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  1. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    well i'm not entirely sure i should thank you talzon but either way i'm old enough to stand up for myself ty
  2. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    admin moderator creator janitor it doesn't matter he still needs a break and as for the gay bar.... yeah i work there i'm the bar tender..... now i remember you sirdan your that guy who was taking it from the black guy called bubba
  3. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    well lets see my conclusion is probably right cause if they were all like you...THEN no one would play second which are from ... http://eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6413 insulting my isp who at least provides steady and fast connection you said you were worth 20$/hour not me ...besides you offered to be a moderator....therefore it is your job to take care of things like that you said it first...and you call me sarcastic? i still think you need to take a break
  4. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    quote from none other that entropy arrogant ussless fucks? takes one to know one entropy i honestly hope the rest of the moderators arent like you if that was the case no one would play this game
  5. i must of missed something

    for a moderator your a real asshole you need a break...take a little time off thanks for wasting my time!!!
  6. i must of missed something

    well if you so good at your job that you'd deserve 20$/hour american you should be able to figure out who she is and as for your problem...your not the only moderator instead of handling all of it by yourself you could allways deal out ip ranges to individual moderators so each one has a small amount to deal with....it's not so frustrating that way
  7. i must of missed something

    cause i couldn't create a char so i asked the person who told me about this game to do it for me.... seeing as she really wanted me to play this one (apparently one of your own moderators) and i don't find the ip ban funny what i find funny is how your handling this problem
  8. i must of missed something

    so in other words i get screwed because of my isp? now thats funny
  9. i must of missed something

    it took 2 hours just to get them to figure out that the reason i couldn't get a connection was because they forgot to activate my account no offence but if you think i'm gona go thru that again just to explain to them why my ip needs to be changed for a game ....you gota be nuts (on the plus side there connection speeds are great and reliable)
  10. i must of missed something

    well is someone gona fess up to whats going on?
  11. i must of missed something

    no apparently i was ip banned the first character i made was deleted when the server crashed....which annoyed me a little but hey it wasn't a big deal seeing as it is a free game and shit happens..... but this ip crap is just wrong btw i didn't do anything ...i came i played and that was it hell i didn't even swear (in game)
  12. i must of missed something

    i've been playing for almost 3 days and i'm kinda starting to get into it when after a good nights sleep i find out i'm banned nice