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  1. EL 5th Birthday Bash Final Details

    Just as an aid to lazy peeps, here's a link to scafs post: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40679
  2. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    I'm happy to say that I will be helping with this event, it's sure to be a blast . See you all there! Curia
  3. Huge Announcement!

    I agree with Elwood. This is a great way to improve EL's community. As a member as the assistant board of directors, I encourage you to join. -Curia
  4. Gender Poll

    Wait, I'm confused. Did you actually vote in the pole? Because the poll results don't show a difference between the two questions. (The RL one, and the in-game one) -Curia
  5. Gender Poll

    I personally think that there are way more males than females in EL. In all the guilds I've ever been in, I've been pretty much the only female. Though I have met many other females in EL, I think there are just more males in general. Well, I could be totally wrong anyway. -Curia
  6. Win9x users kicked out ?

    Hello, I am also running Windows 98 and I can't get EL to work either. My brother Lumino was the one trying to fix it so I will turn it over to him, -Curia Hi guys, Lumino here, so I've been at this for some time. Here's what I did... First, I went to that link Piper indicated. Downloaded it, extracted, and got an .exe and a readme, ran the .exe which was supposed to install the shfolder.dll in the windows system dir. EL still didn't work. Then I went to a dll downloading site (was linked there by radu) and downloaded the shfolder.dll, tried placing it in the EL directory (with no luck) and then in the c:\windows\system directory, but I wasn't allowed to do the latter since you can't replace a file in use and the current shfolder.dll was in use. But I did open the current and the new files and they seemed identical although it is entirely possible that there were subtle differences. I tried going into command prompt and tried "regsvr32 shfolder.dll", got a "bad file name" error. I'm totally at a loss--Curia's computer seems to have the new shfolder.dll installed but EL still runs with the same error saying that the shgetfolderpatha() function isn't working. The exact text of the error message is: "The EL.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA." I hit OK, and the following error message is below the first one: "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\el.exe A device attached to the system is not functioning." Any thoughts?
  7. The EL Gala--Final Details!

    Hey everyone! I'm sorry I havn't posted on this thread yet, I was new to the forums and couldn't get it to work. By the way, I'm Curia, Lumino's brother. Anyways, Lumino forgot to mention that if you're planning on attending the gala, you should visit the gala website (http://EternalLandsGala.ulmb.com) and rsvp.