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  1. Augmented Sets

  2. 30k Silver ore for sale.

    I'll take the silver. Pm you in game as you get online
  3. Need food...

    I'm hungry these days i'm willing to buy: bones @ 2gc each up to 60k bones (may pay a little more if you sell in bulk of 10k+) raw meat @ 4.3gc each up to 30k (pay more for bulk of 5k+) toadstool @ 1.5gc each Pm me or post here and i will contact you...
  4. Need food...

    Toads eaten but still hungry!
  5. Storage sale

    all raw meat for me...pm you in game for price
  6. New stuff for sale

    silver please. keep it for me!
  7. sto sale...

    i'll take: bones bear fur death essences 5.5k gc? And i would like to know your wanted price for the nmt. Tnx.
  8. I'm not a professional harvester but since i'm busy studying in RL i'm doing a lot of afk harvesting . While hanging in the cotton fields in PV i come up with an idea. It could be nice to have a book for every resource that decrease the its harvesting time. I know this can blow up the economy but i think it can be tweaked nicely: to get the bonus after reading the book you have to wear the harv med (which is pretty useless atm, i think). Making it less cheap (about 10k), hardcore harvester will increase their income but also their outcome (it could break more often) so things are balanced. On the other side, lazy harvesters like me can stick to the old and slow harvesting way getting less resources. Both kind of harvester will sell their lot at the same prices in the end. So why adding this feature if nothing changes? I think crafter will be more interested in making harv meds, professional harvesters will be less likely to be afk and having more resources faster (but not cheaper) makes everyone happy Just an idea...
  9. Harvesting Books and Med

    Or to avoid overuse it is also possible to impose a high nexus (inorganic? human?) to use the harv med, like the artificer cape for mixers. If tweaked well it is possible to make harvesting a not so boring and rewarding profession.
  10. Buying Artificer Cape

    As the topic says, i need an artificer cape . PM me in game (Fedora) or post here your price.
  11. Buying Artificer Cape

    Do you have one? is 270k interesting for you? Let me know...
  12. 41 Hydrogenium Bars

    auction closed, all bars SOLD.
  13. 41 Hydrogenium Bars

    we received many bids from players that want to remain anonymous, so i will collect them here: best anonymous bid: 420,250 gc 2nd best anonymous bid: 410k gc 3rd best anonymous bid: 400k gc
  14. 41 Hydrogenium Bars

    Sorry Chosen, we accept only gc or artificier cape