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  1. I've never played Runescape, but the people here at EL remind me a lot of the people at Macintosh. Anyway, why do there have to be separate PK maps? There should just be a PK window. The window will have a checkbox. It will say PK on/off. If you check it, anyone else who has it checked can attack you. On PK maps, you will have to turn PK on, but on other maps, it should be optional. Well, not anyone. Also in the PK window will be a numericupdown. There is the level range you can fight. There would also be a checkbox allowing any level player to fight you. PS: Of course there are levels in EL, goatsgomoo. Even though I have not played for a while, I am quite sure that has not changed.
  2. New Smilies

    The point of the post is that a smeging lot of people the smilies like gods or something...
  3. How To Change Appearance

    Potions?! Manufacturing?! How about a tailor sells you clothes/boots, and a magic shop sells you heads/hair? It should be like, 1 gold to change one thing in your appearance. *Talzon looks like crap now, but when he gets his armor and cape, he will be the coolest thing "evar"!* PS: Holy smeginators! I lost nearly 2 posts per day in the time I stopped logging on!
  4. Idea For The Magic Staves

    Yes, it should be someone's job to read every thread in Suggestions. So many good ideas buried under the bad ones...
  5. Idea Man!

    I will.
  6. Make raw meat eatable

    You never get poisoned when you eat fresh meat, do you?
  7. Make raw meat eatable

    You never get poisoned when you eat fresh meat, do you?
  8. New Smilies

    You all seem to like the Smilies quite a bit... Most of them are made from They have 1 or 6 frames, I believe. Draw upon them with this color pallete, and create your own smiley. I realize that there are some smilies that have different templates, (Black, blue, green, and pink) but all I could come up with so far is yellow. If this forum had ratings, mine would probably be skyrocketing now.
  9. The value of your scalp resets to 1 if a player kills you.
  10. BTW goatsgomoo; did you get my PM?
  11. Making Money From The Game.

    P2P players could probably own F2P players with their ranged weapons and what not.
  12. Take the thing to the blacksmith and pay for a repair, or mix it yourself!! Why is it so difficult to implement? The suggestion has been around as long as Eternal Lands!!
  13. New Elixirs

    That ruins my entire idea!! Who cares if they exist? They are super uber hard to get and super uber rare! Oh yeah, and they are 50 USD to buy.
  14. Making Money From The Game.

    I agree. F2P can have the same quests, but less quest rewards. Also, #3 is evil. Speaking of rich kids, it is not hard to sell equipment, alchemy items, gold, potions, etc. on eBay so you can make money on P2P rather than lose it. Entropy does it; we can do it too. Entropy probably does not use eBay though. :lol: *Points at Marketplace Forum*
  15. 0oo new forum

    *content deleted*