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    Atheltics, guitar. piano and music in general, mathematics.
  1. Stuck in votd - Bug

    ok then I know that its an antibug perk then. In any other game this would have been considered a bug.
  2. Stuck in votd - Bug

    Hey Got hit by a tele on red toads today and ended up stuck and unable to move from a place where I think i should be able to move from. http://postimg.org/image/96e943olv/ Coords: You are in Valley of the Dwarves - Mynadar Woods [142,64] Tried restart but still same problem.
  3. Radu, Honestly I would like to see Andy as a ranger instead of another 120-140 fighter. Besides I am also bellow 120s and was hoping I can go as ranger too. We could both make life easier for fighters with our Elvens My proposition is 6-8 people team in which there will be 2 pure rangers. However it is up to you to decide who will be in the team. PS. Andy you liar, you are level 63! I think we all know that rangers will pwn the icy/bula. The problem is can high 130s survive long enough to tank them. IMHO no need to run an instance - I am max for this - 141 / 139 - I can 'survive' evrything but those 2 - simply get a few guys into kf and summon an icy and see how soon we die - same with a bula. I think it can be done at our lvls with some teamwork. When low on mana next can harm etc and you let it go around. What I think though is that it will take ages to complete+ the drops wont cover the costs. But one never know before trying, so if Radu says he wanna see it tested and if then not working he will implent 120-140 we should really do our best and test it out.
  4. I am 134/139 I can join in. I think its pretty much the same thing as saying 60-80 ppl could do the 80-100 instance if they were 6-8. Im pretty sure it will cost more to make it through the instance(if we even get the bula down<.<) than what you earn, but yes its worth a try. Just tell what time and I gladly help testing!
  5. Pk Event

    im in
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello! Ordering 10 k Tiger Lillies for 5k Thanks you Ingame name; Dannus
  7. Buying 3 will removals!

    Yea but she changed to 45 k yesterday but changed back this morning so have bought all now;)!
  8. Screenshot Thread

  9. True sight book auction

    SOLD to Kit_Gw for 20k
  10. ELG Alchemy Shop

    2k aes thanks:)
  11. Selling book tit short sword of ice!

    Sold to Ringil_oddsocks
  12. How to make more people fight in invasions

    Roja, yes I know and also mentioned, and also said why i think there should be more than that, was just a suggestion. The majority is not the absolute most high lvled guys who earn on new spawns cause the majority does not chose creatures fitting them. What I said was there could be something more inspiring just a little short add more to make those real high lvls participate even more. Yeah I like the stones also, maybe there could be some kind of roll between those who attacked dragon, giving the one who inflicted most damage highest percentage of chance to get it. Which maybe means there should be different percentage earn for doing damage by magic/range and attack considering to whats hardest to do damage with compared to other. Not sure how to count mirror damage though.
  13. How to make more people fight in invasions

    Not a bad idea, but maybe wait to see whats planned first as you said:).
  14. How to make more people fight in invasions

    What I say is not that every creature should drop rare stuff, what I say is that they could for example have a chance for same rare drops as normal creatures, maybe in a lesser scale.