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  1. Vegetal Removal Stone

    800k min bid 10k increments Auction ends Saturday
  2. Android widget: EL Time

    I need this for palm pre plus--this is vn!
  3. The Kilaran Field Clash 3

    I'll be there
  4. New critical damage

    A MoL tonight in 243 yeti. The drops are barely keeping up with the breaks.
  5. New critical damage

    Broke 2 gatherer meds last night in about 200 yeti. 1 b4 update, 1 after update. In the same time got 25k gc in drops, so net to pay for he/srs was 5k. No complaint, just reporting what happened.

    Thanks, Koddy, for taking the time to collect the ings for this day and trying to plan a time when the most people can benefit. Unfortunately, you can't please everyone all the time. The best you can do is try to get the best benefit for the biggest group.
  7. PK Training

    We have a/d training, but we really have no system to train a major part of this game, PK. Here is the skeleton of my idea: you have a system like instance where one person or maybe even a group could enter entry would cost some gc or a stone or something inside there are intelligent guardbots who can match your a/d and attrib the bots are programmed to react to your armor, weapon, spells, (offensive spells cast against you if MI goes down, cape changes to react to weapon, weapon changes to react to armor/capes etc.) it would be a no drop area, so you wouldn't have to worry about dying u get three deaths and then you're out if u can kill the bot(s) u get some reasonably useful prize like gc plus another ticket to enter or something 2 versions maybe, single and team in the single version, maybe allow more to come in or have an observation room, but only the person who gave the ticket can fight the bot--would be useful for observation, mentoring, and helping your guildies/friends with advice during the fight I think this would be fun in and of itself, might encourage people to train pk, enjoy pk, not be so nervous about pk, and maybe lead to more actual pk. Thoughts?
  8. PK Event

    LION will be organizing a PK event for Sunday, September 26, 2010 starting at 18:00 GMT. The event will be made up of 6 separate last man standing contests at WSA: 40-60 a/d 61-80 a/d 81-100 a/d 101-120 a/d 120-140 a/d 141 + Semi-old school gear only. No CoL's, CoM's, TI or steel helms, RDHoLaM, great swords, bronze swords, halberd, spear, arrow h4x, SoP, SoM, brod, golden star mace, bod, scythe, glowing or radioactive swords, or special effect weapons like osomn or ti axe of freezing. Any chain or leather armor, steel shields are ok. No iron, steel, titanium, bronze, dragon armors, or mage robes. Summoning bears and spiders allowed, all other summons are not allowed. All magic and pots are allowed. All capes are allowed. All meds are allowed. No engineering or ranging. Rules: When attacking you must always use a weapon equal to or greater than an iron broad sword. If there is someone to attack, you must attack that person. 15 seconds of remaining idle when there is an opponent to fight will disqualify you both. (You are responsible for unallying or leaving guild) Check back for additional clarifications. Requesting mod assistance to keep things fun and fair. Raffle Prizes
  9. PK Event

    Thanks to all participants and winners: 40-60 (Mr Gray); 61-80 (Morath); 81-100 (Beol); 101-120 (Dubro); 121-140 (Shultz); 141+ (ATA) See Ferny or Ryddler for your prizes.
  10. PK Event

    Contest in 8.5 hours http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/
  11. PK Event

    See edits to the original post Iron set is allowed or not? Because it's not mentioned in KoDdy's post... Yeah i was wondering too if Enhanced iron set is allowed
  12. PK Training

    The rewards would be modest, not really farmable--more along the level of letting you do the training again for free and paying for a portion of the cost of the training. That's it. I don't see this as a replacement for in person training, but a supplement.
  13. Selling my sto...

    dis rings, emps, ghps, acc, and eva
  14. I would like to suggest that pk and training arrows should be readily distinguishable from one another. When we have group efforts to kill mobs on invasions, we try to split up the loot fairly, but you can tell there's always one or two people using training arrows (from the damage) and they're getting the same cut as the people using PK arrows but are spending a third of what the pk arrow rangers are spending.
  15. NFL League

    I'll do it if i get a weekly reminder to pick my teams!
  16. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    Today, we had a ranging contest at WS summoning arena. Choris took 1st, Dre 2nd, and DarkPresent 3rd. Afterward, Dilly and Zia hosted a "make me laugh" contest. Whoever could make them laugh won a prize. I don't think anyone went away empty handed. Kudos to Dipi, whose performance art is still cracking me up. Tomorrow (Sunday) we will have more celebratory contests. Times below are very approximate, just watch ch 6 and 7 where we will give plenty of warning. PK'able Snow--The plan is that Snowghost will be made pk'able so that you can kill him anywhere. First one to send him to the UW wins 20kgc. (Time--whenever snow sobers up from tonight's celebration). KF Hyperbags--There will be 3 hyperbags, 1 at each fort in KF. One will contain a binding stone, a rosto, 2 efe, and a js; another will contain a BoD and Camo cape; and the last will contain a rosto, a binding stone, and a serpent stone (Time--somewhere within about 2 hours of 6 p.m. GMT) There may be other, impromptu contests, keep an eye on ch 6 and/or 7. Thanks for helping LION celebrate the completion of it's 3rd year, it's been a great ride.
  17. non fighter got the loot drop

    we confirmed tonight that gatherer doesn't stop it. see me for details
  18. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    A big thank you to Spartan_Warrior who returned the items for the contest which will start in under 15 minutes.
  19. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    Well, we have replaced all the prizes that were taken early, and we will continue with the contest around 6 p.m. GMT. Thanks to LNX guild for your help.
  20. Server down?

    ah, it's not just me, then. glad i was out of the arena aha! maybe my rosto will come back \o/ lrnr-main connection also not working
  21. Lords and Ladies of Legend (LLL)

    A solid, enduring guild. Best wishes.
  22. Lucaa Invasion last night

    Yes, much appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks to all who go through the effort to make EL life more fun and interesting.
  23. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Opening Bid: 600k Bid Increments: 5k BiN: 720k Auction ends 7/6/10
  24. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Sold for 600k
  25. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Private in game bid of 600k.