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  1. starting players view of the pk server

    Anything is worth a try over what we have now. There is no player base any more, other than the few dedicated players. However if you throw the cool down in basically you have limited it completely than to desert chims as the highest animal that can be killed, and with so few of players have removed doing any of the instances.
  2. I was talking to another player who has been here since the beginning, we got into this discussion and I wanted to put my thoughts down here. The pk server was great for the first 6 months because it was a pk server and people played it as that, However I playing a pker got the same issue. once you hit that lvl (cap) or close to it the pk is no longer fun. From the PK stand point of view. the limit was great. to begin with but than you realize. wait the highest mob trainable (farmable) is the feros. after that it just cost to much to train or farm. THis limits a large portion of the game to the pker. Now the mixer he has no caps and with 0 cool down and no such thing as same ip address changes, figures I will just create harv alts, and mixer alts and I can lvl pretty fast. so the server turned from a pk server to a mixer server with hardly any pk. I tried to roll play with probably one of the best pkers I saw show up, Even called him radu because he was that good at working the game mechanics. The issue has become the pk server is not a pk server it is a mixer server. Ask any of the capped chars. Capped char vs capped char pk fights don't happen because it is a waste. That was not the intent. Now I have heard if u raise the cap or release the cap it will not have a positive affect. I say this the server is not growing it is time to try something new. Release the server of all restrictions. Allow for puchase carebear accounts. Yes it is going to be used by some pkers to have a harver that can't be killed. So be it. does it matter. break down: So break down standard character as it is exception 100a/d and main server pk rules. PK char is the special char that has the bonus of no fight book no fight cap. The carebear character, is a character that can't be pk'd anywhere and is not allowed to engage in fight with anything, he is on permanant peace day. If they want creature bits for summonging pay for another account or buy them. I will explain it out when I am not drinking, and can make more sense. but everyone who plays daily on the pk server now are mixers, even if they were pkers. They became mixers. I don't want to here I like it the way it was from people who don't play pk but play main, or when the server grows I will play, the server will never grow with that attitude. Man up if you like the current rules start playing again, or quit saying u like the way the rules are. NOW I got stronger than I want. BUT DARN IT I want this server to work. ONLY WAY IT WILL WORK IS IF YOU COME BACK AND PLAY or ADMIT THE RULES U DECIDED ON AS PLAYERS although good in intent DID NOT WORK. ****** IF they did the server would be growing. not down to about 10 dedicated players.
  3. ideas on changes to draw more people

    the issue is not how to get people to return that quit it is to get new people who are willing to play, the issue is this we pay to play, unlike the free people. But yet we don't have some of the benefits of the free people. OK I would say this cap needs to be moved to lets say 120, Why so we have a chance to fight the pro instance, WHy should we have to be capped to the bottom lvl of the pro instance when we pay, Becuase those who sat down with radu and came up with the rules for the pk server don't play anymore. And don't say you do, BKC and my self are the only ones playing that started day 1 on pk server, and I just came back a month ago. So if the rules that you set were so good, than why are you not playing anymore, I quit for a year because the pk got so boring because of plvling.
  4. STAR

    Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr LW here We do honorable pk, However there are times when nobody is safe this is the PK server. 1. Honorable pk means we do not go out of our way to kill harvers, Unless they are known alts of a pker. 2. We have days where all rules are gone, on those days just like an invasion a warning is given. This can be 1 player or the whole guild that has a blood lust. 3. Most of all is to have fun and not create strife in guild, strife outside of guild is going to happen on a pk server. Favorite quotes from other players. "noob killer" "wannabee pker" "come to main I will pk u there" OH and my all time favorite. "I am pr0 on main I will take over the server in a week" 1 week later they are never back. Our Motto for the days when we are less than honorable and is to be considered a warning. "As the Blood Moon Rises, So does the Blood Lust in the Souls of our Members."
  5. Please ideas are welcome this is just an idea for how to possibly increase the player base on pk server, and to bring back some of the old players. THese are just ideas. these ideas also allow a player to pay and decide if they want to upgrade later (imho). I will try to explain why the poll here. currently you pay 5 usd for pk server and are capped at 100a/d so nobody can really get ahead, you pay additional 50usd for special character. I don't know if it is cost affective for programming for the below. you pay an additional set USD to have no a/d cap.( this would allow all instances to be played if enough characters come over) you could pay additional fee to be a non pk race, maybe a new race that can't be pk'd but is capped a/d to either the standard 100, or lower allowing those who wish to just be suppliers. This will allow for the following. 1. all instances can be played currently the advanced is the highest instance. 2. people who don't want pk but want the benefits of pk server could have them by paying a small fee more. 3. the pk cap depending on how cost effective the programming is could be an incrimental increast like sets of 20 ie 120,140,160 paid in an amount set by the owner Radu. 4. I am not a programmer so I don't know how easy this is to do. I just want to get both the pk player idead and those that may be wanting to join pk if this is added. Please put if you currently have a pk account or do not,
  6. Basis of government body.

    I give up
  7. Basis of government body.

    Readded after cooling down for a second. basically all I think would be needed is a community rules section already done. a community based punishment for breaking the rules the sheriffs should not be the people to make the punishment since the community will have done this and the rules will just need a punishment to go with it. and Maybe 2 elected sheriffs. now this limits the amount of politics in it. It also allows for some roleplay. does that make more sense.
  8. A PK community meeting

    LMAO that is funn as heck and true. JK
  9. PK server List of Criminals

    I like this thread, it backtracks more than a runaway prisoner in the bayou. Now you're saying you're role playing being the top 3 players and their friend? Whatever happened to "if you trade with the ebul one you will be summarily judged and deemed worthy of being PKd the shit out of" or whatever the line was? if I just say I am not willing to RP being a peon you leave me alone and the community (ie you 4 guys) just let me harvest cotton in peace? this is probably one of the best responses to this thread heard yet. you know the punishment for trading with a person after being banned for trade has not been decided and it it would happen it would be a community decision as to how to handle it. Yes from the outside looking in. It looks like I handed down judgement. without consult of the community at large. You may also say it looks like I self appointed these 3 other people. You would be correct we did not hold elections. However it was only done at the time being because of the 3 of us are the top fighters and in a game such as this the only people who can enforce rules are those who fight hard. Now I specifically appointed BKC56 for several reasons. 1. reason one he is a supplier not a pker. 2. he has played since the beginning. 3. He is probably the most fair of everyone. 4. He has no specific ties to anyone and spam is allies with most. But since I see your point I will put down and here all the bashing on it as well a rough draft of a governing body and a possible nominations and elections section. Yaser, handy, and myself do not need to hold positions we can be enforcers of the community body.
  10. PK server List of Criminals

    LOL you know what I think SOme of you missed the fact that this is another ROLE PLAYING ASPECT to the PK server. We do alot of that on the pk server. If you read about the events that we have on the PK server they all have roleplay with them. If you don't like roleplaying that is fine to, you don't need to participate in the role play aspect. Considering their are role players on main too and ones that don't. I don't see the roleplayers bashed because they role play. you had a outlaws forum on main server well except for some most are outlaws by main server standard here. So yes we added another element of role play and I am glad to see that some people really like that fact and have joined because of the role play aspect that we have added. But hey it is not for everyone. If everyone liked EL their would be no other games online.
  11. PK server List of Criminals

    LOL you know why he put that siggy up there because that is what I was called by the none pk playing people. He did it just as I did poking fun as to what I was called on here. I have killed probably the most amount of people on the pk server but nobody gets upset, why because it is the risk of the pk server and because I have my own rules of how I play. THese are my personal rules these are not community rules. AGAIN THESE ARE ONLY THE RULES I PLAY BY. 1. WHEN I pk a person i give them 1 game day w/o worry of getting pk'd by me. Unless it has been dictated by the community to help a troublemaker. 2. I do not curse and swear and go on tyrants. 3. I myself have gone over the top in global chat and have been asked to calm it down and I do. 4. When I pk a noob, just because I found them out and about, and did not have the on my kill list I offer them back their gear. I only do this the first time. since it is basically a senseless killing they had no way of protecting themselves. if they don't want their gear back I give it to another noob or even the ants. 5. adhere to any community rules set. I have strict rules for myself in game so that I don't go over the top and chase the new players away. just because it is a pk server and is a lawless server does not mean that we all have to act a certain way. As many people that hated the way HOtzenplotz Played, I enjoyed his style of play. It gave me the thrill of constantly looking over my shoulder. gettin pk'd and then coming back with fight gear and trying to win. I never did beat him but I tried. MP was the master of the server HE knows what he is doing. We miss him too. Most of the pkers from the beginning were respected pkers with a few that acted a few cards short of a full deck. I am not the nazi dictator nor a king of the server that those 3 of you who don't play on the pk server think I am. If you get an account and come to the pk server you can ask anyone pm anyone heck even forum pm anyone and you will see. YOU KNOW THERE IS ONLY 1 KING and that is RADU.
  12. PK server List of Criminals

    LMAO piggy ty I needed the big laugh. I will huff and puff and blow your house in.
  13. PK server List of Criminals

    Eternity everyone has heard that so much. I won't play because this or I won't play becasue that. I'm not playing until he changes this back. I'm not playing until this happens. YOu would not believe the amount of the posts on main server or here all with the same broken record. YOu never were going to play or you would have. To use this is the reason I am not playing is just your way of thinking you can make people bend to your way. HMMM isn't that exactly what you are trying to say I am doing. Well I guess if you look back through. Everyone who plays on the PK server is pro this and everyone who doesn't play on the pk server is against this. LOL this is just so funny
  14. PK server List of Criminals

    I'm supply plenty of ideas, go back and read my post if you must. I'll spell it out for you: We don't make them pay GC on the main server. We let the players decide if they want to personally punish the person or not, and we sure as hell don't punish people for trading with an outlaw. I also understand that but you can't compare main to PK. why there are no Game rules other than using macros. our amount of pk maps is almost exact opposite as mains. their are not enough people on here yet that can keep a person constantly in the underworld maybe in the future when there are 100+ people playing on the pk server that would be capable. However usually when a person is found guilty of a crime they pay a penalty and they do time in however you want to call it. also look at main when a game rule is broken alot of time it leads to payment in gc to radu and or loss of exp. you don't have that here.
  15. PK server List of Criminals

    Wait.. What? You're taking what I said entirely out of context, and twisting it to fit your argument. I never said nor implied that you should have no rules at all. What I SAID is that you shouldn't have this group of players that think they're freaking kings enforce whatever rules they see fit, and then place bullshit punishments for doing whatt he sevrer was intended for: PKING. Don't you remember the name of your own damn server? Maybe you should think this through, and think for the better of the server, rather than placing yourself in a position of power. I can almost guarantee that this stupid idea will put many people off the server. How are community rules enforced on the main server? Did you ever think about doing ti that way? We don't make people do retarded punishments like banning them from being traded with and threatening people who trade with them, if they kill a pvper. We ostracize them, and put them on our PK lists. that doesn't have anything to do with what I was saying, anyways. You've all established that the PK server is a nice place to play now (As in, no constant swearing/flaming/racism/etc), and it was working fine apparently, until one incident of someone pking people in a invasion. Well, PK him back! Don't make up bullshit punishments. And yes, I'm repeating myself, because I feel this needs emphasis. I understand your argument here and concur. this is actually the first person and only person who has broken our rules. this is the 2nd time. 1st time he said he did not know the rule. HE was told the rule and nothing more. 2nd time he said he never changed the password from when he purchased the char and the original owner must have done it. OK very light sentence to pay the people that he broke the rule a monetary amount of gc. no way of enforcing this other than to constantly pk herass that person for a week. we would rather not do that. I don't understand you are creating a big issue of this but you are not supplying any ideas of what to do as a community to fix these issues. Yes most people look to the 4 of us in the community now for disputes. mainly as has been said we are just and we are strong fighters. THe only thing we can do is not trade them and pk them any chance we can the rest is up to the person who has been found guilty. BTW I talked with the community and with The offender before handing down my judgement on the issue at hand. I took into account what he had said and his past history.