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  1. banned... why?

    Oh sorry about my unpacience. I saw the eter thread and thanks for unlocking the chars.
  2. banned... why?

    Still no answer, why?
  3. banned... why?

    Hi. A couple of months ago my char as been banned because of the name (gnr_bt) and I just started to play 2 days before that. As it was so dificult to unban the char I quit the char and created a new one (patalinda) Latelly I can only play at weekends and for some surprise of mine I (patalinda) am locked... What is the problem now? What happend during this last few days that I hasnt been playing?
  4. I think I was banned

    Thanks Entropy I just wished you've seen this posts earlier. You have showned good sense and I think these forum needs it. Sorry for the inconvenient but since too much time has past and I was starting to play the game, I've lost the feeling of playing eternal lands, so you can erase the character. I wont be using it. Good bye and good luck
  5. I think I was banned

    so you're not going to unban or let me change the name, that character is over, not even the things I have in storage I can recouver?
  6. I think I was banned

    Are you serious? My name as a meaning gnr_bt (Guarda Nacional Republicana - Brigada de Transito) Are you relly going to block my charater because you dont know the meaning? You can lok for it on http://www.gnr.pt/portal/internet/gnr/orga.../bt/default.asp its a portuguese police force. we got to work this out, the name is not obscene vulgar profane stupid nor utterly senseless meanless or offensive. And for us (portuguese) is pronounceble.
  7. I think I was banned

    ??? My name as a meaning, at least to me, but ok. How can I change the name or I'm gonna loose my character?
  8. I think I was banned

    Hi again, is there someone to answer this post? Pls answer, I'll be waiting. ingame name: gnr_bt I like to know why im banned and what can I do to be unbanned and start playing again.
  9. I think I was banned

    My ingame name is the same, gnr_bt
  10. I think I was banned

    Hi yesterday I was in the game and for some reason I think I was banned, beacause I cant get online now. If anyone can explain to me why what happened I apreciate and I make sure it never happens. thanks