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  1. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    Once again great service none better. 5k Iron Ore +15kgcs Thanks woo
  2. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    5k Iron ore = 15k please woo
  3. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    Great job last order same day service and polite too wtg 5k Iron Ore = 15kgcs please woo
  4. Wannabe crafter needs advice

    i am not top lvl crafter but i like moon med able to sell to npc for 170 ea and decent xp
  5. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    5k Silver ore at 10k gcs thanks
  6. Server down?

    Seams down to me as well lol
  7. Again good job 2k Gold ore 2k sapphire's ty woo
  8. Hi enjoyed your services already ty. Woluld like 2k Sulphur and 2k silver ore please woo
  9. Hi. Please 2k sapphires and 2k Iron Thanks Woo
  10. So how are they working now - Part 1

    I was in game 3months before i even knew there was a lottery. So soem advertising would help played once and winner got 45k wont play again.