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  1. Looking for some books

    Hey all, I'm looking for the following books, plz post or pm me (paterpan) ingame if you have any of these. This is the list of books: - Iron Broad sword of Ice - Steel long sword of Ice-BOUGHT - Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal - titanium/steel long sword of ice - serpent sword of ice - serpent sword of magic Tyvm for looking. Pater
  2. Sr's and Arti cloak

    1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Fire plz for 5K?
  3. godless removal&bones&removal stones

    25k for the ICD-removal, pm me in game (same name) plz
  4. Player made quests via a network of bots

    Anubis is up for this too. I like this idea although I got some little questions. I don't know how this quests are being seen, are they there 'forever' or are they only 'short-term'? Cause if they're there forever there might be a problem with bots that are removed from game because the owner is no longer paying the fee. This way you would get a hole in the entire quest. I might see this wrong ofc, just a small question though. Pater
  5. Ring of teleport to range

    I generally like the idea. Might also make it easier for higher level people to carry more things in their inventory, on their trips to the teleroom, compare the weight and places in inv. of 7 essies to 1 ring (if the ring is low emu and stackable ofc) I think about hydro trips for exemple. This idea would add an alternative to the game, I like it Greetz Pater
  6. Whats your best?

    Once made 3 ELE in 750 le's or so (my counters resetted so not much proof there
  7. Reiki is looking for a guild

    KMA volunteers to get you in my friend. The only bad thing is that Area is in here too, you should be able to live with that.
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order 10k silver again for 25kgc total price. Thx in advance Paterpan (same ingame)
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k silver ores plz, 20kgc ingame name: paterpan Tyvm
  10. selling animal removal stone

    Stone was sold ingame for a good price. Auction can be closed and see you next time. Greetz Pater
  11. selling animal removal stone

    Hey all, As the auction title says I'm auctioning an animal removal stone. Starting price: 230kgc Min bid increasement: 1kgc Auction ends this Sunday (2/11/2008) around 8pm gmt+1 I reserve the right not to sell if the price does'tmeet my perspectives. Happy bidding all Greetz Pater
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to order 4k emeralds ( 12kcg ) and 11k sulfur ( 22kgc ) Ingame name: Paterpan Tyvm
  13. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Magic removal stone @ wsc diamonds a while ago, followed by an enrichment stone all in 300 diamonds). But don't call me lucky plz Pater
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to order 17k sulfur, don't know if I can split it up in 2 batches, 1 of 10k and 1 of 7k. All of this for 34kgc plz. If it's not possible to split in these amounts plz let me know. Greetz Paterpan (same in game)
  15. Free bot hosting service

    Hey all, I was the first ( or was it 2nd? no idea) user of this service and now my bot (anubis) has been online for a bit less than 2 months. To give you some figures, in this 2 months I've had 3 updates/bug fixes, he has been online 24/24, 7/7, didn't have any trouble with putting in the prices because of the nice webpages these guys provided This can all sound a bit lyric and so but I didn't find a bad point so far in this code, sorry for that It's nice that it's free and even nicer that it works so well Tyvm dog, draav, kirrck and other members of the team for this service =) Greetz Pater<== goes on with looking for bugs