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  1. Xenimus FPV. This game is currently being created by one man from wisconsin. Its definitly worth a try cause it is currently free right now. You can be a bunch of classes/races and play on the good and evil side in which they have wars with each other. Ride ships and horses. Theres a decent skill system, with eyecandy gear. You do not have to play this game in FPV mode since you can zoom the camera out. Speak with people in game to get help, they are very friendly and might even give you some nice items. For screenshots visit www.xenimus.com and look at the FPV screen shots which are in the second box under the TDV screenshots. To download the game, click on the downloads link on the left hand side and click on "Download Xenimus First Person" Also the link the to main forum is www.xentales.com . Just go down to the FP Server section. Cheers, I'll see you in game.
  2. Yea the guy doesn't waste time on his website. His main focus is developing the games.
  3. You can find propped items but you cannot prop them yourself yet. Who was your character when you played?
  4. Nope. Well its not a game that will ever be finish as the creator is and will be constantly updating to add content.
  5. One of the players has posted a full newbie guide which I think is really good. For anyone that wants to give the game a shot, here it is: Newbie Guide
  6. WEAPONS Wooden Staff - 12k Battle Hammer - 12k Iron Sword - 7k Iron Broad Sword - 12k Steel Long Sword - 30k Steel 2 Edged Sword - 55k BODY ARMOR Leather Armor - 5k Chain Iron Armor - 20k Leather Pants - ? Leather Boots - ? SHEILDS Wooden Sheild - 5k Enchanted Wooden Sheild - 12k Steel Sheild - 50k HELMETS Iron Helm - 50k MEDALLIONS Moon Medallion - 6k Stars Medallion - 20k For stats of each item visit http://www.eternal-lands.com/index.php?main=items.php The iron helm stats adds 2 to defence, leather pants absorbs 1 damage, and leather boots add +1 damage. Offer for the boots and pants, dunno what they are worth. ** means out of stock, but I hunt creatures that drop them so I might have more later. If you are interested PM me if I am on. If i'm not on, leave a post here pf what you wanna buy and your character name. I usually sell at Portland storage. Thank you, come again.
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    respect mah authorataaahh.
  8. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    no i think your mistaking, Your probably just a little toy version of god, I am the actual thing
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    WOot. 58 replies, 1513 and counting views. The God of trading is here!
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    the difference is that I gave the character away and the guy that plays the character as lexic is the new owner, and i sometimes log on as LEXIC
  11. The main thing and one of the big problems I see for the future of this game is it needs absolutely no skill to be played. This game is 99.99% time based, meaning if you have loads of time to play this game, you can practically do anything in the game, which makes it boring. The only skill involved in this game that I see is being able to read a compass. I dont know all the answers but i'll list some of the main ones. Absolutely no skill involved in "building" your own unique character. You do not need to actually be good at creating and building your character, thinking hard about how to build him to have the most advantages. EVERY character in the game can be the same, and will end up the same in the end. What im taking about is every person can get the maximum levels in skill with alot of time on their hands, every character can have the exact same main attributes through buying them ( which is a big big problem ), The cross attributes are based on the main ones so they would be the same also, and I seen that Entropy wants to also make the Nexuses buyable too. EVERY character in the game can just have the maximum level and points in the skills, and every character would be exactly the same. What is the point even for the races? Thats why I suggested this a while back: http://eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=651 Many people have told me in game that they really liked the idea, I havent had 1 person dislike it. But For some reason Ent wants everyone to buy the skill points. Which then again, it takes absolutely no skill in making money, just alot of time. Fighting has close to no skill involved. Fighting is mostly about what your combat/attack/defence levels are, along with some main attributes that affect your health. Another problem I see is how everyones levels are posted on the website. Lets say a pker is going around the pk maps, and there are people hunting there. He finds the name of one person hunting there, goes to check on the website, "hmm his levels are much lower the mine, I can take him no problem", then bam you go back and kill him.., or "his levels are way to high for me, better stay away from him" Anyone see what I am talking about here? If there was not information of players like that on the website, people trying to kill other people would judge the other persons levels buy the gear they had, by rumors of the players levels, and actually make a skilled desicion if you wanted to attack him or not, with a fairly big risk involved. Even still, there would not be too much skill involved in fighting him, yes his gear vs your gear helps skill wise, but it mostly comes down to the stats of each character in a fight. I know this game is still young, but I seen that you Ent is already paying for advertisement to get more people to play. I seen many people that played for a short period because this game has alot of potential when you first start, but then when they realize it is all time based they quit. Anyway this is just my opinion, you might not agree with me or you might, post your responses, and also if you have any other ideas that would convert the game to skill wise rather then time wise post here.
  12. you do not wanna buy it at full price from the merchant, I am selling one. Best offer so far is 1.2k plat. Offer higher if you want it
  13. One of the main reasons people play multiplayer games like this is to compete with other people on how good they can build their own characters, and how good his/her skills are at playing the game versus the other person. Right now I see that if you make this game single player, and just add a chat system so that other people playing the same game could chat with each other, the game would be just as "exciting". Having a community does go far with multiplayer online games because thats a big part of an online game, but it shouldn't be the only part. Yes I know guilds are being worked on, but the rumors I am hearing about them, they are not really anything to get excited about. More stuff needs to be added that involves people that actually play the game. Group hunting would be a big step up, when a dungeon or temple is too hard for a lone character to manage, they form a group to go hunt the dungeon down to get to the end and find whatever lies there. Also quests can be made to involve actual players that play the game often, instead of going to get the book from faris, which is an npc, why not get the book from an actual reliable player, that Entropy could give the privilage of distributing books to the people that are actually on the quest. It would make the community involved more in the game.
  14. Oh yea and Entropy, thats why I am saying the game is mostly based on time. Yes right now most players focus on certain skills, not all of them. But im hearing there is a max level limit. If there is, then in time, the higher levels will end up the same. Also they will end up the same way before this rumor of a max limit. Once they start to get higher levels so that it is just too hard to gain anymore, they will start on their lower skills to get them up, thus making all the characters alike once again. There should be set up something like this, so you can level 3 main classes : thief mage and fighter The defend/combat skill would be monstly based on theives, magic/summoning based on mages, and attack/combat based on fighters. So lets say you want to be a fighter, and you start to level your attack/combat. Once you get some attack and combat levels, you start to get a minus in the experience gained for defence/summoning/magic. So lets say you have level 10/10 in combat/attack but you have level 0 in magic/summoning, and level 6 in defence. now because the game would recognize that your highest levels are combat and attack, it would set you up for being a fighter, so at those levels you would gain -20% in defence, and -35% in summoning/magic. So that when you chose to level up fighting/combat to become a fighter, the minus to experience would be so severe that it would not be worth your time to level magic/summoning/defend to become a an all in one fighter/theif/mage. Same for mages, if you start out buy getting levels summoning/magic, then u get a minus in leveling defence/fighting/combat. So that if you wanna become a mage, you cannot also become a fighter. But the minus percentages would be based on the gap between the skills you want to level, so lets say: If someone wants to make a straight mage character, and lets say he has 5/5/5 in combat/attack/defend and 35/35 in summoning/magic then thats a 30 level gap, so the game would recogize you want to be a mage, and would give you a big panelty in your fighting exp, and you would not get any minus exp for magic/summoning but if the gap is smaller, lets say you have 12/12/6 in combat/attack/defend and lets say 16/16 in summoning and magic, then the gap would be to small to let the game recognize if you want to be a fighter or a mage, so they give panalties for both, -15% to combat/fighting -12% to summoning/magic, and minus 35% to defend since you do not wanna be a theif here. So you have the oppertunity to be a mage fighter, but the minus in experience gained would leave you alot worse then someone that would go a straight fighter, or someone that would go a straight mage, but you will have the benefit of having an average level in both. I didnt go through all the detail that can be put into a system like this, but I think something like this would help you distinguish your character class from another. Then later on, there would be gear that would require requirements, for bows/short swords/daggers - a defence requirement, for long swords/ 2 handed weapons/axes - a attack requirement, and for staffs/wands - a magic/summoning requirement. And the "classes" based on what skills you would level would have other benefits just like this. And something does need to be done with the skill point system, everyone of decent level has 75 hp 72 mp. Thus again returning back to when I said characters end up the same.......
  15. Yes secrets can will get leaked, but not all of them. Another thing that might solve this problem would be to make some secrets almost impossible to find, so that someone that is looking for secrets will have something to look forward to. Make these secrets really valuable, and give absolutely no hints on where and how to find them, like for example: put a texture tile somewhere on the ground that is a different texture then the ground, people would be wondering what this might be, then lets say if you put a specific item on the tile, only at the darkest hour of the night/day cycle, a portal will open, and you would be able to go inside. Once inside, you would be in a fairly sized dungeon, with new monsters like deamons, flying spirits and skull heads,etc. you would have to fight through these monsters, find new secrets in the dungeon to get you further, and at the very end, you enter a shrine, where there is a special book on a little table just like the book in the ancient temple, and if you use the eye key, it will say something like " through reading this book, you have gained a "blank" main skill point". In the blank you pick a skill point and it would be added to your character. To get to the very end it should be really hard for that reward, thus going into the next point... The fighting system really needs to be improved. I see it like this... If something or someone goes to attack you, you do not have to attack them unless you click on them. When you attack someone/monster at the front, so you attack him face to face, then the person/monster has a chance to block your attack depending on both players skills. If you attack him in the back, the other character will not turn around like it does now, and you can hit him with 100% accuracy. Now the person that is being attacked can run away anytime he wants, no crap about failing to run away. I do not get how someone can "fail" to run away. If you get hit while trying to run away, you will lag up a bit depending on the blow of the hit, if its like a little queef hit for like 1-10 damage, you will lag up for like 1 second, if its really hard, like 25-40, then you can get nocked down, and it will lag your running for 2 seconds, untill you get up. The character attacking him should keep on attacking / following him untill you click somewhere on the ground to walk to and stop. I dont like the way the fighting system is now, that if someone attacks you, you are instantly put into a "battle" and cannot move. I like it to be free, so that you can just stand there, facing north, and someone can come from the south and attack you in the back, and you can start running anything you want or fighting back, without instantly being put into a battle. Also with a system like this, you will have to ability to be attacked by more then 1 monster since you will never be put into a "battle mode". Lets say you have 2 orcs attacking you at the same time, you can fight back with one while another one is still hitting you from behind. This would be cool for lets say the shrine idea I made up above. The dungeon would be so hard to get through that 1 person alone would not be able to do it himself, but a group of people would be able to manage it. So if you do run into a deamon, it will attack 1 person while the rest of the people with you attack it too. The only problem I see in making a system like this would be how gaining experience from fighting would work, but that would be just a minor problem that can be worked out with some thought. Shadowknight im with you on this one, when I first started this game, it was very interesting, but lately it has got really boring, and I log on like once every week for like 10 mins just to see if anything cool was added. Yea I noticed that the inside for evil castle was added, etc, and it might have been impressive at first, but I went there for 5 mins, look around, and never have returned to it. When I first started I also made a suggestion about adding chests : http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...topic.php?t=470 Its little ideas like this that will keep people playing, Ent said he would do it, but this was and is one of the main things I was looking forward to, getting keys, finding chests in secret areas, fighting through hard dungeons to get the high level chests to collect treasure, but it hasnt happened yet. I know me, and a fair bit of people would rather see an idea like this implemented in an update, then the inside of the evil castle. Also about the quests. I do not like them, and I see how Entropy does not like them either. The quests should be challenging so that you cannot finish a quest in like 10 mins of walking around and reading. Some harder quests could keep you working on it for days before you finish it. There should be bosses in the game, like a Gargoyal Lord (the big gard in the evil castle), or a Troll Lord, and a quest could be to kill one of these bosses. But It would take the boss between 2-3 hours to respawn after it is killed, So once you activate the quest, and you need to kill the garg lord to complete it, you would go to the evil castle, if hes not there you would just leave, and check from time to time to see if these bosses would be there. This quest would take you much longer to complete since you are not the only one doing the quest, and it takes a while before the boss respawns. Also the God quests are the worst, atleast for the defence and attack gods. I think it must of took a whole 20 minutes to think of the quests for them: Get bla amount for antlers, get bla amount of gloves, get bla amount of silver bars, get bla amount of sulfur, etc, etc, etc. Its funny cause these quests have almost NOTHING to do with the actual skill the god is about. For example, for attack god, I think I had to get, cant remember the exact number, but a fair bit amount of enhanced leather gloves. Now how to get these gloves? 1) you can manufacture them, 2) you can buy them. In both cases, you need a good manufacturing skill level, a good alchemy and harvest level to make gold, or harvest ore and make bars. But I could do this quest with actually needing 0 Defence level???????? So I end up spending 300k on these gloves that are needed (i didnt read the whole thing and do not remember it exactly) for a fricken boxing match, wtf is that?? I love the idea of having gods, and getting the benefits from them. I heard this idea about gods from when I started to play, and it has been put in after 2 months of thinking about it, and coming to a good conclusion of what the gods do, but once this idea was put in, quests were needed, and the time was not taken to figure out some good quests cause it was all rushed. My 2 cents....
  16. Leeloo my beef is not that it is easy for some people to level faster then others, its that in the end every character will end up exactly the same. Another good thing that would require the skill of exploration would be to put some secrets in the game, like being able to walk through a wall or mountain to get to the secret. Maybe having a spell that creates a fire, and you can light up lanterns that are in dungeons to drop a wall to reveal a secret area. Just little ideas like that would make the game much less boring. I hope something is done soon that will solve these problems
  17. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    i havent been on much lately peeps, but if you still wanna buy this stuff, ill try to log on more often, just find me in game, also are those your names in the game?
  18. Nexuses!

    Entropy, what about earning your nexuses through a way similar the the post I made about earning your skill points : http://eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=651
  19. if a fighter fails to kill something it usually means they died, and have a chance to lose stuff. How bout if you fail in potions, have a 50% chance to lose each item you used to try to manufacture the potion
  20. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    30plat, ill clean the blood off it free of charge
  21. Suggestion: donkeys.

    yea I was thinkin about this earlier. You would be able to buy donkeys at the stables in grahms and portland for a fair price. They would let you actually put stuff in their inventory, like 200 emu worth of stuff. The disadvantages would be that they wouldnt have too much health, and offensive creatures, and non-offensive creatures would attack it, like bears, foxes, pumas, wolves, etc. And also the donkey would be killable by other players.
  22. It is ment to be that way so the higher levels can have some humor in eternal lands.
  23. dont f'in whine people, the magic shops are where they are for a reason, if there was one in portland then EVERYONE would just use that one, and with a storage near by, u can just stack up. The magic shops are where they are now so that those towns would not be useless, well atleast grahms.
  24. Unique Blades

    What would be good to make the manufacturing and fighting people happy is: Make 2 kinds of items: Unique items, and Manufactured items. The manufactured items cannot be dropped by monsters, but can only be made or bought. They would have names like items that are in game now, iron....... titanium...., names that consist of the thing it is made out of. But these items wouldnt have any special properties. Then there should be unique items, which can only be found off monsters or be bought. The names should have nothing to do with the thing it is made out of, like Sword of Evil, or Sword of Life, Staff of Kaos. These items would have special properties such as, swords could steel health when hitting something, a property of doing extra damage 50% of time, faster hitting etc. For staffs they can have mana regeneration, better magic effectiveness, etc. Both types of items should be consisted of some of the best in the game, so that not only unique or not only maufactured items are the best. Also, in the future there could be something or someone that props the manufactured items for a hefty price. Maybe if you have certain combinations of quartz, silver, rubys, flowers, etc, you have a chance to get a kind of special property on their items, just like the unique items have. There should be a limit of how many properties you can have on an item. Lets say you can only have 5 properties, the first 2 properties should be fairly easy to obtain, then to get the next one it would be harder, then harder, then to get the 5th one it should be really hard. For example: swords can only have these special properties 15% stolen health per hit Regenerates 1 health per 10 seconds 15% extra damage 15% faster hitting +4 damage to undead If you can get all 5 properties on a sword, you will have a fully proped sword. Also the unique drops from monsters should always have 1 of these properties, and have a smaller chance to get a sword with more properties. So someone can find a Sword of Life from a monster with 2 properties, and someone can find one with 4. Also, the stores should only sell lower level gear of both types of gear. They shoudnt sell the best items in the game. This would make manu and fighting people happy because they are the only people that can get a manufactured item in the game, so they can set prices on how much those items would go for, same as fighters, they can set prices on unique items they find. This would also help the trade market, right now no one will trade some crappier gear for a better item. But with a system like this implemented, trading would become a major way to get the item you want.

    My ULTIMATE IDEA is to delete all these these other horse topics and just use one thread to talk about this.