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  1. Pin Poll

    yea i shot a dragon last week in my backyard i had to run into my house cuz he came after me
  2. Start your holiday shopping early...

    lol perfect gift for some EL mods haha
  3. Shishio/Cathuga/wulfgar

    lol paulb is so fail that even his el wife left him for his guildie haha
  4. Wonders of my world

    post ur camera plz
  5. Thanks herculese!

    oh now i know why did he return it, hes rich anyway, dwarfking owns ironforge
  6. Gold membership

    i bet every other entertainment you have in life you gotta pay for it so why is that big of a deal paying 5 bucks on a computer game you play???
  7. Michael Jackson dead.

    looks like paulb is one of em kids molested by mj thats why hes so pissed
  8. Michael Jackson dead.

    FAIL do you ever read before post?
  9. Michael Jackson dead.

    hmmm good question the beatles cataloge is worth ALOT of money
  10. The RPing in MMORPGs

    voted very important cuz i think it makes the game much more alive would be nice having city guards npcs and some others wandering around when u click em they only display 1 dialog box (so no issue with em stopping to talk) like for example> guard walking around Lakeside Village wearing some armor and sword so u click him he says something like "im watching for gargs that wander around here at night bla bla"...(just short dialogs) i think this tips would also help the newbs
  11. MephistopheLes

    "You sold my entire storage with your character and just leave" LOL huh? how your entire sto ends up in some1 elses char?
  12. 80's music!

    the 80s were so gheyyy
  13. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    hmm if i remember well oldnight is kinda old player i think i remember him in PkG and old outlaws threads but i could be wrong not sure
  14. newhope bagjumper

    LOL so when it is someone you dont like you come in here to insult and post blocked from X bot but when its a friend you come and post not enough proof and i think bj its ok?? haha bunch of losers
  15. Crash at game start

    the ctrl+o thing worked, thx for help thyralax