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  1. Merging of 2 guilds

    Gl wolfie
  2. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    i have 1 most of the time lol
  3. Buying Thermal Serp

    Buying Thermal Serp post here or pm me ingame if you will sell
  4. EL Classic Server

    yeah thats all the stuff i was thinking of and yes there would have to be no EL-Shop
  5. EL Classic Server

    Just remember that before cooldown, "classic" EL had mix delays on everything that made mixing actually slower than with cooldown. You'd also be missing several skills (engineering, ranging, tailoring) many harvestables, and bunches of items (all the stuff added after cooldown and therefore not part of "classic" EL). While I don't like all the stuff that's been added (and despise some of it) I wouldn't want to go all the way back to a pre-cooldown version. Personally, I'd pass on a classic server. yes i know i left out many things its only a rough draft and it would be a very long list if i put down everything. and i completely understand what your saying. but a classic server would be very unique & enjoyable for some. Wizzy i'm not just talking about "classic" pking i'm talking about everything.
  6. Ok well right now we have a Main Server & a PK server for pking my idea is an EL "classic" Server that would just be an older version of EL For players who would like to see what it was like years ago in EL or for vets who would like to relive there EL pasts so to speak. This Server would have features such as no cooldown No newer weapons such as(JS OS Cutty etc) No new armors such as(titanium steel dragon) New maps & Many other things would also not be present(mini harvest events the skills engineering tailoring & ranging). This server could be like PK server where you need to pay a fee of 5$ to join. (also try to keep the flaming to a minimum and try to keep in mind this is just a rough draft of my idea.) Tell me what you guys think
  7. Nothing New?

    I myself played PK server for a month or two and quit its just to small and really was not the kind of "PK" server i was expecting more of a Mixing server. and i just did not find it fun. -Syni btw lol at this (Not trying to be rude)
  8. Hoarding poll

    I dont Hoard lol dont really have any stones/rares and only around 10k-50k gc most of the time.
  9. Removing TS effect

    I voted No because if TS is removed i would have a very hard time training because my att/def gap is huge.
  10. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I got my name Syni from a good friend of mine in another game who's name was S Y N I and i thought it sounded cool so here i am
  11. BroD - beware !

    GL you better start by branching ebul rabbits on IP
  12. DiE! is recruiting

    GL with your recruiting nice to see DIE! back
  13. TinT

    Good Luck Ateh
  14. KF Changes

    It would be a pointless update lol
  15. A/D Cap @ 130

    I dont like the idea of capping it at 130 that would piss off alot of players who are 130+ right now and have worked for there lvls. and if it is put ingame players who are 90 or 100+ in a non combat skill should have to give up lvls to to make it fair? Just what i think. -Syni