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  1. I wish to buy these items. I might need to buy more, depening on how much i summon. Brown rabbit furs: Price: 3gc each Quantity: 50 Beaver furs: Price: 4gc each Quantity: 50 Deer fur and antlers: Price: 8gc each set Quantity: 30 ( only 30 because it is expensive in large quantities. Life essences: Price: 9gc Quantity: 40-50 I repeat, all of these items i might need more of, so don't think i might contact you to buy more
  2. Setup problem

    EL downloads fine, but when it gets to the setup stage, it says " Error opening file for writing............ I have played el fine many times on my old computer, this one is much better. Why do i get this errror?
  3. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    Its not that easy to get to max in guild wars, and also, keep on topic please. Should i heal my way to higher levels, or should i go for higher spells
  4. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    I wish to level up my magic, but the only cigils i have are the ones for heal, and remote heal which are: global, health, increase. How can i possibly get to 30 or 40 magic without spending months???????