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  1. Chances of getting rare stones

    "You stopped harvesting" is, as they say, just another event...and btw, as such can break your harvester medallion...trust me I've broken at least one from such an event.
  2. We need more players here

    lol, Don't worry, I plan to stay on main server now. I'm no pker, but I like to support a game I enjoy, so I gave it a fair try. But the question was if there were any ideas on how to attract more people to the PK server. When I was there, the most accounts I ever saw logged on were 60 at a time, and considering half of those people were alts, I'd say there were only about 30 people playing. If you consider that there are 600+ accounts sometimes logged in on main, I'd say the PK server has attracted at most 5% of the community. That considered, the way I see it is you have 4 options: 1. Accept the ideas of non-pkers and what it would take to get them there. 2. Advertise on the main site to bring in new people to the PK EL community. 3. Reduce or remove the $5 fee for the PK server as it is possible that many PKers are not old enough to own credit cards or such. 4. Accept the fact that someone seriously over-estimated the interest in PK and live with the small community you have successfully lured to the PK server. Enjoy!
  3. Stats page

    Is it possible to post a top stats page that is anonymous (no names)? That way people can still see how they compare to others, but no one knows what stats specific people have. Or maybe even a way to find out just your own ranking in comparison to others.
  4. We need more players here

    Was on the PK server for 2 weeks, had an alt and got good skills developed because it's an alchers paradise, but got tired of dying too often. If they had a #make PKable command or a cape or perk something like Monster Magnetism that protected one from being PKable, then maybe I'd go back.
  5. New web server speed

    Considerably faster! Good job!
  6. Making maps more used..

    I don't consider myself much of an explorer, but every once in awhile, I like to go on an adventure through a map I haven't used in awhile just to see if something new has been added or if things have changed. One thing that I've always wished for while exploring was being able to find treasure. Maybe, when a secret area has been found, or a particular desk drawer clicked on, or a certain book read, etc. a bag could randomly spawn close by with something nice in it, maybe 20gc or a ring, or something along that line. To prevent someone from simply sitting in that area and taking the treasure over and over, maybe each person is only able to find each secret once, or the treasure could only be found randomly once a day or week, or a treasure could cycle around the maps like Joker does and lays there until found. I know there are maps like TD and KF where bags spawn, so the programming already exists for this sort of thing. No doubt it would require some modifications, but hopefully not too much.
  7. What was your first guild?

    ELG One of the best guilds around to get my feet wet in...now DRAC
  8. Mage class formulas

    This is my opinion as well. My magic lvl is 47 with a rationality of 8... currently I can restore up to 270 hp, with the first formula, I would restore ((47*1.5)+(8*5))=110 hp, with the second formula, I would restore (47*9*.08)=33 hp I consider myself low to middle level character.
  9. Public Library

    glad to hear I'll get some more books to The_Librarian
  10. Public Library

    Sounds like a good idea. Maybe a mod would be good enough to allow you to trade the books to them and they could donate the books to The_Librarian.
  11. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I voted YES because the way the question is worded "If someone ... intentionally opened it (your bag) without your permission and took the things you left there, would you consider that bagjumping?" Of course it is, it doesn't really matter if they searched for it nor that it's a hyperbag.
  12. NMT breakable poll

    When I bought mine, this past spring I think, the costs for the capes were starting to climb. After 225k they started going up and up, I was lucky I guess.
  13. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    One nice way to level up in magic that I found was making enough energy and matter essences and SRs to get my next level, then put my CoM on and 10 SRs in my inventory. Go sit and harvest and charge the crown while harvesting, by the time you're full and return to storage, so is the crown. Empty it by casting bones to gold (you don't need any bones for it to work). Then just keep doing that...I got a 100k magic level in about a day, and makes your harvesting time more useful. Note: don't take more SRs than you need to fill the crown so you come back with a full inventory of harvested goods. Works well with most flowers and ores. If doing really slow pick stuff like titanium, you might want to bring twice as many SRs and enough essences to empty the crown half way through.
  14. NMT breakable poll

    I voted NO because I spent 225K to get my NMT cape, and it then sat in storage when it temporarily became breakable. That made me so frustrated, I decided to take the perk when I reset not long ago, although if the cape becomes breakable, I can't imagine the perk being safe for very long. I understand the problem of them eventually becoming more common in the game, but even if that drives the price down, so be it, that's the risk one takes when buying high end items. And since I still broke all sorts of things while wearing it, it only reduced, not eliminated my need to invest in new armour/swords/meds/etc. But if it does become breakable, I like the early ideas of it only having a chance to break/degrade if you die; and the concept of being able to get it repaired is good too.