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  1. bigblackballs pban

    *comes flitting in on fairy wings* As some of you may know I moved and hadn't had a computer. I have been popping in when I can. Unfortunately I can't manage to pop in when anyone I know is on. I should be able to start playing a bit. I heard there were some changes. Hope to see you all soon.
  2. pban because of name

    So far he won't respond to me when I talk to him. He doesn't cause trouble other than his name is quite offensive and he keeps coming back after being banned.
  3. pban because of name

    Banned the little bugger again today. :evil:
  4. pban because of name

    I banned thefucker for having an obscene name. I had told him before to change it and he didn't respond. I spoke to him again tonight and he still didn't respond. I took it as a no and I banned him.
  5. Chat log mixed up

    lol@Cicero Sometimes I'm a bit slow on the uptake. :lol:
  6. Chat log mixed up

    They weren't saying that in chat. There is a whole lot of chat that is missing from my log and this is what was in it's place. It happened during the period of time that I had the run in with Shadow_Demon_X at beam point. That is why I couldn't post my log as to what went on when I banned him.
  7. #kill_bag option

    I think this is the best suggestion to this problem to date. :lol:
  8. Chat log mixed up

    This is what happened to a part of my chat log from yesterday. :shock: This is just a piece of it so you could see what it did. It was fine before and it was fine again after.
  9. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - baned and IP blocked

    He got banned because he was saying some pretty nasty things in open chat. When I asked him who he was talking to he told me to stfu. He then turned his verbal attacks to me. I asked him if he wanted banned and he said yes. I obliged him. I was going to post the log but it's scrambled. Perhaps sonicmouse would be so kind as to post his log. I never ban anyone without a good reason. Shadow_Demon_X needs to figure out who has what authority before he smut talks people. Shadow_Demon_X also owes me an apology for what he said about my mother and father..... :shock:
  10. ip adress blocked

    If I had a plat for every time it was the younger brother..... gaz: ss gaz: gf gaz: g gaz: s gaz: dgh gaz: d gaz: dh gaz: dg gaz: gf gaz: g Sativa: gaz stop it gaz: gs gaz: fuking no n0bs] gaz: s gaz: sd gaz: af gaz: g gaz: gh gaz: g gaz: fg gaz: df gaz: g gaz: f gaz: gf gaz: gf gaz: g gaz: gf gaz: g gaz: gf Sativa: gaz do you want booted? gaz: huh# gaz: huih gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: uh gaz: uhh gaz: h gaz: hh gaz: h gaz: huh gaz was booted! gaz: were back hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha gaz: huh gaz: huh gaz: hu gaz: huh gaz was booted! Where were you when he was messing around? You got in here to apologize before I even got a report filed. I booted once and you/he came right back in and started again. The second was a pban and is up to Entropy.
  11. banned by learner

    I haven't answered this because I thought Entropy's answer was enough. I interpretted this rule to the best of my ability. I took it literally. If what I did the night before was wrong then it was wrong. I didn't consider you wanting to look out the window or talk to the left side of the NPC as a valid excuse for being behind the counter. Now that Entropy has made himself clear on the rule it will not happen again. Unlike you, once I am told that something is not correct I cease to do it, whether I agree with it or not. Given the same circumstances any 2 mods will react diferently. Perhaps if you ever tried to play any game by the rules instead of trying to always get around them you would understand some of this. Now quit your whining.
  12. bloodbringer: i pay 20k for good hot cyber sex PM ME FOR smegING Sativa: bloodbringer stfu bloodbringer: ill smeg you too sativa bloodbringer was booted! 20 minutes or so later.... ETERNALPRINCESS: COMON Neo_9001: llala ETERNALPRINCESS: A*SUKS DIK* Neo_9001: aarggghh ETERNALPRINCESS: *GIVES HUMONGUS BOOBS* Sativa: eternalprincess stop saying those things Neo_9001 faints Neo_9001: *crunch* ETERNALPRINCESS: AHHHH Neo_9001: err... yay ETERNALPRINCESS: SUK MY PUSSY donal: get a room guys ETERNALPRINCESS was booted!
  13. banned by learner

    afk, You want to whine about what is fair? How is it fair for you or anyone else to take something that isn't yours? If you are going to post an argument for your side of things at least have it be something with backbone. :evil:
  14. banned by learner

    What you failed to mention was that I had told you that you were harrassing which I could have removed you for. When you wanted in yesterday you were not conducting any business with anyone behind the counter. That does make a difference as to how things are handled. Since I wasn't there it's hard to say how I would have handled today's episode but from what I see in the log you posted the results would have very well been the same. By your own refusal to let people back out of there you sealed your own fate. I honestly wish that since thieving is allowed that also policing were allowed. Were it up to me your chars would be put into hard labor camps and none of you would profit from another's labors.
  15. killerlamb banned

    I agree Slayton. We need something to boot them for a day or so. It took less time for them to get unbanned than it did for me to post what all went on. I think they should stay banned at least until all the facts are revealed. As for the swearing and what rules were broken this is from the rules; It was excessive, it was in a heavily populated area, it was in open chat It did not seem to be happening in a fun way at all so in my opinion it was harrasment as well. And this was actually just a portion of the log. :evil: