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  1. Hi. Today i've got ings for 10k Air Essences. Starting price - 80k BIN - 100k Good luck
  2. Selling Items

    60k for Scythe
  3. Buying & Selling.

    20k for steel cuiss if you don't mind
  4. Gold membership

    I think there should be something like Gold Points (for all completed quests, PK fight wins, rare items made) to spend for afk harvesting or something, with option of buying Gold Points from EL shop. I don't like games, where only "rich" players got profits and 1 donator can own 10 "normal" players on PK at the same time, just because he pay X amount $/month. There are few (lots ) of players that can't use paypal or other payment option (because of age, or just don't want/can't spend money on game). And IMHO payments should be native to other players (without exp bonus, or something like other stuff posted in this thread), that's just fun-breaker for normal players (I like EL, and because I want help game grow up I payed for my <3 p2p race, but this won't make me "uber strong", and I like this ) Greetings, PumbaPL
  5. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    1-2, and it's pretty fine (I lost small amount of rostos/month)
  6. I don't think anyone MUST play video games. Either way, only a fascist government would dictate what its people are and are not allowed to do so long as it does not affect anyone else. And yes, US is a fascist nation as well (can't do drugs, minors can go to jail for havign sex with other minors, you need prescriptions to buy even relatively harmless medicine, and shit like that). IMHO parents should know about games that they kids play. Why family keep in mind to check medicine used by kids, movies watched by them, even if kids smoking, but not the games? Then there's comments like "Playing games is sin!", "Games make world bad!", "He killed his family/friend/teacher/etc. because he played this game!". This sort of thinking take us to place, where's nothing to do with it. It's easy to comment something, without ANY knowledge about it. Games can even teach something. Like EL. Most young players from our language channel used to learn grammar and tolerance. That's what I think about it. Greetings, PumbaPL
  7. Polska - Poland

    <efekt wiatru na pustyni> Ale tu cicho :PP Aczkolwiek 52 strony zapełnione Mało kto tu zagląda chyba ^ (parę ^@^nek i PLek)
  8. New top 3

    Gratz Dugur, great achievement, maybe we can MD in few weeks ^^ , once more gratz
  9. Some stuff for sale

    Msg me in-game with price of steel pl8, cuiss pls
  10. Small storage sale

    Sold veg mixture already, sorry i won't sell DB for less than 67k
  11. Small storage sale

    Im selling the following: 50 Titanium Bar 2 Gold Bar 1 Dragon Blade 1 Harvester Medallion 1 Refined Vegetal Mixture 1 Mixture of Power 13 Rope PumbaPL
  12. Buying and selling some stuff

    1 Iron Greave - 7.5k 1 Iron Cuisses - 7.5k 1 Iron Plate - 12k I think i will take this set, catch me ingame
  13. Gold membership

    No from me. I prefer The_Piper idea, with funny items, that never ever will be in game, and will disappear when golden membership goes out. And other name color was nice idea either. But why no? Cause all this "more exp" etc. gives ebul farmers and rich ppl next way to make more distance from poor ppl. That's not fair IMHO. Or you can make something special for ppl who like to pay, but not "uber" items, just, hmm, orange tunic of NMT for peacefull skills, such like 1/4 chance of breaking pick, mortar & pestle, etc. Regards, PumbaPL
  14. Storage big cleaning

    Used OS for 11k
  15. Dragon Blade

    Hi all Starting price: 68k Buy it now: 85k Good luck Auction end: 7 days from now