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  1. A rather strange ip ban

    Hi. my game name at the moment is ellia and when I went to try login this morning I was told by the server that I had been banned. I have returned to the game after 7 years (having played it under other names for about 7 years previously with no problems at all.) I returned as ellia as I didn't remember my old passwords so started a new character and was having great fun back in the game until now. I am a very old person, who even if I knew what to do 'bad' in games to break rules I wouldn't! And now I am sitting here rather frustrated that I can't return to the game. I have no idea what ip address I even have, as I now live in France and it's rather a strange system over here. I look forward to hearing from someone, hopefully soon. Thank you. Marie
  2. A rather strange ip ban

    Thank you Aslinn for your help, thank you Lyndy for your kind advice (I must try and remember it) and thanks all others. Happily back in game now
  3. A rather strange ip ban

    Thanks for your response Revi. i only ever had two characters and i am happy to either get them back or continue playing on ellia. When i hear from Aislinn or Radu i will let them know the names of my previous characters. Though i'm not looking forward to that as Aislinn told me off longggggg ago for forgetting my passwords then. Thanks again. Marie
  4. Merry Xmas

    Happy Holidays to Everyone..... and a Fantastic New Year to All! Bunnie
  5. Elf_Ninja Baby

    Congratzzz to you and your wife..... and what lovely names.
  6. views after 2 weeks of playing this game

    Thank you Makuyi Your post brought back many of the feelings I encountered when I first joined El. Quite a few have given you wonderful advice already. But I just wanted to say one thing though. With regards to speaking in local to say hi to people. That's a great idea, either at store or when you’re sitting there harvesting something. And as Nathanstenzel said, although many might be afk, most will say hi to you when they return if they know you’re talking to them. Just don't be disheartened though if when you say hi at a store hardly anyone answers. I've seen that happen quite often in my time here and would hate for any newcomers to be disheartened by this. All I can suggest is just keep saying hi. As others have said it's a great way of making friends, and I speak from experience here. And like many others have said, if you see me or Bunnie (my evil twin sister) around the game, just yell hello and I promise (as long as I’m not afk) to reply. Take care and I hope you continue to enjoy your travels through El. spirited
  7. Cyberwulf reached Level 100 !

    Congratz Cyber...... fantastic achievement!! ... ~hugggggggggs
  8. Mini Harv Events

    I know a lot has been written on this topic already but i just wanted to add my few pennies worth if i may. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of the new mini harvesting events (as it stands anyway), for a few reasons. The main one is that during the (too many to mention) hours each day that i log onto the game, real life also intrudes. Sometimes (due to a very demanding husband) i actually have to provide meals here. And other times people ruin my concentration by daring to phone me. All joking apart though. I love El, and have done since i first discovered the game by accident. i log on for an addictive amount of hours a day and i'm even taking my lap top on holiday with me because i can't bear to be parted from it. But sometimes i do quite a bit of afk harvesting.. especially for the making of creature foods where so many flowers (slow harvesting ones to boot) are required. i then have taken the opportunity of my afk times to sit at those flowers and harvest while my attentions have been demanded elsewhere. These 'afk sessions' have been part of my day in El. Not a huge part but definitely a part. i just wanted to point out that not all afkers do it because they want to make money or raise their levels quicker. Some like me, i believe, do it to aid their enjoyment of the game. Which is why we are all here isn't it? Because we are playing something that we all enjoy? i'm sorry i don't have any ideas to give. Being of an advanced age.. i'm at a loss to know what can and can't be implimented in a computer game. And i hope that my rambling thoughts haven't been construed as being negative, i just wanted to explain my feelings. many thanks for reading. spirited
  9. All friends are invited to the Ceremony Of Commitment between Justmental and Bunnie to be held on Sunday 5th April 2009 at 8pm GMT. Location to be disclosed closer to the date. Afterwards we would love for you to all join us in a contest. Based on a treasure hunt style competition, we hope all will enjoy it. A list of maps and a list of co-ordinates will be given and at each named co-ordinate there is something harvestable on one of the maps listed. Harvest/mine it and then return to us. It's up to you to discover which co-ordinates to use for which map. The rest is simple
  10. Please join us in our celebration........

    Sorry. Unfortunately real life has a habit of taking over El life sometimes (even when we wish it wouldn't) and we are going to have to postpone the celebration and contest. Hopefully it will take place in the not too distant future and a post will be made when it has been re-arranged. Take care all.
  11. Classic IRC chat

    Best laugh in ages... specially the one about getting laid. more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bunns
  12. I am quitting EL

    i know i haven't been on pk server for ages.... but i did enjoy the times we shared when i was there. So just wanted to say take care and keep safe in real and thanks for being a good friend. see you around hopefully. spirited
  13. i voted yes. Like Dilly said.... i like the personal touch their chat adds to the game..... and it makes me smile when i'm greeted by those bots that do. Silly? yes maybe.... but that's me (and yes i'm daft enough to have replied to some bots after harvesting events...... thinking i'd just been spoken to. They say there is no fool like an old fool )
  14. i would love to help if i can. in any way. so yes i'm in name ingame - spirited real life - female good luck
  15. 100 .co.uk domain names up for grabs

    Thanks Labby, was worth a try
  16. 100 .co.uk domain names up for grabs

    Any chance that either spirited.co.uk or spirit.co.uk are free? if they are though. i'm afraid i will be picking your brain as to how to use them. But if that's ok... i would love the chance to. thanks spirited
  17. Do you want Trade bots on PK server

    i know i'm not on pk server much at the moment...... but i do hear about it through a good friend. i have voted for yes... as being a member of a supplier's guild having npc would make it so much easier to deal with the various time zones and make it so much simpler for 'customers' to pick up their desired merchandise. That's my pennies worth anyway take care spirited (by name and by nature)
  18. The to-be Eternal Lands Misfits guild map,

    Could you possibly mark the channel islands? Jersey especially (not only because it's the biggest.. but the one i live on lol) We get missed off so many maps in real..... weather ones etc.... that sometimes i believe i don't actually exist. Many thanks spirited
  19. A PK community meeting

    Tis true.. tis true!! i was there well i wasn't but i can just imagine it would be exactly like that. Thanks for the giggle Bkc
  20. Community Rules of PKSERVER

    Hehehe Piggy. Next time we have a beaver invasion.. i'll come and rescue you. Well i'll try and come and rescue you....and i'm sure together we will stand straight and 'head them off at the passes'! (just as long as it's not more than two or three at a time ) spirited
  21. PK server List of Criminals

    Hopefully this is my last post on this subject. Maybe those that have taken time to read it all will realise that the fact that some of us see fit to come to peoples defense shows how strong the sense of community is on PK server. i rarely if ever post on this board.... but i couldn't let this subject alone.... because many of the things that were being said were in my mind unfair. Hopefully having had my say.... i can now retire back to the twlight and continue to observe rather than put myself in the firing line Take care all spirited
  22. Community Rules of PKSERVER

    i agree with the others. Rules 1 3 and 4 are great..... though to be honest 2 doesn't apply to me. Can you lot imagine how long i would live to anything bigger than a goblin? i've proved that a few times.... i don't even have to worry about failing restore...... my finger doesn't even get to the button till i've been in the underworld for 5 minutes. Ok that was a slight exageration but i don't get a chance to restore against anything high..... monster or player (or are those one and the same thing? ) spirited (i do love this icon thingy )
  23. PK server List of Criminals

    Just a few thoughts (and then i really do hope that this posting is allowed to fade away... please) i know of no one who currently plays on PK server that seems to be half as concerned as the ones that have voiced their problems with what's happening... yet don't play on that server. Everyone there is more than happy about what's happening.. so surely shouldn't that be what counts? Yes we would love to see more people there...... and they would all be made to feel as welcome as i did when i returned to the server after a short absence. (the joy of going back to a period of dial up... groans) As i said before.... everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So please allow us ours... as well as your own. Thanks to those who have spoken up for us.. and as for those who think that as a lowly manu'er on the server i am under other peoples thumbs.. you really don't know me do you i didn't chose the name spirited for nothing So far it's all working well there...... and i can't see any problems that together... with communication (a very handy tool!)... we won't be able to solve in the future. thanks spirited
  24. PK server List of Criminals

    Good morning i did promise those on the PK server that i would sit on my hands and not post again... but after reading what went on while i was asleep last night..... i feel the need to. i'm probably one of the weakest fighers on that server as i am a supplier and tend to spend much more time making things than i do fighting. So every so often (more often recently... thankfully) we have an invasion. i've taken part in about 6 so far and they have been amazing fun. And the biggest part of that fun is the chatter and joking and the warnings (as to what monster/animal is where etc) and the advice that continously flows in @1. (this would cover someone's worry about a newbie not knowing what was going on... we all know... though the channel chatter) That channel is rarely if ever silent...... there is always chatter there. But during the invasions it comes alive. Now the point of my post today is. Because i'm a lowly supplier..... do i feel 'threatened' by the new 'leaders' of the server? Heck no. i do however feel protected yes.... assisted yes.... helped yes... and honored to be able to call these people my friends. (and that includes all on PK server.. not just the 'bosses') So please... all these negative posters..... please come and spend some time on the server if you wish........ i think you will be amazed as to what it's like. But even if you chose not too..... please don't dismiss something that you haven't experienced as 'wrong'. i for one am grateful that some there have 'stepped up to the plate' and accepted the role of 'leaders/helpers'. Thanks all.... and i'm really sorry that this simple posting string has ended up playing out the way it has. spirited Edited to add this bit. If you do return to the PK server Labrat... you will be welcomed So you won't be needing an underworld map. But if you really want one i'm sure i have one for sale for 100k gc (seriously though. any who return are happily welcomed back. everyone is entitled to their opinions. i just wish sometimes that people would realise that others are entitled to them too. ..)
  25. PK server List of Criminals

    If i can possibly pick up just one thing here. ~quote~* because all people do is moan about the lack of community spirit on there - people make a community, rules don't.~end quote~ There is a tremendous community spirit on the pk server now. If there hadn't been.... no one would have cared a fig about what happened during the invasion last night (which is what led to todays happenings). But they do... and wanted to sort things out so they didn't happen again. i for one am very glad for the 'spirit' that is on there now.... and couldn't wish for a nicer more supportive one.