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  1. Selling Wormwood

    I have another 50k of wormwood up for sale SOLD - please remove price is 1.4gc each PM me in game or post here. Thank You for looking
  2. Experimental Guild Rankings

    I found your ranking chart really interesting and posted a link in PALs forum so others could check it out also. A great idea to see how the guilds stack up against each other in different areas. Thank you for being so creative!
  3. engagement Jvg and Melisande-to be wed

    Congratulations to you both! Ahhh Spring.... a time for weddings...
  4. PAL Guild - Storage Sale

    Unfortunately I have seen bots and market BUYING serps for 3.5, but no one SELLING them for that price. :\
  5. PAL Guild - Storage Sale

    PAL GUILD is holding a storage sale! Please delete post - Thank you 1 - Instinct Removal Stone - 7500gc 1 - Reasoning Removal Stone - 20,000gc 3 - Coordination Removal Stones - 17,000gc each (or all 3 for 50,000gc) 2 - Rostos - 16,000gc each***SOLD*** 8 Enriched Water Essences - 3300gc each (all 8 for 25,000gc) We are also looking for Enriched Fire Essences - Buying for 6000gc each and Serpent Stones - We have enough now! Thank you! Post here or PM Piwacket ingame to buy, sell or trade! Thank you for taking a look and happy shopping!
  6. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1 No problems
  7. Signature Practice #2

    Love it, love it, love it! Lighthearted & fun! It is absolutely perfect. Thank you!
  8. Storage cleaning

    I will buy the 134 feran horns! If you've gotten any more, I'll take those too! Thank you
  9. I have 150,000 wormwood for sale. ~ 1.4 gc each ~ PM me in game or send me a Gossip to trade Thank you very much for looking
  10. Forum registration

    My Guildmate AngelMother has had repeated problems registering forums. Her Forum name is FaithfulOne. Thank You
  11. Selling wormwood

    I have 75,000 wormwood for sale. 1.4 gc each PM me in game to trade Thank you SOLD - Thank you!
  12. Vitality Removal Stone - Auction

    OK. Stone has been sold. Thank you
  13. 1 Vitality Removal Stone for auction. Starting bid - 12kgc or Buy Now for 20kgc Auction ends in 2 days Thank You