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  1. Earth Hour 2008 - Show You Care

    This is indeed a solution and a part of the change - as cleaner sources of energy is a desirable thing too . All your comments are great , does not even compare to what you see on net,and for example on youtube . EDIT : next year this event can grow and more people that care and would think of how to turn a symbolic gesture into action would join in !
  2. Earth Hour 2008 - Show You Care

    Yes...indeed,the Ozone layer is affected by certain chemicals,refrigerators and sprays had a part in that. But not only. I'd look more into it myself and also wait for your up-date Dunian. + I personally am not one of those people to say that turning the lights of will save the Earth , but it sure will be a powerful signal and a peaceful way to manifest and protest against abusive consumption of energy,for alternative energy sources . This can be done only when people stand together - and it has been seen since history starting with the early rebellions,revolutions and now-a-days with peaceful meetings organized with the purpose to be a Signal of Alarm - this is what I consider this action to be and this is what it meant to me,people I've spoken and found this great in one word - of course it has some pompous campaign to it,but you can't have it otherwise...or can you ? and if you need examples of manifestations that changed the world we live in - some of contemporaneity to us-I'd sure be glad to document this more . EIDT : should have posted it in off topic in the first place - do hope to get more visitors even now like the discussions that have started here. also what they promise as enquire , research , information , small pleasant debates .
  3. Earth Hour 2008 - Show You Care

    Da....am prins si eu cativa ani din acea perioada de " Glorie " - nu era impotriva regulilor sa scriem in alta limba ? Sincer...sper ca nu ! The thing that is mostly affecting our planet is pollution which is meddling with our Ozone Lair - thus our planet and us humans are exposed to more radiation. Is not a question of life surviving on this Earth , but wether this planet would be a suitable place for us to live in . Pollution is massively caused by gas emissions , burnt oil-fuels , a power-plants dumping residual matters in the streams that end up eventually in some sea and even ocean . Also ecological disasters . Now...talking about conspiracy theories and global warming man-kind has been fascinated with weather since the dawn of tine. Scientifically it is proven to be ways of influencing weather . And maybe some would benefit for some ice caps to melt - water could be the next " oil " of the Planet sooner than we think with the dessert " pushing forward " and huge consumption of fresh water ; - if we start referring to conspiracy theories - Look at the big picture , the masses can influence companies - without the masses nothing can be actually achieved . EDIT : yes...indeed,the Ozon layer is affected by certain chemicals,refrigerators and sprays had a part in that. But not only. I'd look more into it myself and also wait for your up-date Dunian.
  4. Earth Hour 2008 - Show You Care

    It is a public concern - if we can help be a part of the solution and not the problem. Well - just for the record - here in Bucharest and all over the country in Romania - a lot of us " celebrated " this day . I've spent a quiet dinner at the light of candles after unplugging all electricity appliances and turning everything off . It is a symbolic hour - this is how I see it . BTW - which one " turn off " for Earth Hour or do you have any friends - family that did so ? Unfortunately in most cases people found out a bit to late - not everywhere the campaign was lead as it should have . In enclosure - how was your 2008 March the 29th Earth Hour ?
  5. Earth Hour 2008 - Show You Care

    In my own perception I see this as a gesture and opportunity for people to come together. As you saw in that vide-clip , companies , institutions , and entire communities pitched in and joined the campaign. Of course the power-industry does not desire such a thing - it is a stress for them to see the high demand of clean energy and that people start to wise up . Why ?! It is simple - because the clean sources of energy are extremely expensive unlike the traditional ones such as coal and oil and because energy is somewhat linked to the Oil Industry as well . My lights will go off at 8PM Local Romania Time - this enspired me to think of better energy sources more seriously no matter the cost. Do tell if you heard more about this and if you know others doing it !
  6. What was your first guild?

    forgot if I did reply here - if I did it before - delete my post and excuse me. my first guild was The Sky Above , quite some time ago . thanks
  7. 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour - March 29, 2008. According to their information, the greenhouse reduction achieved in the Sydney CBD during Earth Hour was sustained for a year, it would be equivalent to taking 48,616 cars off the road for a year. This year many major global cities are joining Earth Hour in 2008, and they're are turning a symbolic event into a global movement. Visit these links and you can aslo search on google - state your opinion - and maybe EL would have such an Hour as well : http://www.universetoday.com/2008/03/22/co...arth-hour-2008/ and a youtube video - comment on it if you'd like but better do it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qczUcQ-VjM Post Scriptum if you are romanian - check this out as well http://www.ecomagazin.ro/ora-pamantului
  8. MaGE sponsored contest this weekend -- Miss it and Cry

    omg, can't you guys just use a bit less painful fonts? Your post doesn't have to be HUGE and BLINKY to catch our eyes >.< lol , true true , niiicee a hide and seek contest....do make it as original and hard as it can get as long as everybody will consider it fun Good luck to everyone,hope to be more and more contestants ! How about extra prizes ? people being able to donate to the cause ? etc ?
  9. Christmas hat

    i used to know to do this kind of ecuations....but never went to deep with ' maths ' ; prefered geometry , phisics , foreign languages... the thing is , I gave it a go ; don't think I will solve it and besides it is the first Chrismas day , so it is time to celebrate with family and friends. AFK , but please , when it is over , if you can and wish to explain how to resolve the ecuation since it would be nice for all of us to know , and I'd shake some rust off my math-bones. thank you,hope it is not to much of a request. Good luck to every participants and a Merry Christmas , have the best Holidays ever
  10. Update 1.5.0 fixes

    El can simply not start , block while loading , also it can be unable to login . It might shut down after logging , alter your display and window size . Or , you can end up being able to login successfully but having the game freeze or crash in certain areas or doing specific actions. These are troubles I encountered . Most of them are solved to a satisfactory extent . If your game can not load or start,that can mean the installation is corrupt. You have to delete Your EL 1.50 installation folder and the C:\Documents and Settings\"user name"\My Documents\Eternal Lands. Before installing the game make sure you have all your hardware working properly and all drivers installed and updated . Best to use your provider's original software Online or if u have a CD for it . Have the latest DirectX version , DX 9.0 works fine for me. Run all DirectX tets . Be sure to have enough drive space available for your system to work properly and virtual memory as well . Choose a mirror then save the kit to disk,install the game ( make sure to set the installation path of EL in case you change the default location; look under EL.INI for #data_dir and write / paste the full correct path where the game is installed ) Do not alter any EL files , simply click and run EL , try to log in and just play EL without changing any settings as long as it works . If you know you have a slower PC , then set your system to adjust for best performance , do not use software or hardware acceleration options. Before even opening EL you might consider using the " Program Compatibility Wizard " Under Start - Programs - Accesories . My first problem was the fact I had instaled two drivers for Graphic Adapters , you have to make sure you have only one Graphic Adapter installed . Windows did find two Display Adapters in my case and I had to uninstall all video drivers , reboot , install the driver for my ATI Radeon Card,disable the other Display Adapter(windows still prompted me to install it's drivers;cancel) Passable for Edit ^ .
  11. Update problems

    The Only Problems that I had so far were : 1. not being able to connect to the game at all - loading but not displaying the user login window or freezing when asked to choose a language . - froze when trying to login or to create a new account ; 2. EL loaded when login but it altered the screen resolution for EL and apparently switched to full-screen mode ( ignored the settings ) then it crashed and exited automatically ; 3. logged in but this time EL or / and the PC froze or crashed in certain areas while simply moving around ; noticed a few graphic display errors , mixed textures or changed layouts looking exactly like objects show on 3D Studio when compiling them. If Any other problems , everything will go here,to keep everyone posted and hopefully the info will be useful to anyone that might read it . Areas I had problems in were TG's Sto and N Red Moon Library , at least u know to avoid those areas , or try them and see what happens .
  12. Try this client if you have problems

    Downloaded the EXE file . copied it into the EL game's folder , double-clicked the EXE downloaded file . el_notiles_noclusters.exe effect : loads faster than the basic EL.EXE ; automatically changes game's window resolution to 800x600 ; after login , instead of showing the game , it exits immediately . After that , I deleted it and ran EL.EXE simple , turns out EL.EXE si acting the same way now , although before that it worked fine [ except it's crashes for the game and operating system , and constant freezing ]
  13. Critical Failure

    In adition : Ran EL with in game's lowest settings , including highest settings - NO changes and no differences Used different Windows , software configurations , no improvement , same issue . Interesting is the fact that when I activated " poor man " , tried to move inside N Red-Mon Library, Game Froze , followed by crashing Windows due to an ATI file in system32 . Also , when activating only ATI bug option inside the Library , clicking did not move ; with both options moving around worked , but game froze and did not respond as well as everything else just before the character could make it's last step to stand in the spot I gave it to move to . If both options are de-activated , the ATI bug and the other bug related one , everything blocks down having no other alternative but to restart my PC manually Game also causes similar problems when zooming in / out ; rotating camera , changing perspective . And since then I am not even able to re log to EL anymore - got the original EL.INI file copied and pasted ( changed the resolution lower , the game did not accept any changes in res mode - it went directly to 800 x 600 regardless the res chosen after it previously was to 1024 x 768 ; next thing..when logging in , EL exits automatically ) No error logs , no chat log records. Can provide some info from either of them. EDIT YeeeY EL finally works smooth and almost perfect . Just a few minutes ago simply double clicked EL.EXE , logged , and guess what -> it runs like a charm. Here are the steps I made : - left my system recommended hardware - software acceleration ( it depends on each one's PC ) - had the original drivers previously installed ( thou before , with the same drivers , the game did not work ) - did not made any changes in the EL.INI before starting except to provide the install path for EL . simply logged in , and upon entering DID NOT zoom out , DID not modify any options , and tried to move around in the same place I had problems before with crashes and freezes - IT WORKED . Only thing is , if I over solicit EL by moving frenetically , rotating , casting , using items , NPC interacting as many actions as possible at the same time , I still get a freeze time for EL only , but far shorter than before. It really seems there are some areas of EL that present these issue , unlike others. I personally got troubles in Tarsengaard Storage and in North Red Moon Library . If any other events involving crashes , freezing , any kind of problems , I will simply edit and add them to the list so a wider spectrum of what is going on can be compiled to have a better overview of the situation ; it really might help for all players to report where is that they are encountering problems Hope this would be of help .
  14. Critical Failure

    Details regarding EL are not of such importance , what I can say is that the problems described below repeated them selves in different areas , inside two different buildings of two different maps . Also had not such problems inside a cave filled with creatures,while attacking. Image got scrambled , some issue that was with 1.40 too - fixed this and it did not repeat . Game froze repetitively,independent of FPS - I did not grue nor timed out . Monitor flickered into black,everything was resumed as it was . Noticed that when it resumed , windows had configured hardware acceleration for the display troubleshooter as far as to " Disable all cursor and advanced drawing accelerations "( used to correct drawing problems ) Also got an error message from the ATI Catalyst . Thou I used minimum graphic settings both within windows and el.ini , nothing adjusted , problems persisted. Ocasionaly PC froze too,completely,nothing functional. Upon choosing " poor man " option , monitor went to black but did not resume as usual ; had to reboot . Read something in the forums similar in a way , but I found no similar errors in my logs only these : Error: Can't open file "quest.log" and endless " Unknown sound " or " Unknown battlecry sound " lines After rebooting got a Microsoft Error report , probably cause of the forced reboot. Choose poor-man again and this time Windows Crashed cause one of the Video Card's files , dumping and the works . Got so far two different system error reports plus another one from the Video Card Software : Windows XP SP 2 2002 Latest ATI Driver from it's roots ( downloaded from the oficial site ) DirectX 9.0 - ran all the tests OK All Drivers installed for all the components , except the on-board video-card ( un-installed all it's drivers , windows stil recognizes it and wishes to install at every start up ; left the " display-adapter " with no drivers , and disabled it ; did this so I could start EL - wrote about this in the previous topic ) Hardware : Processor - AMD Sempron 2400 + ; 1.80 GHz 512 MB of RAM ; Video Card - ATI Radeon 9250 Sound - Realtek AC97 Audio for VIA Audio Controller Fresh formatted partition , fresh windows instal , fresh EL download and install after previously installed all Drivers for the Mother Board , ATI Video Card , Monitor ; all drivers are certified , all devices are working properly and DirectX tested . Will put EL to some gaming tests and post if any new information . Am willing to answer to any questions that might lead to solving this issue .
  15. EL ver 1.50 bug

    I have seen this issue with someone else. Even with the sound turned off in EL.INI, you will get this error if you have a sound_config.xml from a previous version of EL. This file should be in "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\Sound". Try downloading el_sound_150.zip from the game download page (if you haven't already) and extract it to your "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands" folder with the "preserve folders" option turned on. If you have two "Sound" folders (ie, "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\Sound\Sound"), it means you have extracted the files to the wrong place and you're still using the old version. But... that particular sound issue shouldn't freeze your client. The freezing seems to be related to your graphics card and/or settings. Double-check that you have the latest drivers for your card and the latest version of DirectX. Also make sure that you only have one driver installed for your card - you can check this in My Computer (right-click) / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager. If you have more than one "Display adapter" listed, delete them all, reboot, and then reinstall the latest graphics driver for your card. Good luck. Thank you a million , that did it w00t I had two drivers instaled and functional , working for the worst . I just can't thank you all enough , and especialy Ryala , you are the real deal , software wizz and hardware guru u pin pointed exactly what was the problem