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  1. summoning Wrecker!!!!!!!!

    arrrgh, summoning was good and hard before, now it is just worse! At least you could lower the amount of ethereal points it uses per animal, like a wolf =37 points, that a friggin lot.
  2. New Potion Price

    OK, the potion lady does not sell potions anymore, so I guess i will sell some of my own... Harvesting Potion Sell price is 2k each, because of the use of white rabbit fur. I am willing to trade 500 Body Restoration Potions, for 2000 vails. I am also buying all Spirit Restoration Potions I also buy all bones and bone powder for 10gp each
  3. Buying/Selling

    My ingame name is Jevik, so pm me there, and cuss me out, ok
  4. Buying/Selling

    too bad, so sad...
  5. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    lol, im glad that you all agree with me!!! Who said she is ugly anyway?
  6. Buying/Selling

    Here is my pay chart. I buy: Raw meat- 200 Bones- 10gp Bone Powder- 50gp Rabbit Fur- 500gp Fox Fur -1000gp Green Snakeskin- 500gp Red Snakeskin-550gp Brown Snakeskin-600gp All items are negotiable. PM me, or stock up and Ill buy Ingame.
  7. Quote of the Month

    :shock: You editing jerk......grrrrrr pay me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I didnt say over 40's because im close to it, I said it because it is hard to get to, and that would be an awesome spell to have and people will actually work on their magic.
  9. New Potion Price

    I dont sell white furs..i sell potions that the ingredients are white furs...
  10. Quote of the Month

    Haha, I said -1 mil[negative]...so you owe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Quote of the Month

    I bet -1million gold nobody will figure this out... "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get"
  12. New Potion Price

    No, I sell them for 2k, since the potion lady is a whore and no longer wants to share her potions...I dont buy em, I sell em...
  13. Kinda like a magic guild.....why not just for people with over 30 or 40 magic, because then it is really hard to lvl, and it will be good to have all that stuff in one spot...
  14. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    Maybe you should change his name to Lucky...
  15. Set beam point

    Not a bad idea, but think they should be higher lvl spells, like over 30 magic, then people would actually lvl up their magic...
  16. The most remarkable n00b yet?

    They didn't really deserve to be payed, but if a big group of noobs started serving me, I might be entitled to pay em something.
  17. Partition for another magic shop!!

    Why not just use rings??? Its faster than walking...
  18. The most remarkable n00b yet?

    Yeah that happened to me yesterday too. Anyway, I have a funny one......here goes For the past week or so noobs heve been pm-ing me, saying that they worship me, and that I am king. Whenever I see them, they automatically sit down on the ground. They say "I am bowing to you my Lord," and I just smile...and whenever someone would walk in the room and not sit down, these two would yell at the people and say, "Do you not know you are in the precence of greatness". These people are crazy.....
  19. The PimPsterS

    site is kinda cool....in a weird way...
  20. Discount Prices

    I am selling Titanium Steel Short Swords at discount prices. 200k each, just pm me, or leave a reply here. Stats: Base cost: 250 platinum coins Weight: 3 lbs Damage: +12 To hit: +3 Also I am buying all titan bars and titan ore. Titanium Bar- 6k each Titanium Ore- 200k per 800 ore No Negative Replies Here Or You Will Suffer......maybe
  21. ummm, you cant attack somebody at wraith, not a pk map. nice try tho
  22. The PimPsterS

    Cant u think of a better name than that, cmon, seriously!
  23. Unique Blades

    No way, I mean I like the idea of doing quests to be able to wear or equip something, but you should be able to manufacture it too.
  24. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    Sorry to hear that buddy, i hope it is ok.
  25. potion making

    Ent, When do you plan to remove the lovely Potion Lady?