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  1. Killing Kaldoon is Kewl

    Love the idea. looking forward to it.
  2. PB&J is recruiting

    Always good to have more friends PB&J's great! (P. S. Don't steal all my n00bs rofl)
  3. Physique Removal Stone

    Starting price 14k -SOLD-
  4. LVL^ Recruiting

    LVL^ Guild is making a fresh start and looking for trustworthy honorable members. We are a friendly, skill building group, looking to start over and grow strong, in ou levels, and our friendships. Even though we are currently small, we're not new. We unfortunately los a good sum of people due to past & recent updates :/ We have incentive programs, current events, and soon shall have guild quests. Our site offers a real-time chat. So we may have a place to meet, if there is down-time, or if we just want to talk. We also have forums available. As well as other features. As our guild expands, so shall our site, events, links, and so on... If you are interested in joining, there is an application template on our forums at the __________LVL^ Guild Website.__________ Our site as well will expand as our family grows. Stop by and see what we're about. Basic requirements apply. Hope you all have fun playing reguardless of where you call home
  5. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    That most likely included the last several times in which I was attempting to adjust the settings in hope of resolving the issue.
  6. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    I've recently returned from an urgent situation that required my attention. I've not had time until this point to return my attention to the game. I did log on a couple times, before the release, though upon my return and download of the new release, presently notice the issues.
  7. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    (265 mb) gforce nvidia 6200 I have tried several quality setting through the nvidia control panel and had no improvement. The chat and all other text has the same appearance. Also, it seems I can not pull up any maps. If anyone could enlighten me, it would be appreciated, thank you. 12 screen shots from log on to several different areas and points of interest: 160 Screen Captures
  8. ran

    I noticed while looking through the new encyclopedia data, that the picture/icon used for the recurve bow, is the same as the one used for the long bow, and not the actual recurve icon.
  9. Acution

    Auctioning: (1) Vitality Removal Stone Opening bid: 10k, up by 1k please. ---------------------------------------- Auction end: 2/17/08
  10. Connecting

    I don't know if the router found the problem, or if the issue was resolved here, but I am able to connect at this point.
  11. Connecting

    I'm in Central NY, using roadrunner cable connection. area code 13502 - I'd rather not post my ip, but if it's required, I wont mind pming you
  12. Connecting

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've run several traces & diagnostic tools. I did find one server not responding (not the same as mentionde above) I did however, and unfortunately, find several erratic connections. I will do what I can in the meantime, and try to keep this thread up to date. Tyvm for your input.
  13. Connecting

    My re-install was after the previous connection attempts. No change in operation before or after.... so far. Also just tried network connections & scans. Everything passed fine.
  14. Connecting

    I did swap monitors, though I had been playing for several hours with no problem at all after.
  15. Connecting

    I've looked through and couldn't find anything related to my current problem. Approximately one hour ago, while mining, and chatting, the game stopped responding. I've tried to re-open EL several times since, but cannot connect to server. I gave it some time, figuring it may have just been a server crash, but no one else has seemed to mention it. Am I the only one having this problem, or... ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have tried connecting to the test server as well. I have also tried running the shader, and it on the test server. I uninstalled (& yes, the mydocs folder also) & reinstalled the game, and had no success reconnecting. Any all other programs I have that connect to the internet have no difficulty. ....any thoughts/suggestions here?