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  1. Greek

    Prepei na exo 6-7 xronia na kano log in sto game.... Perasa na po ena gia ean paizei kaneis akoma.
  2. Trouble logging IN

    thanks Labrat It didn't work, but i appriciate the effort.....
  3. Trouble logging IN

    Hello there, I am making a bot In basic (or at least i am trying), and thus far I’ve managed to connect. I am receiving a ping request from the server (or so I think) immediately after my connection. I try to log in and then….. BOOM…. I immediately disconnect. Does anyone of you super programmers, knows why I disconnect? I am using winsock. And in my attempt to log in I send to the server the message Msg$ length_of_Msg = LEN(MyName$)+ LEN(Mypassword$) +1 +1 + 1 Msg$= CHR$(140) + CHR$(length_of_Msg) + MyName$ + “ “ + Mypassword$ + CHR$ (0) I believe CHR$(0) is the NULL character correct? DO I disconnect because I don’t reply to the server’s ping request? ( I’ve been completely ignoring it and going straight for the log-in. Or I disconect because I'am sending nonsense to the server? [EDIT]: TYPOS
  4. What do EL players drink?

    Beer/coffee when I am hanging out with my friends. The captain with coke, or johny with coke if i want to get a buzz when I am out.
  5. Paganism

    Smeg, the cops who arrested me confiscated my camera.....
  6. Paganism

    OMG, it works..... it really works.
  7. Random Stuff

    Does anybody know what happened to the Smurfs?
  8. Working towards 1.0.2

    Can you show us pics of some of the new monster/weapons/animals too?
  9. Whats wrong with my game

    Are you trying to create a charachter that is a Gnome, Orchant or Draegoni?
  10. Your age in minutes

    No that's 100,000 grams and 0.225 centuries old, so your mass is more than your age (by now it should be obvious why ppl avoid a comparison between apples and oragnes)
  11. FPS 0

    These might increase your FPS. In your el directory find a file named el.ini and open it with your text editor... Find these items: #clouds_shadows = 1 #use_shadow_mapping = 1 #shadows_on = 1 Change all the "1" (ones) into "0" (zeros) (don't type the quotation marks). If you don't see a significant increase in FPS then your last resort will be to find in your el.ini the line: #poor_man = 0 and replace the 0 with an 1.... I hope this helps.
  12. Cursor Thief

    Some ppl have a lot of free time in their hands.....
  13. Woot

    I think i was the first person on the forums to use one of the new emoticons (I must be a really lame person to think that this is something i can be proud of) I haven't actualy checked any other posts to see if the above statement is correct, but If someone has any free time in their hands maybe they can check that for me. My first use of a new emoticon was in this topic the time stamp is there. Untill I am prouved wrong, maintain all my bragging rights
  14. cops killing 19 month old kid

    I don't know, I just feel really sorry for the cop who fired the shot that killed the baby.... it is something that not many ppl can learn to live with.
  15. Your age in minutes

    Dude it happens all the time....The international comitee on time and measures (I think it's called something like that but I am not sure, do a google search.). has added or subtructed a second 32 times since 1970. Basicly the speed that the earth rotates around it self changes all the time... usualy it decreases (ergo the day becomes longer, for instance when the dinosaurs walked the earth a day was only 22hrs long not 24...hm maybe 20 can't remember). The moon is the main culprit for the decrease in speed, however, sometime earthquakes can change the rotational axis of the earth (the tilt) like it happened this year (Remember the Tsunami?) and as the earth axis changes the rotational speed has to change in order to maintain the angular momentum of the earth.... yeah ... so basicly it happens quite a lot. Dude, stop comparing lemons with oranges