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  1. 70k life essences

    Auction ended Sold to henoch for 320k Please PM me ingame.
  2. 70k life essences

    About 10 hours left
  3. 70k life essences

    Auctioning 70k life essences Starting price 300k Bid increments 5k Buy it now 350k Bid ends in 4 days
  4. 2k Matter Ess: 7gc 1k Energy Ess: 7gc 21k total
  5. Auctioning 30k LE's

    Sold in game Please close thread.
  6. Auctioning 30k LE's

    Auctioning 30K Life Essences SOLD !!!
  7. Storage Sale

    I'll take those
  8. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    2k Earth Essence 6.5gc please
  9. Small Business

    Thanks Annother 1k matter essence please Done the total is 7.7k come again soon
  10. Small Business

    1k matter ess 7.7k
  11. Harvesting service!

    Thank you ever so much Im sorry to inform you that we have temporarilly closed the Service because of the addition to our family. Im sorry for any inconvience. Im sorry to inform you that the Harvest Service is temporarilly closed due to the addition to our family. Sorry for any inconvience. Congratulations on you new born A side Note: Informing about closure in the 1rst message will avoid others like me (that don't read the whole thread) posting more orders.
  12. Harvesting service!

    5k earth ess (6.5 ea) Ty
  13. The Hand Harvesting Services

    10K sunflower 5k silver
  14. harvest/alch shop

    3k Earth ess 5gc each 3k Energy ess 6cg each 6k Rose quartz 1.5gc each 12k Sunflowers 0.5gc each Payment (choose what you like more) 48Kgc or 1MoL + 2900 training arrows
  15. The Stockers

    2k of Energy Essence - 7.5gc thanks