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  1. found someone.
  2. Titanium/steel alloy long sword of thermal

    lol thats an insult to valcaz imo to even offer him that much.
  3. New payment option, feedback needed

    IF blockbuster in NZ did it i would defianlty use it now that i have a part time job, i get $100nzd a week, save 70 keep 30 after while will buy a few cards from blockbusters and maybe radu will be a able to get a ps1 or something lol with the money i give him. Arrow. Btw so just to make sure i get rosts and shit from EL store right?
  4. Change to DP Arena.

    I think this is a good idea, will get come pk going there, people who have perfectly designed DPA pker characters are going to be pissed but oh well. I think Chosen is hoping to dominate if DPA becomes like this but still good idea. Maybe another c1 arena could become under 50 a/d i dont know, but a under 50 a/d arena is needed. Good idea chosen. Arrow.
  5. Selling Cordination Removal stone

    Auction ends in 96 hours after i get back from camping.
  6. Non-PK Server

    the whole player economy relys on fighters and pkers for one thing or another.
  7. I agree with Radu's reasoning behind the new break rates. Ozmondius pointed out that with armour breaks it was costing him 1k/hr to train. I think these new break rates are going to result in people wanting to train less (e.g. players that think/feel that 1k/h on armour is alot) and not leveling a/d. Meaning that players that got to high levels with low break rates will be able dominate, with it being very unlikly of any new threats coming along and rivaling them. Players arent going to be interested in buying high level armour, which will negativily affect manufactors who make the armours and alchemists that make the bars, bussiness. In the end we could just end up with the game being spilt into two.... Old fighters happily pking and weak players only harvesting to satisfy the rich players wants and not being able to do nothing much more. On the other hand... Players could start going to td and Kf in leather and steel chains and really testing there skills pking, instead of the current pking system with person taking thermal serp and killing merc gatherer and then teleing because they thought they might of saw a toomass hiding in the bush. Pking might improve, but training will not. Go crazy, state what you think might happen in the next few months, say Arrow knows shit all about any thing sword and shield related... i just wanna hear your views, maybe Mp training guide might change the way people train so this wont matter. Arrow.
  8. Bidding starts at 7k, 500gc increases in each bid and i might not sell, pm ingame with offers or forum pm. my ingame name is arrow. Arrow.
  9. Combat Reset

    Reset=more a/d/oa exp, you get far more than you would ever normally, but to put it simpily cord and phys = your might. Your might is how powerfully you hit someone, cordination involves also how often you hit your oppenent and how often you dodge. IF you are gonna do a lot of training i reccomend getting a bit on cord maybe 20 and putting the rest on viality and will (makes the blows softer and more hp). I forget which other attribute affects your dodging ability, but put some on thAt as well. Only do this if you can afford to reset at the end of it. Maybe if your gonna do a lot of alching it would be ok, because you would get you oa exp back. Also if you double ts training you would probrley train nicely on armed gobs and panthers ect, in steel chain, leather, steel shield, so the new breakages proerbly wont affect you badly. But if i was you, listen to mp over me any day, unless he agrees with this lol. Arrow.
  10. Whats the best way to make gc?

    how much to white tiger furs sell for?
  11. The Greatest EL Player

    any people who have wasted 4 or 5 years of there life sitting infront of a screen, thinking there better than other players, have no right to say other people's opionions don't matter, the game wouldn't function if people like you were incharge, all the newbs would leave after a few mins, after been treated like crap and the rate veteran players are leaving, there would be no one left.
  12. Whats the best way to make gc?

    what about toadstools, or sneak into td and use fruit.
  13. Whats the best way to make gc?

    Do you reckon hunting can supply a good level of gc income.
  14. The Greatest EL Player

    OK... you are old! But I second the DonPedro thing. He was the first and only player that forced Ent to move the upper limit of the OA/Skills to the current 178. Most new players do not know of him why did he have a skill nearing 178?
  15. The Greatest EL Player

    Cool, give reason why, i wanna know lol?