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  1. Raising caps to 52. Radu is willing, are you?

    I vote for raising attributes. This will help harvesters and manufacturers to increase capacity and capabilities. If you increase all attributes is unfavorable, may introduce a perk that will allow an increase of two attributes with +4 points? Name perk: Two rocks
  2. Zabadee

    I am new owner a bot: Zabadee.
  3. Expiring bots, November 2013

    I am new owner a bot Zabadee. Paid for Zabadee: PayPal transaction: 4TX28557S9681942M
  4. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    125-130 a/d and hight attributes or 140 a/d and normal/low attributes
  5. Last of my storage

    I buy: 1023 Tiger fur x 25gc/each 8003 Hawk Feather x 15gc/each 256031 Turqoise x2gc/each
  6. Vegetal Removal Stone Auction

  7. Auction for: Steel Greave of Ubber Defense Sold in game. Also selling: 1 Bless bot coupon - offer 1 P2P shop coupon - offer
  8. auctioning magic removal stone

  9. Selling few books and items.

    Books added.
  10. auctioning magic removal stone