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  1. I have been testing out basic game play on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ( Qualcomm SM6115 Octa Core (4x2.0GHz + 4x1.8GHz) Storage: 32GB Ram: 3GB) running Android 10. Right out of the gate I notice that when I am walking around Morcraven Marsh I'm not lagging (on the store version I studder-stepped anytime I mapwalked to storage or back to cave). Not sure if your client fixed this but it's now gone since the switch. I haven't run into any issue fighting things but I haven't tested that extensively because I'm built for fighting right now. I would rely on some others to test instances or invasions with this version. The camera system is a much need improvement and I'm glad you changed how it work. It feels much more natural now. Mini map is nice but I have trouble trying to zoom in or out on it, maybe make it so when the mini map is open you can use your finger to zoom in or out by swiping up and down? If that's even possible but it's not that important as the mini map functions as it should (more a quality of life issue) The biggest issue I see people having with the client is that they can't figure out how to open the chat interface. I don't really have a suggestion on how to make that more user friendly but I find it works just fine. For someone who just logs on just to harvest/mix/chat this client is more than functional and shouldn't be an issue. I would be interested to hear some feedback from someone who does invasions/instances just to see how capable this client really is under more aggressive usage. Well done bluap! Really love what you have done. One a side note: I have a keyboard and mouse hooked up my tablet and will this version get some support in the future? Not needed because most wont play like that but some mouse support would really be appreciated! A right click on a mouse closes the client for example
  2. I tested this client out for a short amount of time. I like the way you changed camera movement as it feels more natural than the bars that were there before. Love that you added the long press option to simulate a right click option and those menus work great. Minimap works great, it is a bit difficult to move around but that seems to be due to the fact that the area to touch and move it is small and I tended to move my character to random places trying to move it. Not a major issue as once I got it in place where I like it, I don't have to move it again. Well done. I'll test some more in the days to come and give you more feedback! Well done bluap! Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you for this bluap! I'm going to test it tomorrow and I'll post back any issues I have with it! Kudos to you sir for all your hard work!
  4. Old Account

    You would have to contact radu (entropy here on forums). To recover a password there is a $5 fee and you have to satisfy with him that you're the actual owner of the character. Best of luck!
  5. Hi bluap!  I would love to have a chat with you and discuss some things I think would be helpful for the android client.  Please message me in game or here on the forums when you get a chance.  I think I may be of some help.

    1. bluap


      Thanks, that would be useful.  I'm going to post into the forums what I've done so far with a test version to download and try.

  6. 10,000 Restoration Spells Auction

    WINNER IS KADDY AT 645,000 Thanks for bidding! AUCTION CLOSED In the event that Kaddy changes his mind Ambrosius wins with his bid of 635,000 and if Ambrosius changes his mind Kingpin wins at 625,000
  7. Auctioning off supplies for 10,000 restoration spells 40,000 Health Essence 12,500 Potion of Spirit Restoration Auction will run for 24 hours Auction Starts at 625,000 Gold Coin Minimum bid increase 10Kgc BIN OPTION: 800,000 I know that the BIN option is high but I want everyone to have a chance to bid but if you want it that badly in under 24 hours be my guest TOP BID: Kaddy 645,000 TIME ZONE CONVERTER: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html AUCTION ENDS 9PM EST
  8. There are many menu options that can be brought up via a right mouse click on the regular client but cannot be done on the Android client. Could there be a way to add a way to access the right click option menus on the android client? Certain task would be much easier to work with having access to these options. A example would be the "mix one" switched to the "mix all" option on the inventory window that would be beneficial for the android client considering the lack of screen space. Even an added options section in the settings screen would be great if it could be done.
  9. Great to hear bluap! Thanks for the reply and thanks for the work you do on the client. Great port for the most part!
  10. When running the Eternal Lands Android client you are forced into one screen orientation. Could the Android client development team possibly create a fix so a phone or tablet could be flipped during use?
  11. Photography stuff

    We seen a picture of our kitten and decided to name her Oreo. Now we call her Oreo Crookie because she stole our hearts. The young one with her is my son Ben <3
  12. Change password not working

    Thank you. Problem fixed. Password was too long.
  13. Change password not working

    Could you explain how you did so? I just tried to change pass on the laptop and got the same message. Is #change_pass oldpass newpass proper? This is the message I get.
  14. Change password not working

    Could you explain how you did so? I just tried to change pass on the laptop and got the same message. Is #change_pass oldpass newpass proper?
  15. Change password not working

    I downloaded Eternal Lands for my LG Stylo 4 from Boost Mobile. It's running a 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450, 2GB ram, Android 8.1 Oreo 64-bit OS. (Not really sure these specs help but just in case. I tried to change passwords on one of my characters so my son can log on and play but the client won't allow me to do so. I type in the command as follows: #change_pass old pass newpass as instructed in help files and instead of the password change being successful it gives me a message explaining how to change the password. They server or the client is acting as if it knows that I want to change the password but it's registering my input as being typed incorrectly. I sent a #help in game and discussed with a mod but I decided to post here also. If it is a bug that others may encounter they can find information here. Thank you! Great Port BTW. (Please allow us android users a way to mimic a right click would be my biggest want right now)