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  1. Server down?

    Am i only one who lost and cannot get server back about 3 mins ago?
  2. community rules

    I agree with such And i was witness to this event first hand this person also got several of Gizz's bags and he was warned and did not stop and he does not have to; but he need not ask Vero for anything and will be attacked upon site from this day forth Gambit
  3. Old School PKing Contest

    @great idea count me in if we can
  4. Shy Rats Respawn?

    hi ty for last update very much, along with it came 5 shy rats which got hunted down and killed. Will they ever respawn or was it a one time thing for us? ty:)
  5. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    no problem with that or you and yes feel free to post what you like POV point of view
  6. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    @well mango haveing read many of your posts within forums you use lanuage very well so far as to be legalistic! as to why i posted well if you have pk server char then idk about it may have ,but come show me something special some great skill other then forum post then your words might be worth more but an outside POV does not mean much to me Gambit
  7. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. George Carlin and mad mango is a champion of it
  8. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    old school pk'ing ; the "old" part says it all learn to adapt to new items and kill peeps in other ways
  9. Question on Drops

    i know that trolls drop rostos and serp stones, but do any creatures have possible drop of binding stones? ty Woo
  10. Question on Drops

    had asked here with info but playing on pk server there are none on the market to buy But thanks my question was answered Gambit
  11. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    Gratz handy, you are lucky to have found the one, and how many alts and time did it take? I think a slight rate change or other way of getting them into game would be good for economy and the server as well also help poor manuer's Gambit
  12. Question on Drops

  13. Temporary class system

    Main players please feel free to argue in future, we on pk server will let you know how much we ty.
  14. Temporary class system

    Sweet you the man Radu Edit: and Thank You
  15. Temporary class system

    but I am afraid the PK server will get it first. cool, promise? Gambit
  16. Temporary class system

    Subject Temp class sys, meaning not always there, except when you choose; Great Idea. got to wonder if in the other "omfg" threads, if same handful of people are the ones maybe it is their way of geting you (radu) off topic and keeping things the way they are. You said in OG post no omg crap then when it arrives they mean more then the thread does, seems like a intentional response provoking measure to me. same result either way idea is scrapped based on what less than 20 players and the other 1000+ oh well Thanks, and if idea is finished and not reviable then lock the thread unless arguing is somehow excitiing
  17. How About , Day of Broken promises, all alliances are canceled for the day. feedback?
  18. well the idea is to for go those guild alliances for the day i am sure their is someone in most guilds would like to get at another player in a allied guild. aas to repurcussions afterward should be fun
  19. Ants on pk server

    Great ty Learner
  20. Nice 2 not just 1 ty Handy Gambit
  21. Community Rules of PKSERVER

    We dont need no stinkin leashes! lol but 1, 3, 4 2:( sell me a rosto first handy Gambit
  22. PK server List of Criminals

    If anyone cares , back to OG post handy, yaser, and bkc did not even know there names were going to be on the "list" and not in same guild and hunt each other (not duriong invasions), so cant see how they are inspiring to anything. so i propose we let non pk players have the rest of this thread to vent through . if you feel better when gone imagine how much better you would feel to not have to vent mains furstrations come play on pk server and see how much you need to vent. Death only hurts the first time, And at some point the ants will rule Gambit
  23. Cyndarks Return

    TY Handyman waiting for part two Gambit
  24. PK server List of Criminals

    @well labrat several of your reasons for leaving would not be valid now . come back and sell me silver and dung and have fun Gambit
  25. PK server List of Criminals

    More of elected sheriff, position and possy Gambit