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  1. what's this

    Hello everybody. I am the real Paladin, but i don't control the Paladin Char anymore. I had problems with my computer, then i haven't time to log on anymore. A few weeks ago i tried to sell my char to Veiks. I gave him the pass, then waited for the cash that never came. When i reminded him that he should've send it, he asked me for the forum pass also, because he didn't trust me I know that EL staff has no responsability toward such transactions, but since the dude that's got the char is really a nuissance to every1, maybe you could lock the char plz. Would it be too much to hope for an IP ban? I can probably prove that i'm really Paladin (with no connection to Knight_Paladin, he was another dude) if any1 that knows me wants to talk. And yes, i am from Romania (pa bune ca sunt). I am sorry if any1 i knew has talked to the new user, but he said he'll change the name or at least tell every1 it's not me anymore.
  2. New monster ?

    How about a new Neg perk: Lactose intolerant?
  3. PLZ!

    How about a poll if we want more polls or not?
  4. How do bags disappear?

    Bags dissapear after a while when you don't PUT anything in them, even if you take anything out. So just take a few veggies and put them back on every minute or so next time.
  5. router

    Or maybe the router has a hardware firewall built in, you'll need to configure it. Edit: and if you turn your firewall off to play, turn it back on after, or you'll have tons of problems. Best try to configure it to allow you to play but to be still on.
  6. The Pope

    I just hope the new Pope will allow catholics to use condoms and anticonceptionals. Edit: This is not a random flame, it's a very important isue, the world is overpopulated and geting more so every day.
  7. Keys - and what to do with them

    If you make the keys with manu/crafting, we would have lots of them very fast, even if you require an enriched essence of some kind.
  8. Gamble- teh bot ;)

    From how well documented the first post is, my guess is that Obionek has a gambling problem. Either that or he's a student in matemathics, don't know wich is worst
  9. Keys - and what to do with them

    Great ideea. But think about what monsters will drop it, so it will be the better drop for the harder monster. Those Rostogol stone are now only droped by Trolls, and that's really bad for more high-lvl players. And Fluffy drops are a joke, books that no1 needs and rare capes that you get a lot more on Trolls. So, it should be Ogre-Cyclops for bronze Keys, Fluffy for Silver and Chimeran Wolves for Gold. That should encourage players to team up against chimmies.
  10. Question

    I like very much playing RPG's, the part i like most is to lvl up my char (i guess i'm what Lyanna would call an achiver). But all single-player RPG's end sometime, and then i got to start a new 1 from scratch. So EL is my first (and only so far) MMORPG, and i started it thinking i can play it a little at a time, lvling up, and my lvls will remain there no matter what happends. Little did i know... In the meantime, i met a lot of fun and/or frendly ppl, and got to have some friends. That's why i play now (and still for the lvls too, when i have the time).
  11. sad sad day

    As far as i know, murder was legal in America all the time. You even execute teenagers and mentaly handicaped that were convicted on bogus trials because they couldn't afford lawyers and were stuck with public defendants who fell asleep in the courtroom. But when some1 pulls the plug on a vegetable, all the ' noble cristians' start yelling 'Murder"!
  12. sad sad day

    There was an earthquake 2 days ago in Indonesia, but luckly no tsunami, so there were 'only' a few hundred victims.
  13. New monster ?

    I understand, that's why i sugested some new Fluffy spawns to solve the overcrowding. That should take up very little time, and i sugested some locations very rarely used locations.
  14. New monster ?

    We really need a new monster between fluffy and chimmie, but untill they are programed, how about some more fluffy spawns? Tyrnim would be a very good place for 1, DP RedRock Pass another, Naralik and so on... Or in some caves/ dungeons. It's really getting crowded, and hard to lvl up, since on 80/80 cyclops don't give you any att exp, and a little deff. We really need those spawns.
  15. sad sad day

    Oh, but it was much sader that 1 person (who didn't have any brain activity in the last 10 years) died, than around 1K in that earthquake. Why? Because that 1 person was all over the media, and was an american, and the others weren't. This is what's really sad.