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  1. Close all windows key

    I did ask on newbie - but was told it wasn't available LOL
  2. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    When trying to harvest quartz I was told "You need to wear a pick..." I think "equip" would be better
  3. A single keypress to close all windows would be useful IMHO - e.g. esc, ctrl+backspace
  4. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Spotted this when trying to mine sulphur without gloves... "You need to wear A leather gloves to harvest this item" EDIT: same sentence came up in a joker prize
  5. How old are you?

    I haven't actually got to play yet (as I'm waiting for white-listing) but it's great to see so many mature people on here - me, I'm an adolescent 48 year old
  6. What day for whitelisting?

    I installed and tried to play EL yesterday but I'm obviously on an ISP with a banned IP range (I get the red message before character creation). I've followed the procedure for getting white-listed but according to the pinned topic this only happens on one day per week. Can anyone tell me what day that is (or does it vary)? I'm itching to play! TIA [sOLVED]