OVER HERE >:"
  3. What song would describe something you feel..

    Since I play music with WinAmp remote when I play EL, I usually think old swing music, Frank Sinatra. Classical remixes are good too- like Beethoven Virus. Or maybe a TMBG song.
  4. 100 million giveaway!

    Can I join too? The thought of 1 mil is mouthwatering but 100 is amazing.
  5. stand up comedy nite (best person gets good stuffs)

    Yeah, I've heard that one 5 times already. I heard it off some joke site.
  6. bilbilbilbilbil banned

    LOL! I'm laughing my ass off but I feel extremely sorry for him. All the French people I've met on these types of games I can usually decipher using Latin roots. I guess...nmvd what I was about to say was unconditionally mean... lol...
  7. I was banned and I have no clue why

    Thank the lord in heaven that I switched from SBC Yahoo DSL to regular DSL...
  8. Improved Weapon Breaking Idea

    Morrowind, Tribunal & Bloodmoon (I love Bloodmoon) have that. So let's say if my devil spear was chewed in half by a Nix hound, I could go to the nearest blacksmith in Caldera to repair it. Nice idea.
  9. Make Raw Meat Cookable

    Maybe if you have a high enough lvl in (whatever type of lvl here) you can cook it via a fire essence like it was mentioned.
  10. I think that it should work for animals and nothing else. That error message is one of the few things I dislike about the game because it's illogical.
  11. More weapons

    To make the game less Runescape-ish, why not let people weild Double-weapons that come as one item? Maybe some quarter-staffs too and (can't remeber what they're called) those spears with hooked sides on them. Here's a crude diagram:
  12. Possessed By The Lag Daemon!

    Oh, the highest FPS I'm getting now is 3. And it's a little less laggy. But not much.
  13. Buying Fox Scarf

    It's not that hard to make, so I'll buy it cheaper. (You need a fox fur, 1 thread and a needle to make) Same name in game
  14. Possessed By The Lag Daemon!

    Ok, I redownloaded. I'm going to try it 00t. And tonight before I go to bed I'll start a defragmentation.
  15. Possessed By The Lag Daemon!

    Don't act like that. This is the computer name, NOT my username on the computer. As for the lag, should I redownload?