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  1. Auction No More Tears Cloak

    Hi all! Selling a No More Tears Cloak. Starting price is 360K. You can also offer me GC + items I need. Items I need are: -Dragonblade -Red Dragon parts (Mail, Cuisses and Greaves)
  2. Haidir bug?

    Hii people! Dunno if this is the right section to post this but I seem to have a problem with Haidirs daily quest. I've only recently started to play a little again and this is the third time I've done Haidirs quest. It's also the third time I got the same quest... which is kill 30 Imps in the WSC Sewers. This doesn't sound right, getting the same quest 3 times in a row... Anyone has an idea what's wrong? Thanks in advance! -NostaLG
  3. Haidir bug?

    Haha it all makes sense now
  4. Mortos Challenge

    I'd love if there would be another contest... Loves the last one... Hope we come a little further this time! Haha Have fun at ur vacation!
  5. NMT Cloak on the PK Server

    Wow Gratz!
  6. Best PK music?

    All good Music. Thought I'd add something: Metallica - Master of Puppets Metallica - Prince Charming SOAD - Toxicity Children of Bodom(already mentioned I know) -Are you dead yet and Living dead beat. Ow and almost forgot! Sentenced - The funeral Album and in that album Vengeance is Mine (hehe great text )
  7. In Memoriam

    Bye Des You'll be missed... Rest in peace
  8. an ANT bag-jumped me

    I totally agree with you lol!! but eh... why do you put those branches down when you're fighting a wolf?
  9. can't even log on before game crashes :/

    what kind of crash do you have?
  10. New computer, need help

    I didn't say Vista didn't work on 1 Gb, I just meant to say that 2 GB is much better so that you can do the same things like you're used to do with XP. 1 GB makes Vista slow And I'm sorry I don't think I know what's the problem. I don't see why EL isn't running properly
  11. Pk server accounts procedure

    Ok, thank you very much!
  12. Pk server accounts procedure

    After you paid for the pk server account and you put the name you want in your payment what happens next? Should I forum pm Ent with my desired password or how do I activate the accounts I bought?
  13. New computer, need help

    Problem with Vista is that many videocards are intergrated in their motherboard. That means if a videocard has 256 MB they take that from the RAM. Vista pc's are still sold with only 1 GB and that causes so many trouble because Vista will only work properly with 2 GB and it's even worse if the videocard takes another 256 from your 1GB Vista will be slow on a 1 GB ram pc so I suggest you try to buy 1 GB more, which will. -NostaLG <edit> I bought a Vista pc with a intergrated videocard and 1 GB ram. I had to update my videodrivers to another videocard to make EL work (don't ask me how I found out... pure luck I guess ) But anyway Vista kept crashing and getting the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). So I kept losing everything on my pc and when I went back to the shop who sold me the pc... The guy almost laughed at me when I said I had a Vista pc with 1GB and he said: 'Yeah, we always recommend Vista with 2GB' I said then how is it possible that I have 1 with 1 GB that keeps crashing... He said I shouldn't worry because even if I had to reinstall my pc everyday... it still worked right!!! Great help eh? -_-
  14. Soooooooooo........

    Geen probleem! Norrod is geloof ik een Nederlandse winkel, je woont toch in Nederland? Als je ergens anders woont moet je gewoon eens informeren naar computer bedrijven in de buurt.
  15. EL videos

    The problem with fraps is that it makes huge files when you're recording (4 mins of recording is about 3,6 GB) What you need is to download VirtualDub (google it) You can open the recorded file in VirtualDub and use another codec then is used with fraps and then save it as a AVI File. A file of 3,6 GB will be reduced to about 200-250 MB and the quality will remain exactly the same! If you need more help just forum pm me. I'm on another PC so I can't explain properly now, hehe
  16. Soooooooooo........

    Ik neem aan dat je NL bent. Je kan bij diverse winkels zoals o.a. Norrod (kijk op www.norrod.nl) voor een lage prijs een degelijke videokaart kopen die EL met gemak aankan. Je moet denken aan prijzen van maximaal 50 euro en dan heb je een kaart die niet alleen EL maar ook de nieuwere (next-gen) games can draaien als Call of Duty 4 (misschien niet op de hoogste stand en resolutie maar het werkt wel!) Ik zal je zo even een link sturen van wat mij een goede videokaart lijkt die niet te duur is <edit> Zie hier: http://www.norrod.nl/ws_a_index.asp?A_id=22773 Dit is een zeer degelijke videokaart die EL drait met 40 a 50 FPS met de nieuwe update (1.5). Ik denk dat hiermee je probleem aardig is opgelost Succes ermee
  17. Perks

    Hey all! I was wondering, since we're all preparing to go to the pk server. What will happen to the perks? And I'm not talking about just the negative ones or just the positive ones.. what will happen to all the perks? Would you guys prefer to see them removed or would you like to be able to use them? Your thoughts please
  18. Little Dekke!

    Congratz!!! And enjoy )
  19. weekend invasions

    will there be a no drop day every week from now on then? I missed the first ones but I really loved the last one, makes me wanna play EL mpre and more (gives me more motivation to train and to pk) and the invasion was fun too, even though I didn't fight till the end I had lots of fun and I think I can speak for all those pkers who I saw in KF and TD too a YaY for no drop day
  20. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    Correct, i bought mine when it was like 150k gc and got another one from fluffy \o/ Unbreakable items in an endless game are never a good idea, now we have 450 in game, next year 1000 and in 2 years we are dropping them on IP for the newbies. So its a "Yes" from me Piper I see that as a reason to keep it unbreakable! besides what's wrong with giving newbies NMT's?
  21. Eternal war

    Finally someone said it. I AGREE! ...then this idea is good only for the pk server,not for the main!Would you like it to happen you,while harvesting and being (semi)-AFK?Me NOT!but if your idea take place in any server,i would like ppls who are AFK to be teleport to IP! Harvester of sorrow ^^
  22. Getting off IP

    maybe if we put a storage in IP you have at least a fair chance of getting of IP... or at least die fighting?
  23. my ideas for pk server

    Eeeeehm.... what's the point of raising a a/d cap? it's the idea that no-one can get stronger than 100 a/d... raising it would be the same as not having a a/d cap if every 1 has 100 a/d then people are going to play alot less because they wont be able to lvl up, no 1 will be training and every 1 is going to have rostos/neg perks for pk Well.... that's the idea!!! lol it is after all called a PK server not a train-as-much-as-you-want-server... If you're there for training I suggest you do that on the main server and pk on the pk server... i know what you are saying but the the thing i am trying to say is, whats going to happen when every 1 has 100 a/d => people are going to play alot less and will take neg perks to stay on the top. if the lvl cap is 120 a/d then its alot better because you can reach 100 a/d in ~1 year, but to reach 120 a/d its going to take 2 years or more. Anyway i thought that would make the game more intresting and harder, its not like what ever i say will actuall be in the pk server. Why would you get bored? It's not because people wanted another server where you can train... people wanted a server where they could pk so if you get bored of pking there's no need to go to the pk server and you can just go train on the main server. a a/d cap of 120 is way to high imo, 100 should do fine. Not too easy to reach and not too hard either
  24. my ideas for pk server

    YaY, I´d like to try some positive perks
  25. ***Art Contest!***

    I'm awfull in drawing so I won't even bother to try But WOW Roja you could make a living here just by making art like that! Really, really well done!