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  1. Network

    As you like it, just meant as a suggestion In my opinion it is not a very structured way to encode each packet separately each time you want to send it. It is hard to read the code and it is hard to change or fix it in case something is wrong if you have several places to look at.
  2. Network

    Changed it and updated the patch.
  3. Network

    yep, exactly my thought... I would fix this (*int) thingy if I knew what to replace it with...
  4. Network

    Sorry, that's just the way I found it in interface.c...
  5. Network

    Isn't that already done in the SDL_net functions?
  6. Network

    Cleaned up the network code in client, now there's one function for sending each type of packet... I don't know if you like it, because it involves a lot of code change only for sake of structure. All network packet sending functions can be found in network.c... network_cleanup.patch
  7. Bug In Latest Cvs Version

    When I use #msg all and I have no afk-messages ready, the client SEGFAULTS: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x08093e1a in print_message (no=-1) at pm_log.c:80 80 while(++m<pm_log.afk_msgs[no].msgs) I guess that's easy to fix. There are 2 more things I noticed: In the login screen it is not possible to use the TAB-key for changing the input lines anymore. After I got the new version from cvs, el complained about a missing e3dlist.txt which I found in the cvs itself, but not in the client data. Don't know if this is the correct behaviour...
  8. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Thanks a lot for clearing things up, Entropy.
  9. Too Many Bots?

    There is a small delay (0.1 sec) between each message and there is a delay of half a second if the bot wants to send more than 3 messages in one second. I didn't want to treat you in a rude way and if you felt I was, I beg your pardon. But you have to understand that I also feel being treated rude by you... However I'd like one of the Admins to say a word about this issue. <_<
  10. So You Want To Make A Bot?....

    Python is nice for embedding into scriptable applications... But it has the disadvantage of being an interpreter language.
  11. Too Many Bots?

    1. I told about my bot in the Forums. So if there is a problem, I am the one to contact about. 2. You didn't event tell me it was illegal nor did anybody else up to now. So if I sum up your 2nd point: Every bot is illegal (even when under development and no chat bot and no storage bot) if you haven't got a special permission by Entropy or you paid 100 USD? 3. Please tell me how one is supposed run a DoS on the bot if he's limited to sending not more than 4 pm per second? I fixed several timing issues and of course I don't blame you for the bugs I produce in my code. All I say is that I dislike people who are proud of their knowledge (that is okay) but are unwilling to share it. Who keep it a secret -- just to be the one who knows and others dont...
  12. Too Many Bots?

    It's nice that you told Tendor that Banquo is illegal, but you should have told ME, because I made the bot and run it usually. But all you did was trying to make fun of me and sent me some pms which made me wonder what kind of person you are in real life... I'm just wondering how you as the owner of Linux do tell ppl that trading bots are illegal. Are you the great exception? BTW, one question to clear things up a little: Are trading bots illegal by mere existance, or do they have be paid for to be legal or are you just ****** off that you are not the only one having a polite trading bot, teh banned 0n3na? And I would like to hear an answer to this question from someone with autority who is NOT teh banned 0n3na please... I don't want to break the rules but I need to know them and I want to know them from someone that I'm sure of not just want to see my bot shut down...
  13. If You Want To Have A Bot

    I have a bot called "Lear" that will be at the northern gate of Portland. He will sell various items including armor and weaponry and might announce his service in future via the market channel. Okay, because there have been problems with the name of this bot and I don't want to annoy anybody, I will rename it to "Banquo". Banquo now also can tell you fortunes, if you pm him "fortune" -- have fun ;-) Learner, I hope my unlucky choice didn't bother you too much... My second bot, called Oblomov will sometimes be on auctioning things on a special channel. He might announce auctions on the market channel in future.
  14. Every time I switch from fullscreen to windowed mode and back via ALT-RETURN some keys are not working. E.g. always the TAB key, but other keys like _some_ normal characters are not responding. Because sometimes the effect disappears when focusing other windows and refocusing el before switching back to fs i guess it has something to do with the window focus. Im have click-to-focus enabled btw. I am using Slackware 10 with Linux 2.4.26, KDE 3.2.3, XFree 6.7... Trurl