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  1. Version 1.9.0 RC1

    * emotes out of synch corrected * corrected the handling of frame duration_scale (Roja has been informed) so if you use the latest cvs with the current emotes.xml you may experience bad emotes or resynchs please test emotes also while on horses. I checked and it seems to work nicely, but the syncronization horse/knight is quite a messy code
  2. Version 1.9.0 RC1

    couple of things: * do not delete sound dir, it is not in the .zip * spells.xml is not in the package either * there are some bugs with emotes (doh). They don't synch well when doing an emote and starting another action right after. Like standing, *waveleft, walking. Or sitting, *waveleft, standing. I think I know where the bug is, I'll commit changes later today. * in error_log.txt Cal3d complains about some missing animations (birdfly2, wave_left_held, wave_right_held) which indeed are not there (bridfly2 seems a typo, there is a bird_fly2 under animations)
  3. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  4. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  5. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  6. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  7. Mule Services and Storage

    I all buy vials, in gc.
  8. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  9. Mac test client

    Just a note, the key.ini shipped with EL, maps the turn right key (or left, can't remember) to the INS key which is absent in many mac keyboards (a guildie reported this problem). It is probably wise to bind the turning to different keys for mac users in the next update package.
  10. Emotions

    mmm...it works here. Try another cvs up, maybe we got out of synch with commits
  11. Patch for the test client

    Yes, it works like this: <tag> (without parameters) sets that animation BOTH for held and not held <tag held="true/false"> sets that animation for held OR not held parameters are set following the order of tags, so a <tag held="false"> followed by a <tag> redefines the held animation too. There was a little bug (a <= instead of a <, grrrr). Now emotes parsing works as expected. EDIT: As requested the food bar is now capped to allow a food level greater than 55. As suggested I changed the color to orange when food >45...@Roja: pls check if the color is ok, I'm not good with light wavelenghts
  12. Animation for casting spells

    LOL, that's why the effect is not played then
  13. Patch for the test client

    Yes, it works like this: <tag> (without parameters) sets that animation BOTH for held and not held <tag held="true/false"> sets that animation for held OR not held parameters are set following the order of tags, so a <tag held="false"> followed by a <tag> redefines the held animation too.
  14. Patch for the test client

    Just don't define the corresponding tag. However, while looking into it I found a bug so that running and walking tags were handled the same Corrected and committed to cvs. EDIT: Also corrected another bug in emote filter code. Now all local chat lines containing emote commands ONLY can be filtered out (antispam). Tnx Eadric and Raistlin for finding it.
  15. Patch for the test client

    alt+d does not hide emotes window if that's the only window open. Corrected and committed. There are some minor things about the new emotes: * you can jump while on horse * waving, cheering, clapping while running look weird (at the end of animation you are running with arms parallel to the body for a noticeable amount of time) * clapping with a two handed weapon looks like harakiri
  16. Script needed to change all the maps.

    I think I found the bug: 3d_objects.c, line 234: returned_e3d = load_e3d_cache ("./3dobjects/misc_objects/badobject.e3d"); it has the wrong path, still the old "misc_objects" so when an object is not found, not even the badobject.e3d can be found, messing up all subsequent IDs. EDIT: Here is a .exe with the above change, pls check if it solves the issue.
  17. Animation for casting spells

    With emotes, adding casting and summoning gestures is very easy, it will be done if not in the next update in the summer one. If I'm not wrong, the animation files are already there. But no support for casting animations while fighting is possible due to the limitations of cal3d. As for eye candy...the life drain effect IS in the client, but for reasons unknown to me the function for it is not called when the fx message is received.
  18. I Summoned

    Today I was killing rabbits on IP with my friends as I always do and we found this nifty cave full of rats. In a moment of inspiration I tried to bring back to life the cold remnants of a rodent I barely managed to kill. What to say, I liked it a lot!!!1~! I think I may level the skill a bit more in the future. But first I need some gcs to buy a conjurer cloak. I accept donations. The real thing: The moment of inspiration: Thanks to everyone involved in this crazyness, starting with my beloved guildies who tolerated me when I was crying about the lack of ingredients, the wrecked market, the stupid laws against slavery. And how to forget the flock of harvesters, hunters, mixers, potioners, mules (both volunteers and coerced ones) that have been fundamental in moving millions ( 3 or so ) of emu to that dusty cave. I *promise* I stop now... for a while
  19. Update 190 preliminary test

    Ty. Bug corrected, pls check. Geeky explanation: when a marker is drawn I need the z coord of that tile and when asking for (I think) undefined tiles the function get_tile_display_height returns NAN (but only if they are surrounded by undefined tiles, so a division occurred). With standard CFLAGS it is handled in such a way that the for loop using z is ignored, while with Optimizations it probably gets unrolled but having NAN has counter it obviously go on forever (NAN+i=NAN). So i added math.h to highlight.c and introduced some checks.
  20. 3d map markers

    Hello, here is a patch that adds 3d map markers (you can turn them off under Options -> HUD). Markers can be client side (normal ones, placed with #mark) or server sent. They should appear differently, the former as emeralds, the latter as rubies. Server sent markers are saved for each user and cannot be hidden. To handle server markers there are two new protocol messages: <SEND_MAP_MARKER id x y mapname text> --> id,x,y are short and mapname, text null terminated strings <REMOVE_MAP_MARKER id> id is a short Per Ent request the patch is not #def'd because it is mandatory for the next update. Also, the client side marker have been tested (briefly ), I'm waiting for Ent to implement the server support and test the server side markers too. P.S. I should have write access to the cvs, but it is not working atm...while investigating, I post the patch here ^^
  21. Emotions

    Colors changed, pls check if they are right
  22. Current CVS errors

    cvs updated, ty
  23. Update 190 preliminary test

    I just removed debugging messages from EMOTES code. Debugging messages from MORE_ATTACHED_ACTORS code are still there, but that code won't go in this update so it's safe to compile without it. If by the simple act of commenting a printf I have introduced bugs, let me know
  24. 3d map markers

    cvs updated, now server markers can be hidden EDIT FYI cvs greeted me with the following message: Checking in map.c; /cvsroot/elc/elc/map.c,v <-- map.c new revision: 1.44; previous revision: 1.43 done Mailing elc-cvs@lists.berlios.de... Generating notification message... Generating notification message... done. Mailing elc-cvs@lists.berlios.de... Generating notification message... Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/syncmail", line 322, in <module> main() File "/usr/local/bin/syncmail", line 315, in main blast_mail(subject, people, specs[1:], contextlines, fromhost) File "/usr/local/bin/syncmail", line 221, in blast_mail conn.connect(MAILHOST, MAILPORT) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/smtplib.py", line 295, in connect self.sock = self._get_socket(host, port, self.timeout) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/smtplib.py", line 273, in _get_socket return socket.create_connection((port, host), timeout) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/socket.py", line 512, in create_connection raise error, msg socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused map.c is correctly updated, it seems cvs can't send the update mails