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    I think that killing 100 ad's with two hits is unfair too. That means that should be max hit 50 or so? To buy char or burn part of life to lvling u dont have to think a lot. To bomb u have to "think" a little, where,how,whos, need practise that, risk rostogols to train. I dont think that anything need to be changed. btw, against bomb: 460 hp, ts pots and a lot more helps too, and yes, that should be info at #day that u can still die from bombs or make it disable. WilliamDeWorde
  2. level 179 OA

    I think cap is to high anyway, so im -1 WilliamDeWorde.
  3. Why the Invance Change?

    Players from 120-145 are to lazy. When i had one week free i could play and get team ( what took me 2-3 hours) invance was started whole week. Players are to lazy to stay 120145 channel, some are still at 120200 channel. I dont want to try get a team again cos its wasting my time, when i have to go back to work i have no chance to do it next time, cos i dont have 5 hours to play EL. Dropps from last invances (ices,2x MBs) 45k ea. So its almost rosto.... Only idea is to bind 100-120 and 120-145. Mobs are almost the same, but much more + some iceys, MBs what make invance profitable. But no exp for 100120 gives no sense to do it. WilliamDeWorde
  4. New perk ideas

    To re Brusu+Eroticus These are perks for people which starts not, reaching max oa. They have godless + wont west perks (12 ? ) for exp perk. My idea Magic Man Gives +20% to your magic power(20% higher damage from harm,20% restore etc.) Also gives you +30 mana+30hp. (Can give minus to a/d/acc) Costs 7 pp, 100000 gc Many people are dedicted tank or hitter also Tank Man Gives you + 5 defense( or rest defense skills), -5 attack(or hitting skills Cost 3 pp 100000 gc Good hitter Another way as Tank Man 5 pps could cost #reset without losing rest pps.
  5. Why the Invance Change?

    Problem in 100-120 is mostly because there is not enough people. Problem now in 120-145 is that poeple are to lazy, dont know that channel @@120145 exist and when someone find team to do it, comes a lot people. + few times it was started when on channel were ~5 players. If u know who should u ask its possible to do 15 and more invances in month. I was doing it in 100-120, now i dont have time and desire.
  6. Nexus removal from NPC

    If anyone knows how market works, he/she shouldnt want to NPC selling/buying anything. Ofc antisocial perk after removing #5 doesnt work anymore Ex of non sense: -NPC with summoning stones -NPC with bars and later hydro bars -NPC with Big Books -NPC with armor ETC ETC ETC. It doesnt help players to reach lvls but kills market.
  7. Greets

    Ok, nothing more to say ...
  8. Greets

    Hey, i want back to my ban topic. I end my so long travels time and i want to try again. I have week to start school, and i realy want to be some logg on EL. If i hurt someone i'em so sorry. My bro is playing now EL and we won't play in this same time. If it is possible to unlocked me to have fun again with ELs friend. Thanks for reading, Pati
  9. Forum registration

    Please approve my bro WilliamDeWorde and his friend YaLe
  10. Greets

    No, i never played at these characters. Character Pati2 is used at one computer, it's only what i want to say. But if mods wont belive me i can't give any proofs, but it's suck like tons of people are banned without any questions. Thanks for listening, Pati2
  11. Greets

    Hes name is Rizen_pom. At my computer was playing only one person - Pati2. In another computer was playing my bro - Rizen_Pom (at borrow acout).
  12. Greets

    It was like that: I played at first computer and hard harvester iron. In this same moment my bro from his computer was logged and he helped me. Its probably if it is broke rule 5. If it's any problem it will be never happen again. -Pati2
  13. Greets

    Can someone reply??
  14. Greets

    I think it wasn't becos, we played at 2 computers, at 2 windows with 2 persons. If it's illegal i will never play like that, but please, I cannot life without EL... Pati2
  15. Greets

    Hi, My name is Pati2, my char is locked but i dont know why. It's propably locked because yesterday i played from another computer but from my house too. I really dont know why it's locked. Help me, i like my char and i dont want have a new one. Thanks for reading Pati2