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  1. golduck is back in action

    after i fighted many things in life i got board and a saw eternal lands advertised and i clicked the link u, had all new site .. so i might come back to play if i still have my char but by looks of it some 1 called zed stole it grr but no worrrys i will be back in action lol this game is getting on abit
  2. funny web site

    it is www.big-boys.com i thought i posted it last time o well
  3. funny web site

    i founde this cool web site i spend hours on this site got reall funny stuff on My Webpage it my look doggey but it is not got lods of funny vids .. on
  4. i am back from the dead

    well thinking about u did bann me for some thnig i did not do my sister done so if u thinking i will buy my why out of bannes
  5. i am back from the dead

    will i think i pay 2 milloin i got all this money so why not give it to el makers will when i donate u beeter share this money
  6. i am back from the dead

    well i wont give money but if u want i will donate a site with unlimited space .............
  7. i am back from the dead

    will can u un bann me plz i think it is been like a year since u banned me
  8. i am back from the dead

    hi all most of u wont rember me but i am back and i am ready to play again for some reason i cant make a char can some 1 help me out wb
  9. I Just Got Back No Char It Was Gone

    lol i no i really do hate her some times can i plz un banne me now i waited long enough lol i am soz for what my sister and me done
  10. I Just Got Back No Char It Was Gone

    lol plz o yea hi rip and hows u plz let me play my sis did it all lol
  11. I Just Got Back No Char It Was Gone

    lol hi evey 1 just saying and back and i just noticed i was banned can some 1 plz tell me what happend with that char spam stuff i got back and my sis missed my char up ..... she founde a bug what u can make lots of chars and if some admin goes on msn i show u the bug ..... just saying sorry what ever my sis done like a mouth ago can some admin plz email me on golduck@homtail.co.uk or xwizzox@hotmail.com also i just got back from holiday ... well i got back long time ago it just enternet went off for ages and ages and soon as i get on my sis explainded to me what happend and she sais sorry as well and she can not use pc any why casue i put password on eveything lol
  12. Why Was I Banned

    i was in gon gona -EF- i made 2 guilds caled TKoS,GOTK
  13. Why Was I Banned

    why was i banne ? can some write back
  14. Just A General Question...

    aitrus i could make u 1 i love making logoes ...lol 1 week ago i founde out how to do a amotion cool in it
  15. stfu this way to really hard i say we go with gen_axis idea