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  1. My bot offering 210k for this help. Pound I can't play EL for a while,so can't trade you by myself. So I made my bot to buy it thanks
  2. Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana

    200k. If you still got this helm
  3. Damaged Armors

    Try to look at pound wanted... He is buying damaged items for a reasonable price... I guess
  4. anti social&invasion tokens&armor

    6.7k for bindings
  5. anti social&invasion tokens&armor

    6.3k ea for all bindings
  6. Veiks Little Order Shop!

    When you will be doing orders for leathers?
  7. Buying some rare books

    Already got 1 book. Still need 2 books more.
  8. Buying some rare books

    I'm currently looking for these 3 books: Titanium/steel long sword of Ice BOOK Serpent sword of Ice BOOK Serpent sword of Magic BOOK I don't have a price for each book,so please leave here or pm me with your offers and we will work this deal out. Thx Penc.
  9. auctioning Fast Regeration Removal

    reduced starting price down to 100k
  10. 103 Hydro bars for sale

    I'm selling 103 hydro bars at 10700gc each. If any1 interested PM Penc or buy straight away from bot called pound. Thx Penc.
  11. P2P Expiration in one week

    I'm not sure,if it's lifetime p2p. But I think I gave gc to player in EL to exchange it into bucks. If your records says I'm not p2p for lifetime I will buy it again. Thats why I just asked here.
  12. P2P Expiration in one week

    I know you said not to ask,but I checked in forums about p2p. And it's says that my p2p was for 1 year,but I think I paid for lifetime p2p. Could please check this one out for me? thx alot.