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  1. Autologin

    Ahh, ok, thanks for the answer.
  2. Autologin

    I guess you are talking about pc version. I am asking about android client.
  3. Autologin

    Hi, is there any possibility to save my login information (name + password) so I don't have to type them manually every time I want to login?
  4. Daritha bug

    HI, I did Daritha's armor supplier daily today and she wanted me to bring her 10 iron swords. When I brought them to her she told me "Where are my 10 iron helms?" (or something like that). So I had to bring her 10 iron helms instead of 10 iron swords. I checked it twice if she really had wanted 10 iron swords at the first time (by clicking on "need help?"). Oh, I'm sorry I haven't noticed that this kind of topic has already been created.
  5. Setting NPC prices higher?

    Or perhaps removing those advanced manu items from NPCs might be answer too. Do it just like it is with dragon armors...
  6. Setting NPC prices higher?

    Well, if you don't want make that "turns" over and overthere must be right balance between prices and chance of getting stones/enriched essences. My point wasn't really that you should grind your skill on more expensive item. But for me, I take those greater items as a reward for my work. At this moment I don't see why should I train manu if any items between 40-70 lvl don't pay off to make. I don't agree. There's many players who would be able to make those 40-70 lvl items (even including myself), who could make big enough supply.
  7. Setting NPC prices higher?

    It is one of the reasons (because of high supply they made) but also because ingredients at those days were marginally cheaper as well. And that's the biggest change compared to today. The solution should either setting NPC prices higher or as Susje said key ingredients should be sold in NPCs too. And what's wrong with that some players used to mix in bulks with small profit (or even small loss) with belief of getting rare item. I think nothing, anybody can try to do that.
  8. Setting NPC prices higher?

    You are wrong. If making weapons (from titanium/steel long sword to jagged saber) and armors (steel, titanium, bronze) were profitable, several mixers would make them so => many weapons and armors in the market and bots so => prices would drop because too much offer and low demand. The market would self-regulate itself. With the actual NPC prices, many manu items are not profitable to mix and there is a gap between Iron armors and dragon armors: the manu items between are not profitable to mix. What will do a newbie manufacturer for grinding the skill? Mixing millions of leather helms in the school? Now mixing s2es is not an option because harvesting hydro is very difficult because Stivy and friends I couldn't agree more. That's what I was trying to say. What's the point of leveling manu if you can acutally use it only for s2es and maybe after long time for dragon armor? About the "rare bonus" Rosabel talked about... I don't believe it would happen. It's just the law of supply and demand.. More people getting rare items wouldy only lead to bigger supply with more or less same demand, which would lead to price decrease.
  9. Setting NPC prices higher?

    Hi, I play EL only from time to time, but every time I log in the prices on player market are higher. This causes that many items do not worth crafting anymore and people rather buy it from NPC as crafting from ingredients would be much more expensive. I remember times when eg. nobody would think about buying special swords like Orc Slayer (I remember price around 25kgc) or even steel bar from NPC. What do you think about idea that NPC prices would be set higher in order to prompt players to mix more and maybe be more active on market? I am not any pro player and maybe I don't know any "background" facts or information, but I would like this to happen. Barny
  10. s2es for sale or trade

    155 left
  11. s2es for sale or trade

    Hi, I'm selling 254 s2es for 1 kgc each or trade them for hydro ore/bars (11:10 ore; 12:1 bars). Offers here or pm me in-game. Barny
  12. Buying Cinnaber

    How I said, I'm buying load of cinnabar (20-25k). PM me ingame or leave a post here Edit: dont need anymore
  13. Auction LEs & ELEs

    Ok the auction is over. Congratz to chr0nik and teehee :-)
  14. Auction LEs & ELEs

    5 hours left
  15. Auction LEs & ELEs

    24 hours left edit