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  1. Hall of the Dead

    If no one will be killed while running hydro, bar price will be about 10-12kgc. So PK hydro runner has not destroy market, it's make bars bit more expensive. Anyway you always have choice to buy bars from NPC or from chars who own hydro way.
  2. Capped arena Bug

    Experience volume decreased on caster and increased on opponent, hits rapidly Stivy is about +50a/d against me. Ubber defence Ubber Attack note: creature must be outside area every time.
  3. Capped arena Bug

    While you fight with some one on capped area, and cast some spell(MD, LD, Harm) on creature outside PK area, but in cast range, you lose the cap (not sure about attributes, but a/d cap removed), and you'll continue fight with your real A/D Tested at Iscalrith and Zirakinbar capped areas.
  4. 10k silver ore auction

  5. Vegetal removal stone

    please stop spam with your posts w/o bid, auction closed kktnxb
  6. Vegetal removal stone

    In game bid from 4ernij_kot. 540k
  7. Vegetal removal stone

    Bidding start at 470kgc Bid increment 10k BIN price 575 kgc at Lillu Auction finish in 48 hours after last bid. Sold to 4ernij_kot for 540kgc.
  8. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    yes, u can join if u have (att+def)/2<=80
  9. wards/mines quick questions

    1) if some1 make step on mine, it work, after u place mine u can make step from this square, but if u back on mine it detonate 2) yes, on Pk area or if placer have 'one' perk. 3) wards effect on the 10x10 square around it, effect per step on this area 4) yes, on PK area or if placer have 'one' perk
  10. Instance today anyone?

    i'll come in
  11. Healing Ward

    My opinion about it: Wards, caltrops, mines is PK stoof, and they are used for PK or my be to kill strong mobs. One perk is perk which make player PKable on any map, and make some wards work on people or mobs, and some not work not good idea.
  12. Healing Ward

    1. Wards and mines works only on peoples with 'one' perk. 2. Now wards in game make effect only per step, not while sitting in area. 3. Heal wards can be used for easy heal mobs on multi train. Better to make Wards of radiation/heat/cold damage, it will be more usefull.
  13. selling my storage

    all energy and fire essences for 20kgc
  14. Make bethel cave single combat.

    No more BroD, actualy someone need only tiger stones to kick fighter from pk for long time U forget say: 'Make teh instinct attribute caped to 4 !!!1111eleven!1' u r pr0 stealther, but ur a sucks paparazzi, because u forget walk to theli at this time On topic: just make this cave PK, leave 2-3 feros on inside other feroses put to the II on hydro way and make more fun for hydro runners And don't make this cave single combat, because we r got mixers with ICD perk who train on single feros w/o risk to breake armor or visiting UW, with +15 defence penalty and 6 free pps which can be spended to instinct or vitality