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  1. PB&J is Recruiting

    wanna be allies with DEER?
  2. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    can we still sign up?
  3. Manufacture wooden sheilds.

    i have a better idea like u can get nails at a general and here r my formulas: wooden shield: 5 logs 20 nails enhanced wooden shield: 1 wooden shield 5 logs 30 nails 1 magic essence
  4. First post!

    i like pie (first one to be random on this thread )
  5. Nuby Party

    A mod will have to announce it because then they could be reading this but they still dont know what day it is so thats gatta be fixed but other then everything i said its ganna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. log out button

    el should have a log out button cuz say that u wanted to train a bot u were working on u'd have to start it up again and sometimes it takes a long time so if el gets a log out button it doesn't take too long
  7. how do i change to the test server

    the title speaks for its self i was told to put server port to 2001 but i cant switch can some one tell me how to
  8. Nuby Party

    looking forward to it man i cant wait for the party and me and nuby r holding the summoning lesson so if newbies r looking u can look forward to the lesson!!!!!!!!!
  9. A Wedding Invitation

    what time is that in EST? i dont know what time ur talking about so plz tell me and also good luck at the wedding i bet the two of r ganna have a great time together just hope the theryndan loves u as much as u do (he could love u less then u do) if the time is good ill attend
  10. Wings :)

    nice man that would look sick in the game and i bet that our guild is ganna have alot of them lol but still its a nice pic hope they implement it
  11. The EL Theater

    ill be a actor im a good roleplayer and i like having fun and this really sounds like a fun idea so gimme info on anything updated im in ur guild lol
  12. W&W Guild

    To join our family: Ask permission to Warken, Takiro or myself to registrate on our forums, then leave an application post on the therefor meant section. We will contact you after you did that. Jez um because u took a long time replying i joined legendary knights srry i guess i wont be joining W&W
  13. guy for hire

    hi i will take ur orders and if i find ur amount and price good ill try my best to get it filled as soon as possible but try to not make me get more then 1k something at a time plz post the orders and pm wildbeast54 for more info and ill see what i can do about ur order
  14. new past

    um lol but dwarves arent stupid they just focus on other things alot like most dwarves(npc dwarves) r miners and blacksmiths they just focus on these and others like elves r archers because they live longer and see furthur and humans r worriors but humans r evil too and some humans r ninjas (JUST WANTED TO ADD THE NINJA FACE) aketel focused on understanding how magic works alot i mean i had a headache trying to understand what she said
  15. el folders

    how do i open el folders people keep saying go to the el folders but i dont understand how to open it and i dont want to donload the game again