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  1. Buying Cotton

    Buying 20k cotton; paying 10k gc. Pm me in game. tyvm in advance. ILL edit this; ill buy in 10k(cotton) increments for 5k each; at least for awhile. TILL i cant afford it. ATM i can at least buy 100k cotton - 50k gc. so first come = first served. =
  2. LvL Guild

    If you wish to join. type in game #guild_info LVL when it comes up hit F2 goes to lvl homepage> Forums > wanting to join > click there and it will tell you the procedure. PREFER ppl that are mature and at least lv 40 OA.... Good luck to all.
  3. Bot marketplaces

    TY Roja. marketplaces with an option to move if you wish. Ill vote for that, however i choose for my bot Valhalla to stay where he is.
  4. Bot marketplaces

    I voted no also. I own a bot = he's in his location for a purpose as stated by others above. Perhaps certain maps may be better off for the purpose you speak of; but not all.
  5. LvL guild- Merchant guild

    PSP now = 90% payout on a monthly basis. Only a few spots left(3). New minimum OA must = 50 or greater. Type #guild_info LvL (ingame) then hit f2, Go to general forum>wanting to join and follow the directions. ** Must be a team player and willing to help out.
  6. Buying 10k sulphur

    Buying 10 k Sulphur(2 each) = 20 k Gc contact me in game(PM). ty normally camping out in PV...
  7. Where does your guild fall?

    The LvL policy. Pk maps= part of the game. Kill or be killed. Do as you wish.
  8. LvL guild- Merchant guild

    Still Recruiting... 15 spots left. If you have questions about the PSP - PM me.
  9. LvL guild- Merchant guild

    My apologies if you have attempted to join and were not able to. server had some issues. Should have no issues now. Thank you for your patience.
  10. LvL guild- Merchant guild

    2 Points of fact: 1) The guild membership will be limited to 20 members for the time being. 2) Profit Sharing Plan (PSP) = 50% of monthly guild profits(thru bot) will be redistributed to members based upon your % of donations.
  11. LvL guild- Merchant guild

    The LvL is now recruitng. Minimum req = OA greater than 40. A merchant guild. INGAME: Type #Guild_info LvL for info. then hit F2 to go to Guildsite. Click on forums>Gen discussion>wanting to join. Tells you exactly what you need to do. Monthly - Profit Sharing Plan(PSP) in place.
  12. Update problems

    Obviously this affects numerous players and yout first concern is too may posts? As far as supplying specs and turning this and that on or off --wasnt that the whole point of your testing. You strike me as not being overlyconcerned about this issue. I guess we will just have to wait for the patches then.. Thanks for noghting.
  13. Client keeps crashing

    I/m the same as Moebird-- immediate crash Any help here. I see no responses. I noticed about 5 different posts with this issue --none have response
  14. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    5 tickets bought 1 hour before drawing
  15. Connection Problems with Norton Internet Security?

    Apparently this one is coming up also,2000 It has the same info just a different address now. How many more of these are there? The prior one was