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  1. Problems with the update

    funny, that bridge is bugged for me as well, but it wont crash the client.. its simply transparent in the reflections (just like someone else mentioned about another bridge somewhere). Check screenshot...
  2. Special Thanks to Radu and Roja

    I must say thats an interesting statement from the reciver of the donated money ...
  3. Lord of the flies day

    This day (if introduced), will surely lead to the lowest amount of players online at one time in a very long while I think its a great idea though
  4. crowns!

    sexy.. cool.. now all i have to do is get a computer able to play EL and ill get myself one as soon as they appear in-game
  5. New Items?

    lol this sounds exactly like Conquer Online. Is that where you got it from? now what makes you say that? i just took that system as a working example.
  6. New Items?

    the walking back might eve be Enough punishment... maybe some cash loss? but as ive said above: if people are to use the items in the game while fighting eachother or monsters: breaking (loosing items) and dropping has to be removed (or at least changed in one way or another)
  7. New Items?

    The whole chance of an item to actually Break as in turning into notingness makes the whole system very hard to play around with.. Sure, you could make 1000 new flashy items, colorful and nice.. they would robably make the game look very nice in Non-k maps, but in the end: Noone would Dare to use them knowing that tey could break at Any time, or tat you could drop them at the slightest bit of lagg... The drop/break system has to go if people are to actually Use the items Roja and oters spend so much time in to making.. Just look at other great games, such as WoW (world of warcraft): where your items Do break (sure, they have durability, but thats not nessesary... they could just turn in to a "broken item") but for a heafty fee (depending of the ites value ofc) you can repair them.. in tat game you dont drop anything at death: wich leads to a Much greater PK environment, where everyone actually brings their best equipment into the battlefield and chases others off.. The only thing that happens in wow when you die is that you loose some durability on your items.. but whos to say that loosing some EXP cant work as well?
  8. New Items?

    thats true.. maybe the system needs a redo so you dont loose items at death, but simply loose EXP, that way everyone would start using all the High Tech items.. also, when a item Breaks, you should be able to repair it - wit a 100% sucess rate, for alot of cash.. That way people wouldnt havent to worry about that either.. then you might be wondering: wouldnt this make the total amount of items ingame steadily increase?.. yes and no: if there was a way to alwys updrade the items, where you need 2 serps (as said above) to get a better one for example, And you paid some Npc for the formula, each time... that would lead in decrease of items, inrease of demand of the items, and increase of USAGE of the itms. It would also suck out cash from them game... depending on the prices of th formulas.. srry for all the typos, laptop keyboard susx
  9. New Items?

    in order to make the prices for certain items stay the same you need to keep the amount of that item more or les static ingame.. by adding the breaking feature some time ago, an attemp to do this was done. imho this isnt enough... there are still too many serps / plate armors out there. one way to fix this issue (or at least try) is to make items upgradable. lets say you have 2 serps, you forge them together using one extra EFE (or something) and that makes a Serp lvl 2 sword.. two of those could be forged to a lvl 3 etc etc. This could be done with all better items in the game, and maybe they would have a different look to them as well.. ofc you would need a sufficient lvl in the nessesary skills in order to suceed in the process.. people would use the items in the game, forge them together, again and again.. and the "amount" of total items would decease. someting like this can be found in other games, ie - conquer online, where the economy works flawlessly.. im not suggesting to copy their economy system, but it would be stupid Not to look at working example when trying to set up one.
  10. Various graphical bugs.

    will do, thanks no idea what could be wrong with the shadow mapping feature?
  11. Various graphical bugs.

    okay... ive had some problems with this and that for a long time now.. but there are still a few things i havent been able to sort out.. I dont know why they happen or what they mean. Was hoping you guys could help me with that First off: I cant use shadow mapping. It drops my FPS from 90'ish to 1-2(max). No idea why.. The shadows looks just fine whisle its activated, but they result in bloody low fps. secondly: I get alot of flicker with textures and elevated areas, look at these two screenshots: http://www.walldie.se/EL/elbug.jpg http://www.walldie.se/EL/elbug2.jpg it loks like that and then it flickers on and off... I also experience flickers on roads and ground tiles.. All of these bugs started to show when i changed graphic card from an 9600pro to a x800xt. Forget the drivers, ive tried numerous of different versions, the problem does not lie in them. And im not experiencing flicker in any other games. The GPU rarely reaches above 65c, wich is normal.. system: Amd Athlon 2800+ 1gb DDR 3200 x800xt everything running at stock speed.
  12. Cant play EL, graphic bug.

    Yeah.. as i said: The PSU is underpowerd on paper, just dont know if it actually affects the system... thing is: i recently removed one HDD and i havent experiences any difference in the system whatsoever.. havent become more stable or less stable... Ill try to disconnect the optical drives / floppy and see if it runs smoother. Yeah, IF i get a new CPU / mobo i WILL get a new psu.. the current one has sounded like a jet-engine ever since i got the new gfx card.. kinda hard to sleep with the computer turned on right next to my bed
  13. Cant play EL, graphic bug.

    ive never had any system crashing in other games... so as far as i know, its only EL that forces the CPU into a bottleneck situation... where my GPU works the shit out of my poor old CPU and hence overheats it. (thats what i got told at least:P).. newer games, such as Doom 3 etc puts the main load on the gpu, wich handles the pressure just fine.. while EL kills the CPU ^^ I tried to play el with the door to my balcony opend just now (its winter here.. like 10 below 0c ) ...worked flawlessly... but my butt froze stuck to the bloody chair, so thats not something im planning on doing in the future .. I opend the door while i was still in the BIOS temp menu.. the temp sank from 78 to 62 in a matter of seconds ... kinda cool actually.. rofl.. "cool"... hehe.. anyhow.. im: a ) getting a new heatsink and some thermal paste b ) getting a new mobo and a stronger CPU that will work better with my GPU... figure either one of the options will help me out..