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  1. ((Buying Titainium Serpent Sword))

    1899 plats :twisted:
  2. Harvesting exp bug

    Have you ever read the manual???? :twisted:
  3. X_CLAN

    Where is the choice 'No, cuz this clan BLOWS'?
  4. Favorite Food?

    :twisted: I like pineapple pizza, its friggin awesome!!! :twisted:
  5. Happy Spirits Update Party

    :evil: Dammit, I gotta work tonight.....oh well, I'll get over it...maybe. :evil:
  6. :twisted: Since when is 47 rabitt furs "tons"...??? p.s This is not a flame, so shut up :twisted:
  7. :idea: What if there were something to make by using alch past lvl 45? Maybe a new ore to make into bars? Or, maybe a better medallion?(already posted on that) Maybe we could mine rubys, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls, then make them into something.....a pearl necklace...lol :idea:
  8. Win Two Million Gold Pieces

    It was #9 when i voted today!!! yay
  9. Putting high alch to use

    :lol: I was just joking about mining pearls.....I know where they come from....I guess you didn't get it! :lol:
  10. Player houses.

    :twisted: I hope that the houses cost over 25k platinum, because I have been working hard to earn that kinda money. I mean i dont have 25k plat yet, so if the player houses cost that much it gives me something to work for. :twisted:
  11. Errors during a game!

    I get that once every blue moon, and i was told that it happens beacause i have WindowsME, which blows goat balls. Do you have Windows ME too? Man i gotta get XP!

    :twisted: I only call someone a nOOB if they are bugging the shit outta me, like asking for cash, weapons, and to take them places. So thats when i take them to the VOTD temple... :twisted:
  13. Medallions

    :idea: Unicorn Medallion- 4 steel bars, 4 iron bars--------36 alch Moon Medallion- 6 silver bars, 4 steel, 1 emerald--------40 alch Sun Medallion- 6 gold bars, 2 steel bars--------44 alch Stars Medallion- 8 silver bars, 2 titanium bars, 1 ruby--------48 alch Galaxy Medallion- 8 Titamium bars, 8 silver bars, 1 diamond--------55 alch ___________________________________________________________ Galaxy Medallion: ? 500 ? platinum coins coins +6 to hit +8 defense +4 damage All of these ideas have you make some profit...some not alot though. :idea: Just ideas, dont flame me, and have a nice day Cost is just comparing to prices of swords, and skills it gives you.
  14. Titanium Steel Short Swords for Sale

    Very shortly i will be making you all the titanium bars you'd like.
  15. Medallions

    I dont think you should get back any ores. Eg: Silver bar 8 ore= 16 emu 3 coal = 6 emu But a bar doesn't weigh 22, it only is 2, so emu shouldnt even be a factor with the finished product.
  16. Medallions

    :twisted: The reason I had the alch levels so high is so that just because you can make the bar shouldnt mean that you can make the medallion. :idea: Another one would be a medallion that makes your health build up 100% faster Maybe, a medallion of stregth, adds 20 emu to your capacity. Maybe they cost should be more, so that a noob with like 5 hours time playing cant buy the stars medallion. :twisted:
  17. Travelling Around Faster

    :twisted: I just got carried away, I just thought would make the game unbalanced. I'm didnt mean to flame. :twisted:
  18. Silver

    :twisted: I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet, but what if there were uses for siver and gold bars? Like making medallions and stuff like that. Just so there is a way to put the bars to use. And it would not me manufacturing, it would be alchemy, because it is taking something ordinary(bars), and making them into something precious(medaliions). Here is an example: Star Medallion- 10 Silver bars, 2 Rubys ..... just a thought :twisted:
  19. Silver

    Ok, maybe more like 8 silver bars and 1 ruby.
  20. Travelling Around Faster

    :twisted: Why are you trying to make the game to easy??? There are already rings you can use, and if those dont take you close enough to where you want to go, you are just crazy!!! Why dont we just have our own jets that take us to wherever we want to go??? Would that be ok for you? Dont post another suggestion as long as you live!!! :twisted:
  21. Cape/Cloak Suggestions

    I think you should leave potion cape alone, i worked hard for that!!!