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  1. 3d map markers

    It's already there Option -> HUD -> Enable 3d markers
  2. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  3. watch more than one skill in the stats-bar

    Tested, accepted by Ent and committed ^^
  4. Update 190 preliminary test

    The above was output from one step: (from) You are in Glacmor - Wave Neck [79,355] (to) You are in Glacmor - Wave Neck [80,354] Ehm...yes, those are debugging messages for the new attached actors features (fight and range on horse). Will be removed (as the "Emote Command" console message) just before the update.
  5. Selling a few things

    I need to free some storage slots: * 200 Hydro Bars @ 10.6k each * red dragon armor (no helm) @ 215k SOLD * bronze armor (no helm, no shield) @ 140k * radioactive rapier @ 175k SOLD * 10 rostogols @ 30k each SOLD * magic removal stone @ 550k (or I can trade it for an artificial/vegetal) (red dragon helm and bronze shield available for sale together with the standard armor sets if you need. Just offer) This is not an auction, but if you really want some of the above, feel free to bid higher Post here or PM me in-game where I'll gently answer you with an afk message
  6. crash in cvs client and 1.9.0 data update

    Does error_log.txt complain about not finding bag1.e3d? Try to compile with: #FEATURES += OLD_MISC_OBJ_DIR in make.conf.
  7. Update 190 preliminary test

    Alt+D doesn't hide/show emotes window (ty Eadric). Corrected and committed to cvs. Also *wave left and *wave right are not working. It is because of the space between words. I'll look into it.
  8. 3d map markers

    Changes committed: - clip distance for markers is 20 tiles - #marker_color <r g b> (0..255) sets marker color to the RGB value - #marker_color <color name> accepts (red,green,blue,yellow,cyan,magenta,white) as shortcuts - #marker_color without arguments shows the current marker color - #unmark on server sent markers now behaves correctly The client should be able to read old marker files, but will overwrite them with the new format, so I recommend a backup just in case
  9. 3d map markers

    @bluap: mmm...the only thing I can do is to lower the clipping distance for markers. It is 30 tiles now iirc, probably half can do the job. As suggested by bkc56 I added support for colored markers fully backward compatible with previous markers format: - #mark_color r g b (range 0..255) sets the current marker color All subsequent set markers are drawn with the picked color. Default color is green. If it is approved I can commit it right away. P.S. There is a bug that allows to #unmark server sent markers...will commit the patch asap
  10. 3d map markers

    committed a change to multiplayer.c, now remove marker messages are handled correctly.
  11. Artificial Removal Stone

    when does the auction end? do you accept hydro bars as payment? If so I bid 48 (504kgc @10.5k each)
  12. Emotions

    Ent is working on the server support for emotes (\o/) so I'm committing some changes (all #ifdef'd...I hope) to the emotes code. Basically the protocol defined before is going to change a bit. When we will have the final version I'll post the details for future reference. Now the client supports a limited number of actions and poses (155 in total, 40 poses and the rest actions). Poses are now sent in the "frame" field of the ADD_ACTOR server message. Also poses are sent as actor commands, in which case they are saved in the actor struct and the next command is processed without delay. ADD_ACTOR_ANIMATION is not used at the moment. ******************* I also commited some changes to the turn_left / turn_right commands. With EMOTES on, new turning animations are played. Animation file are somewhere in the cvs tree while player_frames.xml needs two new lines: <CAL_turn_left>./animations/player_turnleft.caf 1</CAL_turn_left> <CAL_turn_right>./animations/player_turnright.caf 1</CAL_turn_right>
  13. 3d map markers

    Ok, committed to cvs. Now normal marks are not displayed in the minimap. Minimap cross is back to normal size. Also as Roja requested, server marks are now blue.
  14. 3d map markers

    whooops, I didn't know I'll change it to show a cross only for server sent markers ^^
  15. elc won't build against libpng 1.4.0

    mmm...it looks like something went wrong with the "cvs up"...can you try compiling from a clean checkout?
  16. 3d map markers

    Yes, it's true. The marker is drawn at 0.02 over the z of the tile. If the tile has some object on it, you can't see the marker, but you can still see the text If I disable depth test you can always see the markers, but it looks weird. A solution can be to draw some 3d shape in the place of the cross...suggestions are well appreciated
  17. 3d map markers

    Yes. Green marks are placed with #mark, red marks are sent by the server (and appear as red text in the tab map, red cross in minimap, they can't be hidden as the green ones).
  18. 3d map markers

    Yes, "WS Docks" (697,157), just out of ip boat
  19. 3d map markers

    Ok, I committed the patch. Please test it and check if I destroyed the cvs I had to draw 3d markers myself, it seems that adding objects to the map breaks some code I don't have enough time and courage to check I made the markers look like the movement markers we already have, they just pulsate on size and color: I tested the SEND_MAP_MARKER message, waiting for the remove message to be implemented too.
  20. 3d map markers

    bugs in the patch /o\ I'll commit (hopefully) in a couple of days, sowwy.
  21. Some iteams and auctions

    14000 Potion of Spirit Restoration (13.8gc each) 1372 Death Essence (10gc each) 29 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 137 Ring of Naralik I take this. Pming you ingame later ^^
  22. Some Server Changes

    @Ent: due to my and Bluap's ongoing client patches, some minor server changes are needed. ADD_ACTOR_COMMAND msg: Roja agreed on having cast/summon animations implemented as emotes with the possibility of having different animations based on spell id. Atm this is not possible, the server does not send the corresponding actor commands. I can link the animation to the SEND_SPECIAL_EFFECT msg, but it's not so clean and moreover not every spell/summon has a special effect. Looking at the code, one possible way is to link animations to ADD_ACTOR_COMMAND. Since the command is one byte only, the spell id can be packed in the first 7 bits and the 8th set to 1. This way the current client will still work, adding spell animations will require only minor changes in the next_command() function and would also leave 50 or so available placeholders for new commands. For the summon animation, I can link it to the local chat text...but if the ADD_ACTOR_COMMAND is going to be modified, why not use a specific command? Maybe reusing the "cast=10" to "summon=10" in client_serv.h Or we can simply have 5 new commands: cast_summon, cast_heal, cast_defensive, cast_attack, cast_misc and play animations based on spell groups. Object Ids As stated in the corresponding thread, saving a snapshot of the current inv and restoring it from sto/bags requires object ids (well not, but would simplify the code a lot), while atm the client knows only image_id, position and flags (and description if requested). This would also simplify code for bots. I haven't any good idea on how this can be done nicely, maybe Bluap can add on the subject. If you tell us how you want things done, we can finish the patches. Ty
  23. Some Server Changes

    oops, my bad. I'll upload the corrections as soon as I'm back home from xmas week.
  24. Emotions

    As requested by Roja here is a patch for a smaller emote window. *removed the Do button, use double click to launch an emote *emote win icon moved
  25. Some Server Changes

    Now that we have UIDs, here is the patch for the client to read them. It is #def'd with ITEM_UID (not included in make.conf). I tried it and seems to work, but pls test it