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  1. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    Thank you Aislinn , it wont happen again.
  2. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    Hello, a month has passed . I'm making my request to get unbanned , hope it goes well . Thank you.
  3. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    will come back at the apropiate time with a formal request , i pmed you off my brother forum account . Pondered on keeping that forum name since this one has a colored past but decided to own it and use my account .
  4. I was powerkilling some beavers and brownies these last days , and out of straight grinding booredem i started thinking : - what if besides the tokens, you can get some super rare items (1 drop per creature per 5000000 global killed creatures for example maybe less than that ) and what should sed items be used for ? - how would it affect the player afterwards ? - what will you do with this items ? - pros and cons for finishing this ultimate quest ? So i came up with this , a endgamish weapon that can only be made from this super rare droped items from basic creatures to higher lvled creatures. This drops should be in the form of creature box, and uppon opening it you would be asked if you wanna keep the items inside and accept the negative perk that comes with it . The ideea is the old gods whant to seed chaos into the land and have planted this abomination boxes in creatures , and if you accept to KEEP them you get a negative perk from the actual gods. So what kind of weapon could bring chaos to the land ? The only answer that makes any logic is a musket , but to get there you have to sacrifice alot. So the ideea is this: - you need 9 boxes, 3 from lower lvl , 3 medium lvl and 3 high lvl mobs , so 3 boxes per tier of mobs. Example : you kill beavers for example and get a box drop, the negative perk that comes when u open the box and keep the item could be that you no longer get any rare drop from this creature and the beaver will automaticaly attack you from now on . If you get all the boxes from all the 3 bottom tier creatures , open them and accept the items you get the ultimate negative perk (all the bottom tier creatures will attack you and you wont get any tokens BUT just from the 3 creatures that drop the box ... so win win situation of sort. This mechanics should apply to the other tiers also. The next negative side of this ultimate quest should be that you have to trick the actual gods into working the items from the boxes for you . So we can imagine : Attack god - trick him into making you the trigger mechanism : after making it you get a 50 lvl reduction based on xp from the maximum game attack lvl Ideea is this is for maxed out players that will loose 50 lvls from all the skills involved so from 178 attack you get set back to 128 Maybe lower lvls players can do it also but the 50 lvls need to be calculated from xp to maximum lvl , so if hes 170 for example he will loose more then 50 lvls Defense god - trick him into making you the bayonet : same penalty as above Harvest god - trick him into harvesting flint from an box item : same penalty as above Alchemy god - trick him into mixing all the enriched essence into 1 essence you will need for the musket: same penalty as above ( 10 of each enriched ess maybe needed for the mix ? ) Potion god - trick him into mixing black powder for you : same penalty as above Manu god - trick him into mixing you iron ball mould : same penalty as above Crafting - trick him into mixing you the first boullet : same penalty as above Eng god - trick him into mixing the blueprints for the weapon : same penalty as above Ranging god - trick him into mixing the manual for it : same penalty as above The requierment of the old gods to make this weapon is to have tricked all the actual gods They will make you the weapon and open up 8 quest to the old gods that will reward you with : - "Pied Piper" perk , it will give you better rat token drops since the firing of the musket will necesit masive action points. - black powder harvest knowledge - black fire ess knowledge ( essence needed to fire the weapon ) - black powder mixing knowledge ( potion based item needed to fire the weapon) - boullet mould knowledge ( manu based item needed to craft boullets ) - boullets making knowledge ( crafting based item ) - spare parts knowledge ( eng based items needed to repair your own musket ) - musket manual knowlegde ( ideea is any1 can use the musket but only the players with this knowledge will get massive ranging xp and get to use the weapon to its full potential , maybe a shop item should be available but only the players who complete the quest will use the weapon with its full stats ) So the person who made all this sacrifices, gets to do the old gods quest and the items he gets to make as a result of the knowledge will have massive xp rewards as to get back the lvls he sacrificed tricking the actual gods So we can imagine 3x xp for def and attack when using the muscket in bayonet mode 3x xp for ranging and higher xp the harvest, alch, pot, manu, craft, eng, all skills needed to play with this new weapon What do you guys think ? Good ideea ? To hard to implement in the game ? Trash ideea ? Sorry for the long read
  5. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    Reading it aloud i see it may come as a little smirky , what i meant to say is that i'm not going to whine about it since i knew what i was doing was wrong
  6. Account ~Gigicu~ ban

    Finally mustered the courage to start this post , i'm not going to act like i'm sorry altough some repentance is felt and present, bottom line is i knew what i was doing . I would like to apologise to my guildmates whom are marry band of extraordinary people . I'm sorry Vino, Thor, BB, Ely, Prom, Elbi, BL, AJ, Illoe .... and all the others for sullying the guild reputation . I'm well aware there's a good chance i won't get unbanned after 1 month passes and i have made my peace with it . I guess thats all i can say , given the situation ..... have nice day !
  7. i got banned for being funny

    well what can i say, a neighbor of mine asked me to play el with him ~i made a noob and joined the fun, since he had an older char on the game he told me what to do ~ for the first 4 hours i did what he told me ~to harv some flowers and sell them to the valley of dwars flower shop easiest way for a nub to make money ~ i made some money bought some stuff and he briefed me on alch ~ so i harv some more flowers ~ and he droped me 500 sulph in a bag since i neded nexuses or something to mine sulp myself and i couldn't ~ and some person cant recall his name ~thirallix~ saw the bag droping trade (we could have traded normaly and no1 would have seen us but i had lil space in my inv) and started questioning us. it all went well untill he started accusing me ... and asking me where i got the exc cape and where i got the leather armor and stuff suggesting that my friend gaved them to me wich is not the case i bought them from a bot , and then i sayd yea sure he also gaved me 5 red capes (was trying to be funny) and asked him if he could let it be for 3 capes and i got banned ~ not to make this any longer please would some1 look into it and unbann me you wouldn't do me any big favour since i was like 10/9/17/11/6/1/18 att/def/harv/alch/manu/summ/oa the principle counts he did not gaved me the exc cape and the armors i played hard for them it was only a day but i bought those items no1 droped them in a bag for me > !! Name of Char: DrunkWeasel
  8. i have banned IP

    yea...but im very soory dude ...i promis u!please unbann me,i want very much to play again!!!
  9. i have banned IP

    i dont play long time..and now i want to play again this game,but i have banned my IP.Please man unbann me,IP is:
  10. Hei sorry but i have to ask

    hmm i dont know why everytime i want to ask something or want to talk to some1 abaut SOMETHING !!1 no1 replys or my posts gets deleted .... i heard from a friend some of the players asked that the old users who got banned long time ago to be unbanned (is it true?) and if so can i know if my user got unbanned too ( weasel_ninja or something sorry it been so long i forgot my own user name and pass >.>) ANYWAYS yeaaa ent if u read this can u tell me !!
  11. New NPC locations

    hei dude what u know abaut mcdull those she still play ?
  12. Thanks EL!

    tropicano dude your alive lol
  13. Dragoni's....

    wow this game had evolved X.x a lil :glare: it seems interesting :lol:
  14. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    cmon lol there was one dude for who this rules didnt aplied to his name was .... WeaselNinja rofl ..... but ent wont unbann my char and even if .... you guys moved to fast for me to catch up
  15. Hello

    Really i wouldn't bother that much i can just make a new one but my char was a best char at that time .... 60/60 att def or something alomst 40 potion ... i cant even remember can some1 help ??