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  1. Music

    Post your favorite bands, singers, groups etc. here! Feel free to talk about lyrics, favorite songs, interpretations of songs, etc. At the gates Atreyu Anti-flag AFI Blackflag Dead Kennedys Cradle of Filth Children of Bodom Ill Nino *EMINEM* Slipknot Flogging Molly Bad Religion Stabbing Westward Underoath Hatebreed Sworn Enemy As I lay dying Seventhstar Black Flag Misfits Nofx Rancid A life once lost Arch enemy Dimension Zero Disturbed Finch Dimmu Borgir From Autumn to Ashes God Forbid Godsmack Immortal Killswitch Engage Lacuna Coil Stutterfly Megadeath Metallica Meshuggah Mushroomhead Opeth Otep Operation Ivy Old man's child Panzerchrist Poison the Well Tool Type o Negative A perfect circle Iniquity Antipathy Pantera Slayer Therion Throwdown Zao
  2. Quote of the Month

    It should be good since its only once a month tee hee, ********* is my favorite movie of all time... buahha
  3. Can we name our houses?

    Fuck censorship. :-D
  4. Player houses.

    A little bird told me that they would be costing ALOT of money so that the "l337" players were somehow glorified for their playing longer than others. From what the person said only about two people in the game could afford the MINIMUM price. I just thought the ratio to the homeless/people with homes was different. It would seem odd to have two people with homes and then 200 bums. </rant>
  5. Just being a smartass, everyone is going to want their own metal with a prefix that has some esoteric meaning, ending with the same old "ite" or "anium".
  6. or or or or or or... poopinite. Its made out of your own poop, your diet determines its strength. IE if you eat a lot of veggies and corn, it'll be stronger...
  7. Or what if you can just type in the ammount you want? O.o;
  8. Creation of the Gods Mk II

    There are already gods implemented into the game and several versions of a story currently being wrote. Check the topic sativa sent you in your last thread for the most up to date descriptionof every god.
  9. The world was now a place of peace, but for how long that peace could be upheld was not known. Races band together to pull through in times of hardship despite their differences. Elves working with humans, dwarves working with elves, humans working with dwarves all in an effort to recover from the war of ages that pit brother against brother, race against race and god against god... The detailed descriptions are taken care of by the quest to be initiated into a religion. Also serves the purpose of the history. (see below) -------------------------------------------- Gods Description -------------------------------------------- Aluwen, goddess of creation. Attribute: Defense. Bonus: Defense +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined) Alignment: Lawful Good Allies: Glydoc, Gaia Enemies: Selain, Mortos Advantages: Defense, Combat, Harvesting. Disadvantages: Potions, Attack. (OLD DESCRIPTION: Fitting would it be that the originator of all life be a female, a mother. Aluwen was fair and just in her dealings, but was easily taken advantage of with her kind heart, open mindedness and belief in equality for all of the inhabitants of the world. The father of creation was evil, greedy and devious... Mortos was the name he held. ) -------------------------------------------- Mortos, god of destruction and death. Attribute: Attack. Bonus: Attack +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined, portal to underworld? ) Alignment: Chaotic Evil Allies: Unolas, Glilin Enemies: Elandria, Aluwen Advantages: Attack, Manufacturing, Magic Disadvantages: Defense, Alchemy (OLD DESCRIPTION: Mortos was iniquity in its purest form, he lusted for war, destruction and death. He contrived a plot to try and take over the newly created world by Aluwen by robbing her of her pure mind and body. This act broke the seal of protection on all life and brought about the first deaths and eventually the great war which he lead by force. Aluwen bore a bastard son, Glydoc.) -------------------------------------------- Glydoc, god of war, valor, honor, and balance. Attribute: Combat. Bonus: Combat +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined) Alignment: Lawful Neutral Allies: Glilin, Aluwen Enemies: Unolas, Elandria Advantages: Combat, Defense, Manufacturing Disadvantages: Alchemy, Magic (OLD DESCRIPTION: The atrocities of his father and the benevolence of his mother set this god apart from the others, torn between the lust of battle and the balance which he maintained. He cherished victory, valor, bravery and blood. His ways are mysterious to the untrained eye but the followers of his ways always felt his strength when they summoned his name on the battlefield for assistance.) -------------------------------------------- Gaia, goddess of nature. Attribute: Harvest. Bonus: Harvest +5 for divines. Temple Location: Tree Town (Could be negotiable) Alignment: Neutral Good Allies: Aluwen, Elandria Enemies: Glilin, Unolas Advantages: Harvesting, Defense, Alchemy Disadvantages: Combat, Manufacturing (OLD DESCRIPTION: Born of the pure being of her mother, Aluwen, Gaia devoted her life and power for the well being of all life by providing abundant nourishment for all life. She is wise and ancient, valuing the life of a tree the same she would any animated creature. Rain, wind, and lighting are her tools of creation... and destruction. Wrath shall be felt by he who takes advantage of her generosity, also the reason why advancing in her craft is limited by the hour.) -------------------------------------------- Glilin, god of construction and craftsmanship. Attribute: Manufacturing. Bonus: Manu. +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined, somewhere in VOTD?) Alignment: Lawful Neutral Allies: Mortos, Glydoc Enemies: Selain, Gaia Advantages: Manufacturing, Attack, Combat Disadvantages: Harvesting, Potions (OLD DESCRIPTION: Indomitably was the merry spirit of Glilin, father of creativity. Blessed are his followers with the gift of better craftsmanship. Often called the "Dwarfish Lord" by his followers and outsiders Glilin is often thought to be the soul of a Dwarfish craftsman touched by Aluwen, allowing him his life spared and evolved into a godlike status. Once being a mortal Glilin is looked down upon by other gods for his "impurity" but to this day never loses his cheerful smile or the blessed anvil on which he works his wonders.) -------------------------------------------- Unolas, god of essence. Attribute: Magic. Bonus: Magic +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Allies: Mortos, Selain Enemies: Glydoc, Gaia Advantages: Magic, Attack, Potions Disadvantages: Harvesting, Combat (OLD DESCRIPTION: Another once mortal Unolas was granted immortality and godly status for his gnosis of the very spirit of the earth. He was first to discover the essences and is the namesake of all Elf kind. Born out of his research and hard work were the essences, available for all to use, but in his discovery lay the foundation for the great war; the struggle to control the very power of the planet, all life...) -------------------------------------------- Selain, god of natural craft. Attribute: Potions. Bonus: Potions +5 for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined) Alignment: Neutral Evil Allies: Unolas, Elandria Enemies: Aluwen, Glilin Advantages: Potions, Magic, Alchemy Disadvantages: Combat, Defense (OLD DESCRIPTION: The third "once mortals" was Selain, the contriver of potions. His mind was dangerous and knowledge exploited by good and evil alike. Neutral he remains in all ways, assisting both cutthroat and priest he knew no ally other than coin. Also referred to as the god of wealth he built an empire based on the wealth gained by his enhancements, the dark lord Mortos honoring his greed and destruction brought about by his hand gave him life beyond life, immortality.) -------------------------------------------- Elandria, goddess of refinery. Attribute: Alchemy. Bonus: +5 Alchemy for divines. Temple Location: (To be determined) Alignment: Neutral Good Allies: Selain, Gaia Enemies: Glydoc, Mortos Advantages: Harvesting, Alchemy, Potions Disadvantages: Combat, Attack (OLD DESCRIPTION: Ancient was her mind, body, and spirit, Elandria gave the intelligent creatures of the world the ability to refine items into a more pure state. The humans were first to exploit this early in their life, first making crude weapons then eventually empires based on wealth and trading with the dwarves who craved pure resources for their craft. Elandria is an enigma, understood by few and appreciated by all she is only seen by her deeds not her presence over the land.)
  10. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    I'll take some pics of moi kitteh if you really want to see.
  11. titanium shields

    There will probably be more options for equipment in the future like iron chain leggings, steel chain leggings, titanium chain leggings (or plate for the last three.. hint hint), iron brigadine boots, steel, titanium, steel helm, titanium helm as well as blessed/enchanted items. Hopefully there will be more equipment slots for individual items. IE paper doll?
  12. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    Not his fault, the fourth one is BS but the rest are true. He's been unlucky but I make up for it by taking good care of him. He can still run around, his favorite thing to drag inside are small birds and squirrels. One cuddly bitch too, 20 lbs, fluffy fur that averages two and a half inches all the way around and he's all black. Had him 9 years. Ummm... enough rambling about moi kitteh
  13. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    I've had a few near death calls with my cat Gimpy. 1. When he was a kitten he had his foot bitten off by the neighbor's dog. 2. Brown recluse spider bite to his neck. 3. Medical accident when brought in for orthrapedic surgery on the leg that had the paw bitten off of. 4. Suicide attempt after getting his nuts cut. I luff moi kitty... hish name ish Gimpy.
  14. Music

    There aren't enough poll options to even cover the most commonly liked types of music, I'm so fucking smart. <3
  15. You can talk to people in the game, what are you talking about? Channels? Whispers? Speaking to those within view?
  16. The gods

    Yay, Entropy is using my ideas and names! (For the most part) =P
  17. The gods

    Back to being on topic, what was decided as far as the gods are concerned? I see that Entropy used two of my god's names, I've been away for the holiday and don't feel like rooting through the forums, could someone bring me up to speed about what is going on in this area? I'm baaaaaaack
  18. Music

    Sexism... that's probably it. I wasn't going to put blues, jazz, funk, mambo, blue grass, gospel etc. Hence "other"

    I could imagine the war... a whole bunch of whiffle bats and water ballons! "RANGERS SUCK!" "DIE SORD NUB!" "OMG PWN JOO!" "SUXXOR, RETREAT!"
  20. osama bin laden

    Many people are still being killed, captured, tortured, raped, etc. There is no "peace in iraq" I doubt there will ever be peace, let alone a democratic government for the middle east. Everyone is fighting over some false mumbo jumbo holy land, I say we nuke it then blame it on some pansy country that nobody likes... such as Afganistan or Canada.
  21. Perhaps once EL has more contributors and has gone p2p, (provided that there is enough cash) could there be more than one server to keep the people who actually want to RP seperate from the "elitists" and people that disregard the storyline that is currently being thought of? Granted, this is an idea for many, many months in the future as EL is in beta, the religious system isn't even in yet, and there is no set store, it would still be a great thing and attract more people to Eternal Lands. It would take a lot of work and money, but if people kept donating and helping out it would be possible. The RP server would have admins and mods of its own enforcing both the rules of EL, helping people with ooc questions through channels and such, and keeping the world together. Instead of just admins or mods they could be looked up to as guards and the guard captains. This would keep the people who wanted to RP away from the people who are just looking to have fun. Certainly it would expand the community and attract new players who are looking for a quickly expanding role-playing opportunity with a great community. Again, and idea for when there is enough cash. *waits for the EL P.O. box*
  22. osama bin laden

    No, you're just an idiot. A village idiot.
  23. any mmorpgs?

    My mom likes that neopets game... X.X

    kameron is equally retarded, if not more.
  25. Music

    I've had my punk playlist on rotation for a while... good shit.