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  1. storage sale!

    I was off, and now you're off. Probably tomorrow.
  2. storage sale!

    First come first served, if someone doesnt take them before you they're yours. Contact in-game. I have no idea, I made gibillions of them and made mixture of power etc for other things so I never found out what they're worth. Contact in-game. Alright. Catch me in-game. Deal. Catch me in-game. Let me know I'm all in. If private doesnt get the stones before you, they're yours. Catch in-game. Now why would you need those? Catch me in-game I think MM is taken not sure. Catch me in-game. ~KgN
  3. storage sale!

    alright guys gonna log in soon busy with real life. 14 degrees and our pipes are frozen and heater wont work, so i apologize if im slow:P ~KgN
  4. storage sale!

    thanks for trade:) everyone else, give me time to update list, still loads left
  5. storage sale!

    thanks for the trade. so much stuff gone i cant cross it all off, so be advised when you offer that an item may be bought
  6. storage sale!

    good to know, thanks:)
  7. storage sale!

    thanks for the trade
  8. storage sale!

    Food: 285 Fruits 151 Ale 2 Vegetables Flowers: 8136 Red Snapdragons Minerals: 179 Rose Quartz 184 Ruby 242 Sulfur Tools: 1 Arrow/bolt head mold 2 Scissor 6 Saw 5 Carving Knife 5 Leather Gloves 17 Pickaxe 10 Needle 15 Mortar & Pestle 2 Hammer Weapons: 48 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 21 Iron Broad Sword 6 Wooden Staff 3665 Wood Branches 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 2 Iron Axe 2 Iron Battle Hammer 1 Titanium Axe 12 Bones 2 Steel Axe 1 Short Bow 1 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword 1 Quarterstaff 5 Training arrows Armor: 1 Leather Pants 19 Leather Helm 9 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Wooden Shield 2 Steel Chain Mail 2 Steel Shield 2 Enhanced Wooden Shield 2 Iron Shield 5 Leather Gloves 36 Leather Boots 4 Iron Helm 1 Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail 5 Iron Chain Mail 10 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Crown of Mana --- Pending 1 Titanium Helm Magic: 27 Stars Medallion 9 Sun Medallion 1 Ring of Imbroglio Islands 26 Unicorn Medallion 26 Moon Medallion Essences: 369 Earth Essence 578 Life Essence 182 Magic Essence 1093 Death Essence Potions: 1 Potion of Vitality 4 Potion of Heat Protection 2 Potion of Summoning 34 Potion of Alchemy 120 Potion of Manufacturing 12 Potion of Harvesting 3 Potion of Will 4 Potion of Minor Healing 3 Potion of Evasion 32 Potion of Great Healing 3 Potion of Cold Protection 2 Invisibility Potion 2 Potion of Extra Mana 106 Potion of Feasting 4 Poison Antidote 1161 Potion of Spirit Restoration 4 Potion of Accuracy 1 Potion of Attack 1 Potion of Physique 1 Potion of Coordination Animal: 45 Giant Spider Summoning Stone 14 Polar Bear Fur 227 Deer Antlers 1 Cockatrice Feather 53 Brown rabbit fur 4 Tiger fur 10 Phoenix Feather 10 Small Dragon Scale 115 White rabbit fur 124 Falcon Feather 28 Hawk Feather 12 Bones 3 Bear Fur 34 Leopard fur 45 Snow Leopard fur 2 Black panther fur 5 Green Snake Skin 836 Raw Meat 3 White Tiger fur 7 Fox Fur 11 Red Snake Skin 20 Mule Skin 50 Rat tail Clothes: 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Gray Robe 1 Leather Pants 9 Augmented Leather Armor 11 Fur Hat 4 Racoon hat 2 Body Piercing Cloak 93 Fox Scarf 26 Fur Cloak 6 Fur Pants 5 Fur Torso 10 Fur Boots 1 Blue Tricorn Hat 11 Skunk hat 10 Warm Fur Gloves 2 Red Scarf 36 Leather Boots 1 White Robe 1 White Red Striped Baggy Pants 1 Skull Crossbones Scarf 1 Brown Adventurer's cap 2 Fast Regeneration Cape 10 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Excavator Cape Misc: 3665 Wood Branches 1 Mule Glyph 171 Saltpeter 669 Leather 3540 Yew 322 Wood Logs 8 RC Mine 3 Skull key 16 Skeleton key Hazardous: 2 Bucket 170 Blackpowder P = Pending trade. I am bouncing between this forum and unofficial, so best way to get ahold is pm, however if you post here i will get to you later. ~KgN
  9. Rayla

    There's like 50 Rayla posts, why do you want the most active one to be about 20 fruit?? Dont you think a newbie oughta see real BJs... And the next two chat log snippets were... how to say... nothing? -.O ~KgN
  10. random junk for sale

    first come first served, catch me in-game, more than likely arius. ~KgN
  11. random junk for sale

    Selling: 15,000 Coal - 2ea 10,000 Sulfer - 2ea 5,000 Iron - 3.5ea MM cloak - 7k Mirror cloak - 7k Mule stones - 250ea EFEs - 7,000 ea Modable s2e - 8k Steel helm - 13k Ti helm - 20k Buying: Vials (up to 10k) - 6ea Rope (depends) - 8ea Thread (depends) - 2ea I accept GC for payment or I can accept trades instead, drop me a PM or post here. ~KgN
  12. Selling

    let me know your price on rope, thanks ~KgN
  13. Lottery spice up

    thats very kind of you, will make people buy tickets for once, maybe have a big drawing:) ~KgN
  14. Wedding!

    big gratz to jammie and the lucky gal:) I will hope to make it, but think I have some RL buisness:D ~kGn
  15. BoC Wedding: CanCowgirl and Zenphon

    good wedding and fun contest. PM me in-game when you're on for gifts, wether you want them or not:P ~KgN