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  1. This lighthouse is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The ferry is the one that does transportation for Martha's Vineyard. *edit* I was under the impression that this was the lighthouse used for the Cape Cod potato chip company logo but I was incorrect.
  2. Before this video I used a DJI Mini 2 to film from the sky. While the drone was fantastic in what it could do for it's size, I was having issues that I couldn't ignore because I want to get the best possible footage I can for my videos and my style of editing. I upgraded to the DJI Air 2S this week and I'm absolutely amazed at the quality of the footage I can get with it. The city that I live in has a lot of rich history and is home to the biggest fishing port in the United States and has a historical district in the downtown area which is quite beautiful but has cobblestone roads that makes travel here feel rough in a vehicle. A lot of the area unfortunately doesn't look so great and is rundown with old buildings not maintained well by slumlords. I wanted to show the beauty that is here though and I shot this video with my Air 2S. I hope you enjoy this short video of West Beach just before sunset. This place is amazing from the air.
  3. Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

    Thank you Ozmondius
  4. If anyone is ever in Rhode Island, you don't want to miss Newport. They have what's called a "Cliff Walk" and it's exactly that. A walk along the cliff where you see all sorts of beautiful buildings right on the shoreline. It can take hours to walk but it's well worth it. This spot was along the path and it's so amazing to stand out there and view this. I can't explain how happy I was to have the chance to see it from the sky like this. I hope that you enjoy!
  5. Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

    I would love it there also. Place is amazing! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. I've been excited since the day I got my drone to go film there. Was just waiting for the peak. The foliage website told me the 10th was the peak but I think it was an early call. Either way, I loved the footage that I got. That scenic vista was majestic.
  6. Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

    We traveled from South Coast Massachusetts and headed north towards Lake Winnpesaukee. I have 5 batteries for the drone so we made 3 stops on the way to the lake in New Hampshire to get some of the shots and then our final stop was at the Scenic Vista to the east of the lake. Very beautiful spot.
  7. We took a trip up to New Hampshire last week to get some footage of the beautiful fall foliage. Not sure how many players here live in the area but seeing this was amazing. I wanted to share my footage.
  8. About a month and a half ago I bought my very first drone and the problem that I had with it was that there wasn't a gimbal for the camera on it. I ended up buying the DJI Mini 2 and I wondering if anyone else has it. I'm going to share my first video with this drone. I'm looking for some advice on how to decide which ND filter to use. For this video I used a ND16 by Skyreet and it worked quite well. Any tips would be great.
  9. Purpose of the different magic swords

    From what I remember, the swords of magic work great against Phantom Warriors. They are weak to them and because they drop AE (not sure if it's still the same), having a sword of magic really helped in farming them.
  10. Password Recover

    To recover a password you have to contact the game creator radu (Entropy here on the forums http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/profile/2-entropy/) and on top of being able to prove in some way that the character is yours, you will need to pay a $5 recovery fee. Good luck!
  11. I'm back and clueless af

    Welcome back eaterofsouls
  12. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    I am not loading the supplies from a saved recipe. Usually the client remembers the last thing I was mixing and I'm allowed to just click mix all when I log on. Has that changed? Do I have to save a recipe?
  13. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    That option is enabled but this is still an issue. It's not that big of a deal so I'm not expecting any quick fix. Let me know if/how I can help you discover the issue and I'll be glad to be of service.
  14. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Thanks for the information bluap. When I get my pc on later, I will load the game up and do as you said and see if that works. I actually never remove the items from my inventory. I fill my emu as if I was getting ready to start a batch and log off so when I log on I can just start mixing but I have to add the items to the manufacturing window each time I log. I'll keep you posted.
  15. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    I'm having an issue that's not really that big of a deal but I'm curious to discover what is causing it. I've been logging on daily and all I've done is mix HEs. I switch between my laptop and my pc and the issue I am having is with my PC client. Normally when I log off and then log back on at a later time, the client remembers what I had last in the manufacture window and I can just continue mixing. Now, every time I log onto my PC client (EternalLands-Installer-Win10-64_1.9.5p9) I have to add the items back into the manu window before I can continue mixing. Any ideas on what might be causing this issue?