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  1. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    3 vitality removal stones and 1 instict removal stone in IRON ORES-->EVTR MINES
  2. Greek

    Pais Ellinwn milaw kai egw alimono....
  3. Did you make a mistake?

    I agree
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    Bolded the real funny stuff ^^ ya, he also told me that hes going to gang me with his 3 90's a/d chars o_0 Lol wait you are wrong he must have 170 a/d to kill you
  5. Quote of the week submissions

    [PM from ThE_CroW: rofl i've played for years] [PM to ThE_CroW: oh really?] [PM to ThE_CroW: how many years?] [PM from ThE_CroW: yes reall i have had many different charcters] [PM from ThE_CroW: maybe 3] [PM from ThE_CroW: years] [PM to ThE_CroW: yes i play 3 years too] [PM to ThE_CroW: what was your biggest character's a/d?] [PM from ThE_CroW: MY A/D WAS 95/108] [PM to ThE_CroW: oh really?what a/d for fluffs?] [PM from ThE_CroW: i dnt look at all that shit but somewhere around 130 maybe ------->>>>HE SAID 130 A/D? WHAT??? !!?
  6. Method to reduce crowdage at Storages

    Guys wouldn't that idea bring more lag to your computers? xD
  7. Economy

    I think that bots are causing that economy.For example yesterday i was looking forward to sell a serpent stone(it costs like 3kgc,or used to) and i found a bot butying for 4,3kgc.By this way all ppls now will ask 4kgc+ for this item.So we have to be more smart about how much we are going to buy/sell something.I've bought mirror cloak for 4kgc lately,but took me days to find some1 selling lower that 9kgc :/
  8. Method to reduce crowdage at Storages

    The whole idea is too laggy
  9. Economy

    Economy is a very intresting topic.Imo there are lots of ppls that became more smart and they are looking for the lowest price even if it takes them some days to find someone selling at low price.All things considered ofcourse is very important because by this way someone can make lots of gc. I prefer this type of economy:I get everything i want myself(all harvestable items) or i make everything i need.
  10. The Greatest EL Player

    Huh uh! Pity I can't make this bit blinking:( What about you stop the blah blah blah and you come say what you think into the game?Oh sorry i forgot you can not.There is no time for you as you have to stay here and post pointless answers. xD
  11. Buying

    Don't know if he wants,but my guildie mandroyl is potioner,pm him ingame!
  12. Invasion reward points system

    since when invasion monsters drop special items? Hehe ^^
  13. TD summon arena contest

    lol Hey i remember it,it wa Mortos Challenge,wasn't it?When ohmygod killed lots of drags.It was in October...yes i remember(too laggy)
  14. Invasion reward points system

    What about there was an invasion reward point system for each one player?For example killing 20 monsters is one point(for low lvl monsters),killing 10 monsters(high lvl monsters) is 1 point and here it goes....killing 40 low lvl monsters is 2 points etc. Then when the players collect enough points,they can spend them on items that can buy from the el site.For example 20 points are a js and so... Anyway the whole idea is nice!